Weird Pimax 5K Super Issue With AMD

Im having a weird issue where whenever a overlay is on my screen in steamvr it messes with the colors on the headset making it orange and this only seems to happen on my AMD PC i have tested on another PC as well which was @KingTodd Nivida PC and it did not have the issue which has led me to believe its some sort of incompatibility with AMD. If anyone knows how to fix this issue please get back to me.


My PC specs are
Ryzen 7 2700
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC ll
ASRock Phantom Gaming 4
G․SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB 3200MHz

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Wanted to tag @Heliosurge and @PimaxQuorra

might be able to help.

Was not sure if making a ticket or doing this might be best.
i know the IPD wheel was off on that headset(only thing else wrong).

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Do you Have Smart Smoothing on? If yes turn it off.

HAGs should be off

I don’t have an Amd card to verify. @PimaxQuorra or another community member might have suggestions.

He has none of that.
(His GPU does not support it or something, we tried seeing if it was an option to use)

i gave him my settings and everything.
even went over and setup his PC.

Tried just driver only for his AMD card as a test.
(and smart smoothing is garbage IMO, and not worth that watery effects it does)


Yeah not fussy on Smart Smoothing either.

Might need to do a search here to see if someone else is running a 5700. I recall 6000 series to have good success.

A quick scan Might need to log a support ticket regarding this issue on the 5700 and also share ticket with PimaxQuorra.

Todd have you tried your headset(s) on his pc?


I would suggest to file a ticket with our tech specialist.

Previously, we have deal with the AMD GPU were more likely the tracking drifting issue, but your case is kinda new.
Never seen the colour changes when using the headset.

Our tech specialist will perform the troubleshooting and provides the appropriate solution.

P/S : If you didn’t hear from them after create the ticket, please kindly share the # with us!


i have not, it is a thought i can do when i go over next(its a hour drive).

i am now sending my 8KX DMAS tomorrow to fedex for a NEW replacement 8KX DMAS.
(will take 2-3 weeks, and hopefully it is actually new and been tested this time).

I have my 5K+ still.

but i know when he was over, Friday.
he brought his 5K Super here and we tested it on my system.
I did not see the problem that he had at his place(even calibrated the panels too in pitool).


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Yeah that is a long drive.

Yes would need to use the 5k+ as the 8kX DMAS model would not work being serial 2076 is Nvidia RTX Desktop only.

Yes hopefully the replacement goes smoothly this time around as intended.

It is possibly some kind of compatibility issue that might even be caused by a conflict. Just have to wait & see what they figure out.

Well im trying to create a ticket but i cant get into my account and im trying to reset the password but im not getting the email for it so i dont know what to do.


Did you manage to reset the password?

I have checked with the site and did changed my password successfully.

Alright i have created a ticket just waiting on them to reply.

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I’ve submitted a ticket about this a couple years ago (I have a Radeon 6700XT). Didn’t really find a solution to it, I just came to the get comfortable with the fact that this happens. I also didn’t realize that on Nvidia GPU it doesn’t do it, which is interesting. I like my 5K Super for the most part but AMD support is not great with Pimax. They seem unwilling to even deal with AMD GPUs and from what I gather after submitting a few tickets to them, they don’t even have an AMD GPU to test things with. I also just got told to maybe just buy and Nvidia GPU next time you upgrade, they recommend it. I’m going to tell you the truth, I might just do that because I do like what Pimax is doing with their HMDs but IDK I can just as easily buy a Vive Pro 2 and have no issues.

I would recommend submitting tickets with Amd as well as it is problem on both sides. Amd has had sime issues since the rx400 series on. I have a r9 390 8g which works well with og 8k and 5k+. Something Amd did when they changed Architectures has been problematic. Pimax with the old p1 series p4k had released a special temporary fw for the vega and rx gpus in iirc early 2017 while waiting for Amd to fix things

Now we do know from psvr1+2 that Amd is quite capable of decent VR.

The real question is how well is pimax devs working with Amd as it seems hard often t9 get simpler fixes implemented teported with almost how-tos from @mbucchia and @LukeRoss (luke whom even provided the hex editing address to fix a rendering bug)

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But only with the 6xxx. The 7xxx is again a very adventurous experience.

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My 5K super works with 7900XTX on steam SS 3176X2612@90FPS with steam VR beta1.26.1. Only issue is same as some other users with 4090 tracking lagging behind when rotating the hmd.

at this point i have a 3080ti now but im having issues with that now see this forum for more info 3080TI 10600 Error

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I’m using both AMD CPU and GPU on a 5K Super, it works fine but I believe NVIDIA GPU has an edge in performance in some cases (not that I know for sure, just anecdotes)

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