USA Roadshow Location Discussion (Can anyone provide a location for an extra stop?)

We have some USA roadshows setup (East and West coasts, some are public stops, some are vendor stops and some are media stops) but are thinking about adding MORE. Because of the other types of stops (media and vendor) it limits the public events. Therefore:

We are thinking about adding EXTRA STOPS to the show. If there is anyone out there in the USA that has access to a venue, some PC’s and a volunteer or two we can bring the show to you during the first 3 weeks of December.

We will have Crystal’s and Portal’s with us and maybe some other goodies. Let us know if anyone has some ideas etc.

Besides the roadshows, we are looking to organise seminars / Q&A section with you guys. Robin will be at there to answer those questions, what do you guys have in mind?

Public Events so far:
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Austin, TX
City of Industry, CA (very near LA)


NYC you know already of course…
and sorry. I didnt finish the message by accident and hit send. I can help you with whatever you need
PC’s might be an issue but i do have a 3070 gaming laptop if need be.
Any 100 ft power cables if you need (extensions), Monitors i might have 1 smaller 27" around the house, etc
stuff like that. ill msg u


This thread is mainly for potential extra stops. If the stop is convenient enough we can work it in and bring the samples for testing etc.

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It’d be pretty sweet if you could hit Huntsville, Alabama, AKA Rocket City. Surely I’m not the only VR enthusiast here. I know of a relatively new VR Arcade which opened up just down the road from me called Altered Reality.

With the right advertising you could attract quite a lot of military and NASA contractors, if that’s something you’re looking for.


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Atlantic City, NJ would be great or if you cant then Philadelphia, PA as a 2nd alternative.

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I am in the same boat. 12K QLED for racing sim is all I am after. I just picked up RTX 4090FE today. It’s going to allow me to maximize my 8KX capability before settle with a NEW hardware.

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Yeah, same here. NYC has a big market for VR. Pimax should come here.
I have a spare but heavy desktop: Ryzen5 2600 + GTX1080 for VR video viewing, or some light task stuff.
I can help with setting up wifi and other tech things.

What about Las Vegas (CES)? Salt Lake City would be interesting as well (I could volunteer on this one).

Have US public roadshow dates been set yet?

Come up to Canada! Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding cities would have a great turn out.

I am a software engineer working for a Canadian software development firm (in Edmonton, AB) building government software and I would gladly help you find the resources to host, demo and populate an event to show off the pimax crystal and portal. We have many surrounding cities (Edmonton has 1.3M people alone) and a very large tech presence (EA / BioWare, Bell & Telus HQ (5G networks)).

When is this taking place?