Upgrade "One Offs"

Okay Folks to help get the One Offs organized

Please Post here.

Post your Ticket Number & details of request.

@Axacuatl @Crump @reptilexcq @MarcoBalletta

Unless of course your One Off has been resolved.


What is a “One Off”, in this context? The only usage I’m familiar with is “one of a kind”, which doesn’t seem pertinent.


Scenarios that doesn’t fit any upgrade plan proposed by Pimax?


Yes as DrWilken said.

For example ordered 10m Cable & want to trade it in towards 8k+ or 8kX… The Upgrade plans don’t cover that & need special handling.


I just went through the process, and this is how it went just so others know.

I started a support ticket and included my backer # real name, address Etc. And very clearly stated what I needed. ( Special case upgrade / Refund 1 base station only )

It took about a week of back and forth emails to get a approval ( Time zone differences, 1 email per day)

Then it took about 2 more weeks to get the coupon code, processed and emailed to me. It arrived just yesterday.

So, about 3 weeks total.


Thanks for doing this, @Heliosurge, you are indeed the real MVP. My support issue is 19206. I responded to the email on October 31st as I was told just to do Plan G, which did not answer the question.

I backed/paid for an 8KX and paid the upgrade for the full package with lighthouses and controllers. Great, Plan G would have answered that. The question however was that I backed an additional pair of controllers (since at that time the Kickstarter had them offering a choice of trackpad or thumbstick). So by ordering the second set, I would have a set of each. Additionally, I paid for an additional headstrap with headphones to go with the included headstrap without headphones that went with it. So that was my question, what options did I have? Since I paid another $210-$220 for the controllers, would they just offer me the $179 upgrade to take the controllers now? Or with that amount and the additional headstrap cost, could I get the 8KX with the deluxe headphones and put these costs paid toward it and just pay a bit more for the difference? Just asking what all options that I had. Also, I have the loaner 8K and will be sending it back once I receive an RMA.

Thanks for the help!

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You have the magic touch. I responded to an email from October 31st and never heard from them again. If they just wanted to refund the additional stuff I backed on kickstarter (additional set of controllers and additional headstrap) so that all I have on the order is the 8KX, one set of controllers, and the lighthouses, I would be happy. Whatever is easiest.

Order #20657

I ordered: Plan C with Option 2-keep eye tracking.

  • I ordered within the first 4 days when Pimax had INCORRECT prices listed on the website.
  • Matthew Xu confirmed on multiple different posts I will be able to use my overpayment towards the eye tracking module.
  • This was BEFORE Pimax lowered the prices by another 100 dollars.

I created this ticket because I was told to by Pimax via email. They owe me $200 I would like to put it all towards eye tracking.


@Matthew.Xu, I would like to cancel my Kickstarter order for 1 base station (and shipping) for credit to be applied to a future order (not yet placed) of an 8KX. Is that possible?


For me It is just declined by Sally(support). I am not allowed to use the coupon for buying the 8kx i got from my pledged basestation and handtracking. I can only use it for assesoires, so i would recommend to keep your basestation if you don’t need to buy assesoires or swordcontrollers.

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That doesn’t sound right, @Matthew.Xu can you please check to see if @jeroen was given the correct information about his coupon? Thanks!

If I was limited to applying it to accessories only, I’d probably use it for the deluxe earphones. I don’t need another base station, which would be incompatible with the version 1 base station I currently own.


I agree that doesn’t sound right at all.
Neal about your case maybe open a support ticket and post it in my thread. Those posted in there are supposed to be considered as “high priority”
Or contact Matthew directly.


Yes i had the same feeling, this doesn’t sound right as with the existing backerplans people can choose for a trade in with the 8k+/8kx. It’s inconsistent not to allow this for backers who does not fit into that and pledged other then the full kits, i. She stated in her email"she comfirmed with her leader".
I don’t want to make a hassle out of it as i can use it for the sword controllers in the future, but i would have prefered to put it towards the 8kx


I think that my ticket number is (#18507)

I have paid during kickstart on Pimax website with 3 payments: #4506 , #4515 , #4526 for what I think should have been:

$999 for the 8K X full package
$47 for shipping to the USA
$70 for 10m cable
$100 hand motion
$499 is for the 8k(keep)

I am Backer # 1420

I would like to understand what my backer #1420 includes

  1. Does it includes stretch goals for both the 8k and the 8kx?

  2. I do not need base stations v.2, I already have 2 of them. What I can get in place of those ?

  3. I am not understanding what are the stretch goals I could chose from

  4. I do not need a 10m cable if there is a wireless setup on the work

  5. Is there any plan about the 8k for who also backed the 8k x? it seems the 8k is not getting as good updates as the 5k+ (ie. higher frame rate). If I knew the 8kx was not a limited edition as advertised to begin with and if I knew that there would have been different versions of the headsets released, I wouldn ot have paid to keep the 8k to begin with. Things have changed throwing out the window what was the idea/goal of keeping an 8k and backing an 8kx


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My simple advice for Pimax is that they should dump “ticketing for everything” system and instead of that give customers some freedom by implementing various selection forms and transparent shop. They made a whip for themselves. Many folks have already lost patience for Pimax and this ultra chaotic mangement way of doing sales and services. They can really make it more simplified with minimum of effort. And continuing this way with limited human resources will cost them more than they can gain.
For example, creating a ticket to recive $100 coupon for a downgarade from 8k to 5k is absolutely absurd. This should work automatically…

@PimaxUSA @SweViver

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Both backed headsets would get stretch goals.

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Ok. Tx. What are the available stretch goals to chose from? Will they send a survey based on my case ?

Stretch goals would be all.

  • Extra face foams
  • MAS (Standard)
  • Cooling Fan (need to request)
  • Prescription Frames (might now be 3dprintable)
  • 3 pieces of content (duplicates)
  • $100 Off Wireless Coupon
  • Eyetracking now $100 off so Eyetracking when Available $100.

Now with the 8kX comes with comfort kit which is not compatible with Cooling Fan.

Wireless might not be compatible with 8kX atm.

For 10m Cable & Lighthouses will need Matthew’s input on credits if not wishing these.


It does seem very unorganized and like tickets and responses are just drawn out of a hat. I might be the only one, but I felt like the old ticket system was better than this one. This new one, you put a ticket in then you get an email response, then you respond to the email and will be long dead before getting a response to that email (Been almost a month and a half since my response via email). I wish there was a way that things could be more transparent and at least be able to see my tickets. I’ve heard there is a way to view tickets, but I’ve yet to make it work on my email. Does not seem very user friendly.


They’re trying to prioritize the tickets, I’ve suggested the ones with customers money directly involved should be the number one eg. refunds, order cancelation…