Update 22nd March

“After success mass production on 8KX and Modular Audio Strap, we will begin to focus on Pimax controller(Sword).”

So this months update is that after two things you havent started yet, you’ll then start working on something else you still havent started.

Great update, very informative, thanks.


If this is the stretch goals update, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Pimax – I’m sure we don’t need to remind you of the stretch goals. Can we please get an update on the progress of things like Wireless, the cooling fans, even the extra face foam? How is the DMAS coming along?


No, that will be a separate update

Will it be an actual update or will it just say “we are planning on doing the stretch goals at some point, after we’ve done some other stuff we haven’t done yet”?


My breath will continue to be held! Here’s hoping!

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After success mass production on 8KX and Modular Audio Strap …

Deluxe MAS also success mass production, or only Standard?

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So this implies the 8k-X has been mass produced? Why do I have a VERY hard time believing this? But if so, when will it ship @PimaxQuorra

The other interpretation would be: “IF, at some point, we mass produce it, we will do this and that after it”. But what kind of update would that be ? Nah, that cant be it, right?


It’s absolutely the second.


Modular Audio Strap is the standard one, so between the lines they say DMAS is further down the line.

What an empty update this was. I wouldn’t even call it an update, cause there was no new info in it.

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Not at all

Spot on


This is so surreal - the update you have when you don’t have an update.

I totally get that the Pimax guys are working this out (probably for the first time) and that the Corona Virus has thrown a spanner in the works given lead times, cash flow, etc…

What I don’t get is why they’re hurting themselves so much with these awful communications. The reputational damage must be huge - I was always taught that you need ten good experiences to match one bad one. The other one is rework costs - how many posts/tickets are going to be raised because of this empty update?

I can’t watch this train wreck any more and, as an 8K-X backer, I’ll just request an update via a ticket each month if I don’t see a KS update.

P.S. I also get the whole manufacturing process is gated (with lots of dependencies), but why not notify the results of each gate when it happens? If rework is required, that’s fine - we want a quality product.


Exactly this. Please stop giving non-updates. Or ‘filler updates’, whatever you want to call these updates. They’re NOT updates.


I am not even sure if we are talking to the same company who launched the KS campaign in 2017 or if you by accident asked the company next door to them to provide an update and keep harrassing them, and they simply have no idea, “what do we know ? It’s not us, we are just neighbours !” and then give you your update, just to get you off their back.

@PimaxQuorra: are you really working for that Pimax company we all think we are communicating with ?

I mean, the update is so empty of any meaningful information that I really start to doubt that this is not a weird kind of Truman show with us backers in the spot light.

@PimaxUSA, @Sweviver: there is no new information in this so-called information. We have been hearing that the (Index controllers and) base stations are “in stock” since basically April 2019 - but what we want to know is WHEN IS PIMAX GOING TO DELIVER THEM TO US ??? I don’t care any longer if Oimax claim to have them in stock if they simply refuse to deliver anything to the backers. It just sounds like the lamest of all excuses while in truth the story probably is “we can’t pay Valve so they wont send us anything”.

Break the news right now, let us get on with our life and buy an Index or something like that so we can start to enjoy Halflife: Alyx in near future.

Pimax are the company who is letting VR enthusiasts look at new age VR from the outside, wishing we could join the party.


What kind of update were you guys expecting?

I mean, list the questions. Start a new thread about what do you wanna know.


Just anything with some actual info. Like for example why they’ve backed down on their promise to prioritize the 8k-X and are now manufacturing the Artisan instead. What’s going on with the 8k-x?


That has actually been answered one or two updates ago. Parts for 8K+ and Artisan were in stock while some 8KX components were not.


Regarding 8kx:

The supply chain is restored and the required components and materials are arriving at the factory.
There are still some minor parts that required tooling but those should have their tooling completed soon.

If i had to take a guess they are now ready to begin mass production. Not that they threw the towel and left. Only pimax quarra can give a definite answer of course.

Is that a serious question? Please!
The obvious kind: time estimates for all the things. All people are nagging about is:

  • Lighthouses
  • Controllers (all three kinds of them)
  • Stretchgoals
  • 8KX
    Yes, we’ve heard about April 2nd and tooling that noone cares to explain further. But are we still on track?

What point is there to announce an update when you don’t update a single piece of info?

  • Next week’s update *
    “After successful 8K X, MAS and Pimax controller production, we will begin working on wireless.”

2 years after we said we’ll send you controllers, we haven’t even begun yet. We don’t know when we will. We’re busy building other stuff that people ordered years after your order.
Even though lighthouses have been around for ages, you can’t have yours, they’re for new customers or old ones who pay us more. But if you beg in a ticket we may or may not respond to we may or may not send you them…soon.

That’s what the update contained for me.