We want full support for Luke Ross mods

Dear pimax team, @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA @SweViver @hammerhead_gal as we al know, Luke Ross is making one of the best vr mods for AAA games. But the pimax headsets isn’t supported for that. Could you please contact Luke Ross and work together, give him a pimax 8kx and the software code so that we can play games without paralel projection. headsets drivers also fails to report the headset angular velocity, so the recenter headshake gesture won’t work. There are bug’s in the game that are normally not there with other headsets. But one of these days we could get a new vr mod from Luke but if the pimax headsets isn’t supported than that could mean that we can’t play the AAA games! so please make contact with him and give the pimax headsets full support!!!


Hey @TheKingslayer_nl, Pimax actually contacted me today and hopefully a test unit should be on its way to me during the next few weeks! I really look forward to making all my mods work perfectly on Pimax headsets


Awesoooome!!! <3 <3 <3


Finally it’s going to happen :slight_smile:


Please send the guy who is making the resident evil 2 and 3 vr mod also a pimax 8kx…its gonne be the best mod ever… @PimaxUSA


I agree it’s a must!

Hi Luke,

Welcome to the OpenMR!

Thank you for joining the community.


Thanks for your information!!
We 'll contact Luke and try to support his effort of great Vr Mod


Thank you @Heliosurge !
Also many thanks to @PimaxUSA


yes pimax need to do something about this,his mods add countless hours to the headset specially with the vr drought and mostly quest mobile apps,its nice to be in triple A worlds

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Holy cow this is huge…finally Pimax is doing the right thing. Just bought Mafia Definitive Trilogy…as it was on sale.

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Dear hammerhead @PimaxUSA @SweViver @PimaxQuorra could you also contact praydog because he is making Resident Evil mods with motion controller. And maby also other AAA games in the future. Thanks in advance!


yeah we’ll try to contact he


Nice, thank you very much!

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@LukeRoss or anyone who knows, what is the status of Lukes mods with Pimax headsets, do they work? Do they require parallel projection? Do they work on Large fov? I gather reset view via headshake does not work but i know from using the mods the keyboard can also be used to reset view.

I have Lukes patreon only red dead redemption 2 mod from my hp reverb g2 owning days, would be cool if i could play it on my 8kx.


@tykey6 The current status is: parallel projection is required; large FOV doesn’t work correctly; the headshake gesture for recentering is not recognized; HUD transparency is wrong; distant shadows are sometimes misplaced; the crosshair can be misaligned. That said, I hear from users that the mods are playable on the 8KX, although far from optimal.

When I receive my 8KX I’ll do what I can to improve things from my side, although some issues need to be fixed in the Pimax driver software (for instance the headshake gesture doesn’t work because Pimax headsets do not report their angular velocity to the SteamVR runtime, and that needs to be corrected in the driver/firmware).


Pay a subscription to use a mod, no thanks :face_vomiting:

Then it’s your loss we play all the triple A games for 10 euro a month :grin:


It’s not really a subscription if you don’t want it to be.
You can just pay 1 months patreon, download the mod(s), then cancel the patreon. That’s what I did.
Well worth the £8 for the RDR2 mod.


I’m happy to pay devs this way to get the titles we need in VR before the market is big enough for the AAA studios to bother. There’s a wonderful thing building atm.