Watercooling by DrWilken

Went all-in after @MrAhlefeld told me how nice it works and I now have a custom (water) loop with an Inno3D iCHILL Frostbite RTX 3090, a 280 and a 420mm radiator… :rofl:

I even put an active back plate cooler (mp5works serial) on it… :sunglasses:


Yeah I bet your wife thanks you as well for the now quiet pc :slight_smile:

Still think it looks like a unicorn farting :rofl: Rainbows all over the place :grin:
I just love a good H2O build.


Not as much as I am… :+1::sunglasses: EDIT: Ehmm… Maybe I should read before I reply. Thought it said; “bet Your wife is happy…”… :rofl:

As mentioned to You it’s blue when booted, like the liquid… :nerd_face:


more like urinating into a catheter. :slight_smile: tubes every where

I love tubes :slightly_smiling_face: because they just work like they are supposed to.
I wasn’t dissing his build, in fact I think it’s a great build. But everyone knows that unicorns farts rainbows.
Just like RGB inferno PC’s
@DrWilken has blue coolant, and the lights change to blue as well after booting. Ice cold… :+1::grinning:

I was waiting for the 3080Ti as well, but pulled the trigger on the 3090 after finding out that it would have less than 20GB VRAM on the 3080Ti


Funny i have almost thesame build i have a RTX3090 from Asus & EK waterblocks but this is definetly the way to go cause air cooling just doesnt cut it in the long run 24 degrees celsius in idl mode and around 55 degrees celsius when its working at full power but i have separete watercooling for my cpu
to bad everything is so expensive nowadays isnt the best time to build a computer


OK, this really triggers me to complete my water cooling, still have CPU only AIO cooled…
But for VR the current 3080 offering with 12GB “low” VRAM will not be sufficient for VR enthusiasts.
Because the semiconductor market is a mess, and JIT does not pay off in such times, I expect another 18 months on short graphics card supply minimum.
Beyond the madness of crypto currency, which is just a big, big casino, still grabbing any computational components they can get, now even SSD for Chia. Some know it´s mainly for money laundering. Some do not know and play the casino cards. …pyramid scheme …
By the way, I still recommend RTX 3090 for 8KX until AMD delivers anything equivalent, which is not likely.
Ridiculous times.


That’s what I had before diving in… :upside_down_face:

I’m very pleased with it…

It might not look the best but I don’t even have a glass panel case so it really doesn’t matter to me.

It works amazingly though.

Even with my 3090 running at +125-145 on the core and +1200-1500(!) on the VRAM I can still keep the GPU and CPU below 60 and VRAM below 75 unless I’m mining in which case the VRAM jumps to 95-100 C.

Best part is that it’s near silent… :sunglasses:

Not sure why I haven’t done this sooner?

I’ve built PC’s since I was a teenager (like 25 Years ago)… :rofl:


Tubes everrywhere ftw!


Nice build!

Mine’s WC but not the GPU for now. I dont have to worry about noise as its in another room with cables trough a hole in the wall :stuck_out_tongue: Its needed cause mining on that 3090 sure gets toasty. Straight to 90C at 290w (260w summertime) with fans 100% and extra cooler on top. That things needs WC no doubt.

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You think rtx 4090 will be available in september 2022 ?
I wonder what will my msi gaming trio x rtx 3090 cost aftermarked by that time xD

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How happy are you with that backplate cooling solution?

I’m contemplating getting one as well as the backplate does get incredibly hot.


if you are thinking about adding a block to the backplate, you should think about replacing the front block as well (that’s what I am going to do to mine) same card as DrWilken
I will use this block, as the price is really nice for the pair.
Be aware, you need to find the correct block for your specific card.

Or this one if just backplate replacement.

Im sure the last one would be perfectly fine in performance, if you ditch the original backplate and mount directly.


I’m pretty happy with it but it’s pricy for what it is of course… :slight_smile:

If I were You I would wait and see what @MrAhlefeld’s verdict will be… If You’re willing to replace the front block too that is of course… If not, I will recommend the MP5WORKS (only tried the serial kit, but there’s also a parallel one)… :wink:


I have my Gigabyte 3090 OC already under an alphacool full cover block and really like it.

The linked universal aliexpress backSIDE cooler looks nice, excited to hear what @MrAhlefeld will report.

The MP5 looks decent as it simply mounts to the existing alphacool backplate but it’s definitely pricey.


Lol, I wasn’t dissing his build either, my computer is no less RGB’ed. So is my desk, I even have an ambilight on the back of my monitor.

Its like seeing the residual Unicorn Farts linger around my enitre playspace.


Switching from intel to amd ryzen 5800x I am shocked that my H100i still barely keeps it at 70 deg under load.

I’ve had to get used to excessive fan noise. Granted I think the noise is caused by the 6 corsair case fans

Does this tube stuff actually keep things quieter or is it just for bragging rights?

When I look at the cost and effort of hard lined cooling it costs as much as a rtx 3080Ti and whats worse is the second you uograde your computer or want to change to a different case you have to do it all iver again.

Way to much effort for “colorful tubes”

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Nice colour. You could probably grow some clones in there



I also had that problem when I got my ryzen 3950X it also went hott even with water cooling but at first I had a 240 mm radiator and switching to a 360 mm fixed it now idle temp is around 35C and 55C during full load
Hard tubing is a lot of work and yes it’s expensive but it definitely works and looks great


Its strange, while I was building my computer hunting for the perfect parts I obsessed over it.

But once it was built , I put it under my desk and barely look at it. The excitement is gone.