Very positive 8K-X pre-release unboxing (MRTV)

NB: This is not the final version.

Hey everyone.

I typed out some quotes from MRTV (Sebastian) so you can see what he thinks of a pre-release sample of the 8K-X. NB: This is not the final version.

Timecodes below from Sebastian’s 8K-X unboxing video on MRTV Youtube channel.

1:00 “This does not come in the original Pimax 8K-X retail box”. <—’ Making sure everyone knows.

1:50 “This is one of the very first production model 8K-X, this is the final unit”. <— NB: a genuine error. Sebastian was unaware his headset isn’t the final version.

2:00 Without further a do, you’re going to learn way more in the final review, this is about unboxing this and having a look at what I got here".

2:10 “As you can see, not the final retail box, just came to me like this”.

2:50 “It was really well packaged to make sure it arrived in one piece”.

3.00. “The first thing you feel when you touch it, is it feels way better”.

3.29. “So for the very very first early impression, build quality seems to be way better than before”.

3.45"A nice comfortable head strap. That was missing before, a nice modular audio strap, but now we have this now".

4.20 “Way easier to adjust the headstrap than the Vive Cosmos, which actually was a disaster”.

5.18. “This is some sort of cotton material. Feels really nice, soft to the touch”.

5.38 “I already like this a lot, that you can exchange all these parts should you want to do so. That is for sure, really good”.

6.08 “This part is new (nose shield), so you don’t have light bleed. Way better than before. Also your nose has more space now compared to the old Pimax headsets. That is for sure a big advantage”.

7.38 “The Vision Comfort Kit is way bigger and when you try it, it’s very comfortable”.

8.10 “The USB-C port looks a bit better than the one found on the old Pimax headsets”.

9.05" “It feels so, so nice. It feels so good on the face”.“It’s really really very good, it feels very comfortable”.

9.10 “It’s just great” (The MAS).

9.35 “So far, the most comfortable headset”.

10.00 “I can tell you when you piut this on, this is the most comfortable headset that I’ve worn so far”. “And yes, I would say this is even more comfortable than the Valve Index, because it’s lighter and you have these beautiful materials”.

10.25 “This material is really comfortable and you have this cotton material in the back, wow. Very very nice comfort”.


10.59 My first impression? Amazing. Material is way better than before, it’s super comfortable and I’m looking forward to review it".


Yeah it’s a great preview of what is coming. Thank you @mixedrealityTV keep up the great work!

Don’t let some people discourage you with senseless dribble. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

Thanks Navi for posting this showing the drama made over it was unneeded.


Agreed, unfortunately the drama made IMHO was also unprofessional, damaging to Pimax and not the first incident of a public outburst. Everybody makes mistakes but we need to learn from them :pensive:


May I suggest that @Heliosurge should handle Pimax PR from now? It’s amazing how this guy always keeps his cool. You need somebody like that when it comes to PR. At least somebody who doesn’t repeatedly explodes when performing public functions. That just hurts a company.


Nothing against Heliosurge but pimax needs to hire a professionally trained PR person. Some on who knows PR and what they are doing.


The majority of ‘professional’ PRs that I’ve come across haven’t got much of a clue - they the tend to be posh and dim! What Pimax needs is a Communications Director who knows what he/she’s doing and nothing goes public unless it’s run past them first.


Elon Musk almost sunk his company, Tesla, with his twitter account. When he knowingly lied on twitter with his now infamous ‘funding secured’ tweet, the company almost went bankrupt. And now that they’ve restrained his twitter access, the stock price has gone through the roof. Maybe Pimax should start to make some changes too …


Thank you for this. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Heliosurge! I will for sure keep it up! Artisan is arriving at MRTV HQ tmr! :wink:


From our own experiences with one another, I know the quality of your character. I really hope one day we can indeed meet and share a toast. :beers::sunglasses::fist_right::sparkles::fist_left:


Is that a final production unit?

Nope. 20… characters

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So will there be a video comparison or is he not allowed to do that.

There’s quite a bit of confusion, but sadly, I think the answer is “no”. Apparently this unit was sent to Sabastian as a “test” unit, not a “review” unit, since he has previously been a “tester”. He will be allowed to post details like that, once he receives the review “final” 8KX headset.

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Who needs Netflix when we have the Pimax forum :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Why this video when its not final either? We already know that stuff from the pimax day livestream… Stop appetizing… Give backers the chance to receive something? No! First send more stuff to klick/subscriber addicted yt channels. .

He also was positiv about the first pimax…so i don’t trust or support any of this promo stuff.


The question is what the heck is different to the 8k X “final” version? Is it still in development or are it just the metal hinges of the Mas…

If still in development then when will it be finished?


That’s right too much wows and truly amazing…

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I wish I knew. I think the remaining issues may be with the MAS, but that is uncertain. It’s also possible that the wait is really for “review ready” software (drivers and PiTool).

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Wait, you keep saying that but you also asked to make review, youtuber or not.

So the others are not real reviews? Once they have the headset why they would give a s**t and not make an honest one?

I am not saying that because of the yt tag, with such low amount of subscribers I am not really a youtuber actually, barely Vloger, people mostly care about the translations I make.

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