VRmust - anyone?

Anyone here at forum have ordered VR frame and lenses from VR Must ?
Please share your opinions. How about lens /frame quality and overall service?


I think there might be a review of sorts on FB or reddit r/pimax.

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Found the review. Some positive and some negative points.

There is also a 3dprintable on the forum here taken from facebook page

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Yeh , thanks I have read all these opinions and ordered vrframe and prescriptions lenses Today. Will share my opinion later at forum…


I just got it today. Overall it the best option out there. The negative is depending on your head shape it might not cover your entire fov. When I use it I believe about 5 or 7 degree at the edges not covered by the lenses. Overall not bad. You will need a thicker cushion if you still got the original pimax. They gave me a free leather foam but it really big. Right now I’m stuck with the small cushion.

Tips- if you have fov issue lower your ipd hardware and re adjust through software.


I just ordered as well based on the reviews here and on reddit. I also found a discount code using the honey browser extension that got me 25% off, so it ended up being a pretty decent price.

The code was:


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yesterday I recived this message :

" Hey Piotr,

We know you’re still waiting to receive your order, and wanted to provide you with an update.

We have not forgotten you! Due to a high volume of orders this month, we’re experiencing some issues getting products quickly on their way. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for your patience!


my comment : Delays are the new plague of 2020


nah I got the same message. I got my package in 2 weeks. It usually just 1 or 2 days delay from the original 7 day.

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In the meantime watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Looks like the “nose” edges are also not fully covered by lenses but I was expecting only external edges .
Have you gave them correct IPD number? I mean we should always gave them Pimax HMD IPD values as my real life IPD is different…

Indeed. I wonder if these lenses are in fact custom manufactured for Pimax headsets, or merely cut down from large stock lenses.

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I did give it to them. Also the nose part is different than the video. I believe a few people complained about it and they changed it

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This raises a very interesting question - whether the IPD number for these corrective lenses is anywhere near as critical as the IPD number for the lenses built into the headset itself.

I suspect not, at least due to the much lower amount of focusing power of corrective lenses.

If anyone wants to experiment rigorously though, please consider ordering multiple sets of these lenses, at least at optician measured IPD when looking at infinite distance and 1.75mm below that .

2 weeks later - still nothing , even not answering my email sent 2 day ago… Looks like another Chinese company with delay habit…

VRMust if you recall obtained the forum user list here. So maybe not surprisingly not very treatable. Before they closed down their forum they apologized using questionable tools to obtain the user list. No security issues other than procuring the forum list.

Since then the forum has been kept up to date preventing exploits based on security patch update info…


Thanks , I forgot about this incident…

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I had presumed they had my email address as it is on my profile page.

It did make it easier to compare users by join date vs their forum open date. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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They just answered my email: ( I will take it with reserve anyway)


Yes, It sent already, but the tracking number not come out yet.

We will update the tracking number to you immediately When it comes out.


Leaf Ice


Customer Service
MUST Technology, Inc.


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they take a few days, but when on the go, it’s quick.

suspect they collect shipments because shipping is very cheap to free.


bitdefender is still blocking malware on the vrmust site