Weekly Update 22/04/2020 Discussion

Regarding the Pimax 8K X

On March 27th Pimax said:

Just finished 102 main boards, next to do the first batch units assembly.


Finished 102 pcs main boards, next to start the first batch units assembly on 31st March.

The first pilot mass production will happen and the 100 pcs headsets without MAS will start to assembly from 16th of April and end by 30th of April.

On March 31st Pimax said:

In this attached photo you can see our 8KX PCB inspections that elaborate tests to ensure maximum quality. After we complete the inspections we will begin assembling and testing the first 100 units of full 8KX.

And today they say:

The 8KX electronics have now passed inspections and we have now proceeded to testing and certifying the lens module samples. Once we receive the test production the lens modules, we will assemble the first 8KX full production demo unit by 28th April.

So it took them this long just to complete the inspections? Why only one demo unit? I thought Pimax was planning to make 100 of them by now?

Update: PimaxQuorra updated the thread to state first unit will be done by 28th april.


Now I am starting to think that Pimax loves to delay all it got.


No update for New Zealand plan F?

Just want to point out New Zealand is not part of Australia.



They completely forgot to tell us the live stream date rofl


@PimaxQuorra You continue to say that 100% of us backers (well, now you changed it to 99%+) have received their plan f orders but I was one of the first orders in Nov and still haven’t gotten a tracking number or indication of when I will get one.


So just to summarize:

  • Pimax built 102 main boards.
  • Start first batch units on March 31st (whatever that means)
  • Pilot mass production of 100 headsets from April 16th to April 30th
  • PCB inspections prior to assembly and testing of headsets

April 22nd (Today):

  • 8KX electronics passed inspections
  • Lens module samples mentioned for first time
  • After getting these lens modules then they will assemble one 8KX unit.

So basically, at this rate, I bet they’ll receive the lens module samples in 2 weeks from now. Then produce one headset. So they’ll probably make the first 100 headsets probably end of May or start of June.


So the 8kx has different lens modules to the 8k+ ? What is a lens module ?


Yes that is a very good question. If new lenses are involved do they maintain the earlier model’s lens dimensions?


A few answers:

The updates are to the lens module not the lens itself.

We did do a number of pcb panels but did make a couple of changes to it. (the changes were definitely a good thing for the future). All the panels get separated, inspected and run through numerous tests.

8KX electrical passing the pcb inspections and panelizing tests is indeed a big deal.

Multiple demos are constructed with parts to build a lot more. Demos like these are used to verify the assembly process among other things.

Plan F doesn’t state 100%, I’m told there are a couple or so that haven’t been shipped or in process.


@evertec is refering to few times it was said before that :us: had had 100% plan F shipped. He was an early November Plan F adopter.


So when are you planning to go into mass production? Has that been significantly delayed?


So Pimax did not exepect any of the changes or intense testing while writing down previous 8KX updates?


Panelized board sets are indeed mass production. Sometimes various stages of that process can cause issues but the last sets are great. There was a change to the pcb design in march but that wasn’t to correct an issue.


So was this the big Pimax Day 3 announcement?

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What about the 37 Single Base Stations? I should recive mine last week, but until now, i have not got it? When will i get mine?



Thanks Kevin but when does the 8kx start shipping to backers and preorder customers ?


What about controllers?


Hi Kevin @PimaxUSA

Thanks for the answers, I have a question though something that has been bothering me with the way my 5k+ is constructed.
I see from the pictures of the 8K X electronics (the frontal image) that the way the ribbon cables connect to the screens are the same. This means that the screens are mounted in the same way as the 5K+ effectively rotating one screen 180degrees. when I tilt my head with the 5k+ some colors get (banding/change) especially white, best seen on edges of graphic, one screen gets yellowish banding while the other gets purpleish banding. This is most likely due to the polarization filter on the screens.
If the screens where mounted in the same way (not rotated) this issue would be non existent.
I must admit I am a bit afraid this will be passed along to the 8K X.

@mixedrealityTV @mirage335 @SweViver @vrgamerdude
Could any of you 4 guys check for this on your pre-production models ?

Hoping it’s not passed along to the 8K X



Will the comfort kit be available on Amazon uk at some point?

This is the million dollar question everyone wants to know. I wanted to ask him earlier today but didn’t want to push too hard. @PimaxUSA