Viveport is amazing it's saved me so much money. Stride is available now

Stride is available on Viveport , i was holding off buying it from steam thinking that it was a shoe in for Viveport . Looks like i was right

Man Viveport is really the Netflix of VR. (Or the GamePass)

Its seriously insane how these guys are making any money. Its the one good thing HTC has ever done. (Looking at you cosmos)


Yeah, I picked up 2 years of viveport earlier this year when it was on sale for $27 a year…best move I ever made


Yes it seems to be great value. I see saints and sinners is on it’s way. I’m a bit sad if it’s on infinity because I paid for it on steam and could have waited. I downloaded yupitergrad but can’t get the controllers to shoot? If you have a fix let me know.

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What controllers?

Viveport is good because so many vr games are either too short or aren’t as good as their price tag. That being said I bought TWD and I will still buy a game on steam if it is on sale, if it is something I actually want to own.

But with smaller titles I have learned to back off for a dew weeks, because I’ve been burned. I bought Boiling Steel and wasn’t very impressed, then it showed up on viveport a couple of weeks after i bought it, That also happened with Battlewake.

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I can’t move the suction cups wont come out. Tried with index and wands same thing wont start or move.

i’ll try it and let you know if its the same for me

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Got it to work tonight on my vive. Might be a pimax issue… will try again sometime.

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yeah sorry I haven’t tried it yet, work got stupidly busy and I haven’t VR’ed in a bit. How did you get it to work?

I switched to my vive and it worked. Also just retried the Pimax and now it works. Have a controller constantly vibrating but it worked. Worth checking if you like comic book graphics and spiderman type locomotion similar to Windlands.

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I see Saints and sinners is a pay full price game not on Infinity. Glad I picked it up on steam sale.

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yeah some times it’s not infinity.

Moss is Infinity. WOW… can’t believe they did that never bought it because of the price. Now I can check it out for my membership. Looks amazing on my 5k+ must be truly breathtaking on the 8KX. Please let us know how it is on the X.

thats been there for a while no? They gave it away with an infinity subscription last year along with some other games.

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Didn’t realize that.

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Vertigo Remastered on Infinity now!!

Seriously why do I even buy games on steam anymore. :woozy_face:

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FYI LA Noire and Walking Dead S&S now on Viveport Infinity. No extra charge!


I wonder how it works on the technical side? I understood (not from the viveport website though) that I would need another client app, but then will the game install into SteamVR lib, or they are completely separate and only use SteamVR for VR runtime?

I just bought a Vive Pro and apparently there was 2 month trial for “Viveport Infinity” and I wonder if it is worth the hassle…

games are stored in a separate place of your choosing. I choose D:\Viveport

But they run in steamVR.

you must remember SteamVR is really OpenVR and has nothing to do with steam.

If you close steam client and run a viveport game it will still work.

Dude if its free i’d urge you to try it. Don’t be like those dweebs from FReality. Who get all their games for free and dare to tell us about “value”

There are so many iffy VR games and some really goid ones. The amount of iffy games Viveport has prevented me from buying paid for the subscription 4X over.

Knowing my luck I’d cave and buy Medal of Honor for $80 and a month later it shows up on viveport… lol

check out this laundry list of games on infinity right now

there’s more link

This game Ven I just found out about from gamertag looks like its coming soon. Guess I can try it out too

(43) I Cant Wait to Play MORE!! - VEN VR ADVENTURE First Impressions - YouTube


Great, thanks for all the info. It indeed seems like a good investment (even when it is free :wink:).


When Viveport was first introduced, and for a long time afterwards, it was so bad that it would crash your computer, along with having a myriad of other issues.
Although I haven’t seen any reports of issues for a while, that was originally because no one would touch it.
It was also made by HTC and, at the time, we were so mad at HTC for their lack of warranty support that no one wanted to support them.

Is anyone having issues with it anymore?

And, as long as I’m asking, what’s the difference between Viveport and Viveport Infinity?
Does it come with it’s own VR launcher? I remember that we used to have some software that allowed us to place ‘plaques’ of all of our games in a VR environment… but I can’t remember what it was called.

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