Wccftech CES2020

Wccftech’s impressions from CES2020 is up


Sounds like he really liked it for the most part. His description of the distortion he experienced sounds like what I experienced with my 5k+. Sounds like it will again be a case of some people not seeing distortion at all, some people seeing a small amount and some people being really bothered by it, depending on your face shape and how well you are able to get the headset positioned and dialed in.


Yeah from the impressions so far that seems to be the case.
For me personally I hope that means that the only distortions I will see is the extreme outer degrees on Large FOV, as that is the case for me on the 5K+ after finding the “perfect fitment”. The MAS and CK should possibly make that easier though.
Hopefully I will have the possibility to try it out in the Stockholm event, but that is depending on which date it will be.


I was there during his demo, even he couldn’t see it most of the time and he pointed out he sometimes sees distortion even on his rift s and that the immersion of X was ridiculously good compared to that. He said this was what always hoped vr would be like.


That’s how I felt after testing the 8KX out this last weekend. It felt like the VR we have always hoped it would be. I can’t wait to get mine now.


Thanks for that extra insight! Really looking forward to being able to experience the 8KX for myself


The distortions:

“Okay, now that I explained the setup and how the experience went, how did it look? About 80% of it looked spectacular and had no issues keeping fluid and staying super crisp. Reading text at a distance made my Rift S look like it was a cell phone experience, but there’s a catch. The FOV is wide, really wide, but the edges away from the nose and towards the bottom start to warp a bit. While left to your peripheral it isn’t an issue but when you start looking about, you notice it in the worst way.”


" The warping at the edges isn’t enough to turn me off from it since it doesn’t affect the experience much, but it is something to take into consideration. "

Also about comfort:
" Comfort was the other thing that kind of missed the mark for me, but then again it might be a preference of headbands. On paper, it’s about the same weight as my Rift S but because of the way it sits on the head, it felt heavier to me. I regularly play for around 2 hours at a time without issue with my Rift S at home, thanks to the halo style headband and how it evenly balances the weight. I’m not sure I’d have the same feeling after a couple of hours with the Pimax 8K X, but for how good things look I’d be willing to try! Also, it’s worth noting there is a VR Comfort Kit that could improve things in this regard."

So weird that all the pimax videos people are saying they see no distortions and comfort is great.

I was with him during the entire demo on each station, nice and enthusiastic guy! As a sidenote though, he did not know his IPD value, so it was a guessing game.


I use this free phone app for people who don’t know their IPD. It works quite well at quickly getting within range. ‎EyeMeasure on the App Store


@Heliosurge add this to the spotlight reviews section

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Interesting, didn’t know it could be that easy - and it confirms the value I got from the Optometrist spot on !

@Sweviver, I suggest you use this to measure users when demoing so they immediately have a better experience !


Yeah it’s super accurate. Perfect for quickly grabbing an IPD and demoing the units.

Which post please and will add. :beers::sunglasses::fist_right::sparkles::fist_left:




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hint for next show. bring a clear metric ruler & a small mirror and follow doc-ok’s steps

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and hold a ruler up to your nose, such that the measuring edge runs directly underneath both your pupils.
  2. Close your right eye and look directly at your left eye. Move the ruler such that the “0” mark appears directly underneath the center of your left pupil. Try to keep the ruler still for the next step.
  3. Close your left eye and look directly at your right eye. The mark directly underneath the center of your right pupil is your inter-pupillary distance.

There is a copy already there. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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There is an ap on Android as well that uses a bank card as reference to measure ipd value. :wink:


what’s the app. I’ve been struggling to find a free one on android. I’m betting the app you are talking about isn’t free.

What’s with official IPD readings anyway. I found out that most optometrists don’t even want to tell you you’re IPD , like somehow thats a decision whether to buy glasses from them or not. Lol

It’s called “GlassesOn | Lenses & Pupils”. I just tried it three times and got three different results ranging from 63 to 65.5. Not very accurate, I guess.


PD Meter. They like @asampal said within 2mm.