We can replace the metal hinge in 8KX for free if you have the needs!

Please don’t worry about the metal hinge. It is designed to improve the stability, but instead, the angle range of the downward rotation becomes smaller.

On the other hand, the design of the plastic hinge makes it more flexible. With the plastic hinge, the audio strap can be bent down to a bigger angle.

If you are not satisfied with this design, we can provide you with free hinge replacement services.

Any customer who wants to replace the hinge, please leave your order number of 8KX in the comments, we will collect your order information and arrange for a replacement of the plastic hinge for you for free.


Order# SO3750
Thank you

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Okay! Thanks.
We will take care of that. :hugs:
And sorry for your trouble.

can i suggest you put a pair in the box of future mas / vision shipments, it might save a lot of people a headache.


I haven’t had mine shipped yet, but i’m pretty sure I want the plastic hinge. Can you confirm whether the plastic or the metal is going to be sent by default?

Also what if I don’t like the plastic ones and want to try the metal ones can this service work for that too?

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Hi, @BNP Thank you for your suggestion. Yeah, sure, It’s a great idea. :blush:

I’ll talk to my boss about it.

Thank you for leaving a message here. :hugs:

@hammerhead_gal - we have some concerns if you read back in the other post, that the plastic hinge also connects to the strap because it has a different diameter for the hinge to take it.

Can you please confirm the strap’s diameter is the same for all of them, and the hinge is where the difference is only?

Maybe a picture showing this?

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Hi Hammerhead

Thank you for reacting to this issue, but rather than just stating that you will send a plastic replacement hinge if needed, your R&D department should correct the metal hinge so it has the correct fit as the plastic one.

And untill that is done plastic ones should be sent along with every 8Kx that goes out for delivery. And after that comes the logistics of sending the metal hinges to those who allready recieved their 8Kx with incorrect hinge. Geez… just had one of those “Pimax flashback flashback flashbacks” :rofl:


Thanks so much! I need plastic hinge. SO6361

Many thanks! I need plastic hinge. SO5009


I need the replacement: SO6954

Pretty smart to frame a design mistake as a personal preference btw.


I’d like the plastic hinge please as well. SO4610.
Also, would like both thick and thin foams if not included in the shipment.

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I need the replacement: SO6003
Many thanks!

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Replacement here.

Order: SO4760


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I’d like the plastic hinges please: SO6887

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Me too, please: SO5918

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Me as well thank you!
Order SO4641

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Please send a set with my order too (not sent yet, as far as I know) as I’m used to wearing the DAS really low (that is how it’s intended to fit actually - and by the looks of it I would think the same applies to the SMAS/DMAS/KDMAS)… :wink: If it’s not too much to ask, please send a set of each type (no need to replace the one that’s already mounted).



Yes please, on the clips/hinges replacement. SO4689

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