What Pimax news from CES?

Any reports coming today?

I think it has just started a few hours ago right? Hopefully we’ll heard some updates soon.

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Comon, Pimax…says something…
A Hello picture with a crystal working or similar…


Very very bads news. Josh says ‘official timeline’ means February China preorders, then UE and US… shame

To be honest they should have announced that sooner as the covid outbreak in China.

However Feb would align with starts shipping after ces as China was supposed to be first region to ship last Oct and hadn’t.

Hopefully this does occur this time as we should see Chinese reviews prior to other regions.

However the Feb with CNY is likely overzealous.

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What good would it be if they had said it ships tomorrow? Read the reports from the road show - the Crystal is not ready for production yet (and if they truly have produced hundreds of devices already, boy do I hope that their trust in getting everything sorted out per firmware updates will not come back to bite them very hard). Looking at the substantial number of features not even being ready to demo I do not expect a well-working product featuring all advertised specs to be available in Q1 at all, would even be genuinely surprised if they achieved that within Q2.

So no, to me this is not bad news as there is at least a bit of hope for those pre-ordering the Crystal that they won‘t be handed a broken mess. Some looking purely for PC VR sim race/flight use case could possibly be okay with it in its current state (if they do not care about DFR) but everybody else should be happy that it‘s delayed.


Can’t say I’m surprised but why, WHY, did they make another deadline yet again? This time being “Shipping within a few days after CES”. That one was made so specifically that I nearly believed it. Is there some marketing tactic to this that we just don’t understand? Just don’t make a date anymore. Just say it when you start shipping, really!


February is not “a few days after CES”.

Yet another missed deadline. I don’t even mind waiting, it’s just so baffling that they keep making new dates. This is, I think, the 5th missed deadline now in like 3 months. Just stop giving us deadlines! Let us know when it literally is ready to ship, as in the morning you start taking payments with them literally ready to ship. There’s no point in making deadlines anymore as they are meaningless at this point.

Yup, that’ll be the next missed deadline lol. At least this one hasn’t been announced in writing and just mentioned by a staff member at the convention, so it’s easier to dismiss.


It would align if they do ship just after ces as nothing would likely actually ship til sometime in February with the shipping mess this time of year. And really they could skimp by with even shipping a very limited number.

I knew myself(Opinion) that this would be history repeating itself as this is not the first time they said something was going to start shipping shortly after ces. :crazy_face: Crazy they would even project shipping in January.

However agreed they should announce things as we are hoping to start shipping by…


Then the pitchforks come out of the corner again, asking “what day is it coming out?” A vicious circle. Whatever they do now, it’s wrong.


Too bad they didn’t learn this lesson long ago but some companies prefer to be consistent even if it is not good. :man_facepalming:

If they fail to demo the portal with pcvr it will likely nosedive in support. 8 days is not a lot if time to prove it is indeed ready.

@PimaxUSA can you update on Portal if it is actually ready?

Heh, somebody on reddit titled a thread (…with no initial information): “At CES and the Pimax crystal is siiiiiiick. AMA”, and all I can think is: “Ah, so if the Crystal is Sikh, do you get a free turban with it?”. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is objectively better than missing deadline after deadline though. Just say it’s coming soon. People can whine all they want but then forget it the instant the headset is actually released, while missing deadlines consistently is remembered and creates animosity.

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Maybe my chart was more right than Pimaxes after all lol.

I’m waiting for some official announcement now.

Weird we didn’t get one picture of the mega booth before people entered. It’s as non existent as 2022 so far… which is pretty weird.


There are a few reports from people so far. It’s not as non-existent at all lol.

Here’s a video of the booth from @SweViver : https://twitter.com/SweViver/status/1611162423456825344


Looks quite nice!

Crystal with the LH faceplate, being shown off by Judge Dredd:

Seems like much more of the front of the headset comes off than I originally thought. I assumed it was just the inner front part (I think it was show as such in the original 12k announcement videos) but makes sense that it would be more to get better coverage of the sensors:

Black Portal:

Seems like people are trying the portal controllers?


@dstar absolutely right. Otoh, Pimax just has to be honest and transparent now- don’t set a firm date.
When Pimax delivers a more polished product a bit later than hoped, they’ll gain respect and move up the respect ladder. Pimax can deliver a great product, I’m sure of it! I’m willing to wait for it.


Hey did they use the comfort faceplate again on the crystal i see??

That front faceplate still looks like a prototype to me. The sensors are uncovered to give better reception.

And there’s no sticker.