Well early backer here just like to say what ever you think it is ,its a lie

pimax have marketed me into buying an early head set with promises of frame rates clarity and a whole bunch of goodys on top if you just pay and wait and wait and then they change there minds give you some more marketing so on and so on .
pimax is not to be trusted along with the marketing team ,yes weve all seen there videos but lets face it they have been paid in full because they dont give a crap about what pimax still owes early backers or once apone a time them selfs
pimax no thankyou you only work well on small but you lies are bigger than your unit


Do you want the HMD itself, or some addons?

Sounds like someone who has no clue what a KICKSTARTER is…


Easy both. We already have the headset which is just 1 part of the Kickstarter.
:ballot_box_with_check: - Headset (All except X Backer)
:negative_squared_cross_mark: - Lighthouses and Controllers were also a key part(not a stretch goal addons). Yes some of those whom opted for Index has received… Some.
:negative_squared_cross_mark: - MAS(Stretch Goal item) was to replace Cloth strap at delivery. No one has received. And no longer as advertised(downgraded audio).

And other non 3rdparty “easy” to make items.


Yep.Want my Base Station I paid for and want my stretch goals (all of them).
Most of all I want an update on all this.


yes, an honest, transparent, substantive update without fillers and fluff to buy more time/stall tactics.


Yeah, as a full 8K-X backer - “nothing but air” so far ;). I’m just hoping the wait will be worth it.

P.S. I gave up waiting on the sword controllers and have joined the hilarity that is Plan F.


I just ordered from Valve directly. Controllers will arrive next week. Now I did choose plan A, I’m not super smart here…


I ordered controllers from Valve about 3 weeks ago when they announced they had some new stock arriving. I clicked the button literally the second they became available on their website and they said they initially 2 to 3 weeks. After a couple of days it went up to 3 to 4 weeks where it still stands now - so how did you mange to get yours so quickly?


I ordered same time as you, I’ve had the controllers for over a week now


by taking the current owner plan you forfeit the other backer rewards, including the coupons



Obviously I was asking OP, and somewhat asking about priorities. Speaking of whom, I see no further posts from @dustyearlobe in this thread so far.

More useful to know might be whether some people have needs particularly undeserved by current hardware, so maybe Pimax could prioritize obviously limited resources.

Instead, a lot of complaining seems to be just going around like a virus…

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I ordered the same time as you both, with results somewhere in the middle. A couple of days ago it said 3 to 4 weeks, then asked for payment and went to processing. Now says ‘shipping soon’.

I’m guessing the original status 3 to 4 weeks was set early but not updated as you get closer. To be honest with Covid-19 I’m surprised the order has progressed at all.


Obviously if people have been waiting three years that seems fair enough :wink:


This will cheer everybody up. I’ve received two of the three codes to the free software! :slight_smile:


So clearly they gave preference to the US!!! I’m really not happy about that. Sorry Valve (if by any freak chance you stumble on this), but that is out of order!

No the op is just frustrated with the continuous carrot on the stick routine. He is hardly being a virus as it is one post.

So by priortize MAS, Basis easy stretch goals like Face foam, Lens adapters and Fans. Lighthouses(no manufacturing required), controllers and then your 8kX.

The only real solace is that instead of making and shipping a prototype 8kX somewhat on time (3 to 4 months after initial 5k/8k Release) they held it back to have something commercially viable.

Which does not excuse not having these other items ready well ahead of the 8kX retail version. Oe devoting limited resources as you say to other non Kickstarter related projects.


gotta sleep sometime ,theirs no way i would order another hmd from pimax , and after the nearly 2 year wait for the first one that is now the most uncomfortable brick(large peice of material) that i own ,dont ever expect to see the streach goals ,really said all im going to say ,pimax was not a start up company ,it was taking the privileges of one, to produce as cheaply as possible ,one thing they cant talk or stall them selfs away from is they have no credibility when it comes to there word
too many times its been redacted and this go,s for the hmd,s as well as sending streach goals ,bulshit follows a constant path

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Then you were one of the very few backers that were able to get the Current Owner plan before they closed it to backers.


If the headset has a warranty issue RMA it. If you’ve bricked the headset contact support and they can help unbrick it.

While my experience does not match yours in terms of comfort or quality of VR experience. I can understand you might not be compatible with this type of VR headset design. Which is unfortunate. Now granted they are not a start up; but a start up company.

I had wished I could have bought a Wearality Sky when available as it had 150° horizontal FoV without Canting and from what I read was quite good for the time.

Either wait for what comes in terms of stretch goals. Maybe the MAS will improve ergonomics if that is what you mean by comfort(though might need that Comfort kit). And sell if need be. You should be able to reclaim a fair bit of your KS investment.