Use with minidisplayport

Is Pimax 5K+ compatible with mini display port? I am searching for a laptop with RTX2070 to power my upcoming 5K+ , but all the laptops I found only have mdp port, but the 5K+ officially only support DisplayPort 1.4 and above. Does anyone know any mdp to DP converter that is working with 5K+?

Also does the mdp version matter? Many laptops even with RTX 2070 only have mdp1.2.

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@SweViver tested on a 1070 based laptop, I’m pretty sure it was using a mini display port. I plan to use a 980GTX laptop when I’ll get my 8k… Maybe I’ll have upgraded to the new VTX 40000 by then :frowning:

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Good to hear, but do you know the mdp version the 1070 laptop? I am bit concerned that bandwidth wise, the DP1.2 is not enough to drive two 1440p panel at 90Hz…

Nvidia’s manual states about the 1070
DisplayPort 1.2 Certified, DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 Ready
All you should need is an adapter it’s the same kind of port just smaller to conserve space.

The 1070/2070 GPU supports DP1.4, but it is up to the OEMs which version they put in their laptops, many just put mdp1.2 (may be because of less costs), but correct me if I am wrong (which I hope…)

Interestingly, I can not even find a mDP1.4 to DP1.4 adapter in the internet, all I can find is mDP1.4/1.2 to DP1.2…

In the end the problem might become whether the bandwidth of DP1.2 is enough for the 5K+…

Seen here live in action, thanks @SweViver.

Thanks for the links and @SweViver ! That is a good sign…
Which mdp version does this laptop have? Did this mdp to DP converter work flawlessly?

I don’t think it’s even mentioned in the video, so I believe you’re too concerned about the issue. But why not PM SweViver? Also performance will be better now with games that are supported by brainwarp.

Yes, I should contact SweViver.
Buying a 2070 laptop is not a small money, I wish it works flawlessly with the 5K+
The brainwarp is really a good thing, especially for non top-end users.

Looks like Asus RoG, I don’t there are many 17" RoG with 1070 so you can probably find details on Asus site.

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You might not get an answer. Apparently, @SweViver is having some sort of “family problem” and has not updated his Patreon or YouTube pages since Jan 8. Honestly, I’m a bit worried about him.


As far as I remember he showed the laptop specs in the video, or maybe he posted them somewhere. My laptop is almost identical, its an Asus ROG Strix GL502VS 15.6". I have never been able find any information on the DP version, but it works OK with the 5K+
If you are looking to buy a laptop with a GTX graphics card, its worth noting that the newer Max-Q cards are slower than the older ones, because they have been throttled to reduce heat and power consumption.


Found the exact spot for You guys :slight_smile:
Pimax 8K & 5K+ Full Review | The Most In-Depth Pimax 8K vs 5K+ Review and Analysis you will find! - YouTube


Sorry to hear, hope he is doing well.

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That seems promising!

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Run mine through a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter. Working no isses but that’s on a recent laptop and with version 1.4 mini DisplayPort


Good to know! But what is the version of the display port side? I couldn’t find any adapter of mdp to DP 1.4, all I found is mdp to DP1.2
Could you post a link of your adapter? Thanks
What is your laptop model?

I bought it at a bricks and mortar store. Have to look through past reciepts.

A photo of your adapter?:grinning:

Just a small cable with the larger female Displayport plug and smaller male Displayport plug. Probably 1.4 to 1.2 which sucks as the Aero 15X has a 1.4 mini displayport socket.

Another reason to go eGPU

It has gotten me by for 1440p 144Hz and 4k 60Hz gaming though.

Think it sucks that peripherals never seem to be at the current established standards. Always a gen or 2 behind. :roll_eyes: