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@PimaxQuorra Thank you for listening to feedback and providing a substantive update. The reasonings are easy to follow for the most part, and I look forward to a similar level of detail on the stretch goals!

(And with a failing cable, the wireless especially!)

EDIT: After a second reading, I have two questions:

  1. Will people who opted for a DMAS receive a MAS and then the Deluxe add-on when it releases, or only a Deluxe MAS with no Standard earphones?
  2. I want to check my understanding on the handtracking manufacturing. Ultraleap will make the first versions for sale, and Pimax will eventually take over production?

@PimaxQuorra It is completely false that you have shipped the Plan F to 100% of US backers, I am a very early backer (24) and I still have not even gotten notice that it has shipped yet.


Hi Evertec,

Could you please provide us a SO via PM? We will help you to check what’s happening on your order.



Deluxe MAS is delayed too much…
@PimaxQuorra Is it possible to convert my 8KX with Deluxe MAS order to Standard and use the differnce to purchase Plan F?


will everything get shipped to marseille for eu customers now?


If it is the same “warehouse” I have sent my P5k+ for an RMA two weeks ago, I have some doubts. It has been sitting at the post office for one week already, and the only tracking info I got from La Poste each day is that it will be delivered the next day :slight_smile:.


Now I’m totally confused. What is right with me now?
The reference of your ticket is #24848

First Sally says:
Dear xxx

Your backer number is 45xx,you added two base stations on your order,we will ship it to you as soon as possible,you will get the tracking number in 3-5 working days.

Best regards

Dear xxx

I’m sorry for the delay in delivery,your base stations haven’t been shipped yet.
In fact,we are confirming the logistics cost and transportation plan, which will take some time,when we have new progress, I’ll give you the latest news.
Thank you for your support and patience.

Best regards

And now:
Backers’ Single Basestations


We have base stations in HongKong warehouse and start shipping by next week.

So my Question is, when will i get them? What does that mean, shipping from HongKong next week? To Marseille? Or direct to me? How long will it take?



Hi MaxMan23,

Yes, you will get the base stations. It will shipping from Hongkong directly to you.



@PimaxQuorra: Thanks for the fast answer. But how long will that took? Days or Weeks? And what about Tax? Do i have to pay that?

Hi MaxMan23,

Normally the shipment will takes 5 working days. But due to the outbreak virus, might causes some delays as customs might not working normally and not to mention about the courier company too.
But we will try to figure out for you.

It is depends on the Customs, but normally customers have to pay for the tax.



@PimaxQuorra Thanks for the detailed update! I look forward to next week’s, even if most of the contents may be “unchanged from last update” :slight_smile:

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Thnk you for this Information and your support :slight_smile:


Finally! We will get our base stations :+1: @PimaxQuorra

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@PimaxQuorra When will I know if I am one of the hundred 8KX? I am an early bird 8KX backer from europe (backer #2xx) and have a 5k loaner. There is still at least 3-5 weeks left till it will be hopefully assembled, but when do you plan to inform the 8KX backers who will get one of the 100 pcs? And in this regard of course the question about sending back the loaner comes up.

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update with more details, but hold on !

You have ensured us several times Pimax will NOT send packages from HongKong anymore, precisely to avoid curstomers/backers have to pay customs tax, and now you backpedal on this ??

On top of that you will do shipments from HongKong only for backers who did not upgrade, while for upgrade plans you use Marseille warehouse ??

This is not ok…

When I was asking you here in the forum a few days ago about my base stations from the KS you promised they will be sent from Marseille and NOT from HongKong.

Is this showing Pimax disdain for backers who did not pay again to upgrade ? If a backer hasn’t paid again he is “punished” and will have to pay customs tax so Pimax can save some money on shipping with this kind of “unprofitable backers” ?

Keep your promise Pimax and don’t create second-class backers with people who did not want to pay again to sign in one of your upgrade plans…

Up to yesterday your official communication was shipments from HongKong will ONLY happen for people asking for it to have a faster delivery and knowing they will have to pay customs tax, and for everyone else you have promised shipments from an EU warehouse (like Marseille).

So just send a batch of base stations to your EU warehouse as you did for Index controllers bundles, and let backers who want a faster delivery ask for a shipment from HongKong to your order support.

You have claimed you have received the base stations for months so why are they STILL located in HongKong today despite you perfectly knew you have to ship a part of it to backers ? Why did you not send them along with with the Index controllers bundles you have shipped to your EU warehouse ?

This really sounds like you knew from the beginning you will ship the backers base stations from HongKong, despite you were saying the opposite on the forum. You have just waited the last moment to announce it, trying to convert a maximum of backers with upgrade plans until the pressure was too high from backers asking when they will receive their KS base station(s), and now you announce they will receive them… but from HongKong, with customs tax to pay…

When will you stop using diabolic plans like this Pimax ?
Don’t you think your image has been damaged enough ?

Don’t forget those backers you try to save on shipping with today are still backers who maybe planned to pay you tomorrow for a deluxe headstrap, an eyetracking module, or a wireless module…



thank you for the update, these are very helpfull to get an idea of what is happening.
totaly beats the squirreling together of bits and pieces of half official comments spread all over unconnected forum threads.


So based on this update it sounds like backers will start receiving their 8K X headset in May, and probably everyone else between June and August. I made my order back in November of last year.


Sorry to post again about base stations but here was the recent reply from Pimax order support as I was asking about the shipping date for the delivery of my 2 base stations from my KS pledge, also informing Pimax through this ticket I wanted a shipment from Marseille warehouse and not from HongKong:

Pimax order support: "Marseille of France warehouse fulfillment: You don’t need to pay extra imported VAT, but need to wait about 3 weeks. Now we are replenishing goods to Marseille through air transportation.
We will ship it to you when it’s ready."

So even Order support was confirming the base stations from KS pledges will be sent from Marseille when asking Pimax to do so, and I was even told they were already (or soon) on the way to this warehouse through air transportation.

Same when I was asking here on the forum before opening this ticket with order support:

Pimax: The EU warehouses are now ready for RMA, but not delivering package. But in future, we are going to make it happen. Some EU customs will charge this tax, and from onward, we will make the replacement HMD deliver from Marseille or Poland. So customers will not paying extra customs tax.

Me: What do you mean by not yet ready to deliver “package” ?
I mean, what is “package” for you ?
Do you mean things like accessories, including the base stations you have now received from valve ?

Pimax: The package is including all accessories / headsets. But we now working on to transfer the stock to the EU warehouse.

And now this last announcement says backers will have no other choice than receiving the base stations from HongKong directly, with customs tax to pay, despite you have been promising for weeks to ship them from an EU warehouse, both on the forum and through your order support…



Probably obvious, but with the MAS deluxe audio, would I also get the above-ear open-air speakers? Because I am interested in both.