Tridef 3D in extended mode

has anyone tried this? How well does this work, and what are the pre configurations required to be able to view the 3D SBS image on the extended desktop properly? Does any particular resolution or aspect ratio have to set in order to view SBS 3D on Pimax 4K on desktop while in extended mode? and what about IPD? Does 3D SBS work in fullscreen and window mode on extended desktop? Also what is maximum internal resolution of headset in extended mode? Will using custom resolution in NVIDIA control apnel (down-sampling) improve picture quality in extended mode?


I was trying to launch euro truck simulator 2 with tridef+vorpx but failed to configurate it :smiley:

What was the problem? Does this game have a Tridef profile? Have you tried using generic profile?

Cant remember anymore, furthemore i didn’t tried it in extended mod, so this might be a good idea.
I will try it again with a version 1.1.92, maybe on the weekend.

Tridef is not supported by any VR pipeline SteamVR or otherwise, so you can only use it in extended mode. run the game on your desktop and then move the SBS game window to your extended pimax display i guess. try both windowed and fullscreen. tell me how it goes.

I managed to get Alien Isolation working in 3d in the headset once, but it was too much hassle and quite nauseating without headtracking. You can use opentrack to control the mouse movement, but again, a lot of hassle.
There was an Oculus addon for it, have you found/tried that? I couldn’t get it working well enough to bother with, though I didn’t spend much time on it.
I’d probably just play games using Tridef 3d on Bigscreen, it is a lot simpler to set up.

There is a plugin somewhere that does work. Still in extended mode but with headtracking I think. Found it:

I dunno, i’ve never suffered nausea in VR, and am currently playing infinite warfare in 3D using Reshades SuperDepth3D in my Oculus in extended mode, i know theres opentrack and freepie, but i’ve always found that as long as the games has good 3D, it is immersive enough for me also.

Found it, but i’m pretty sure it only supported the DK1.

I currently do this on my Oculus RIft CV1, but it is performance heavy, especially on demanding titles (i have to turn settings down) viewing the game through a capture window has too many downsides for me, as soon as the framerate drops below 45 it looks choppy. Viewing the games directly through an extended display (i’ve tried this on my Oculus) is much smoother and less performance heavy, and i get at least 20 more fps.

Edit: i do this in Virtual Desktop, not Bigscreen, maybe Bigscreen has better performance?

Yeah, i edited my first post a bit too late. I was trying tridef with vorpx, thats a way to run games with help of tridef + working headtracking. However i’ve failed and didnt really tried hard. Without head tracking (in extended mode) it makes no sense for me.

I haven’t tried Virtual Desktop, so not sure. I tried Doom in Bigscreen and my computer nearly died. But Alien Isolation worked well, so maybe just not the latest games.

Yeah Alien Isolation has always been well optimized, I’ve tried Doom 2016 (Reshades SuperDepth 3D) SBS on Virtual Desktop and like i said i had to drop the ingame resolution down to 1920 x 1080 and…it looks bad…even more pixelated than the Rift already looks in Virtual Desktop. The same thing in extended mode and im able to keep my custom resolution of 2720 x 1530 and it runs great.

I’m guessing you have to run VOrpx in Direct/Pimax mode? Having Vorpx in the tray and then launching the game via Tridef, is that how it works?

I didnt found how it should work, i only know its possible to play games with the help of “vorpx desktop viewer” + “tridef” with working headtracking, however i have no idea if it need to be in extended mod or direct mod, in addition to this i have no idea if this works with pimax, in addition to this different pimax versions have different extended/direct mods and the last but not least with the 1.1.92 version you can use “disable direct mode” in the steamvr settings which allows you to play in extended mode with working headtracking (some kind of extended mode powered by steamvr while pimax stays in pimax mode).

All this requires a lot of time to test, and since i was trying to launch ETS2 to get it working for multiplayer — this was a task that no one succeed until today for the past year, so i simply gave up after first issue :smiley:

But theoreticaly as mentioned before you need vorpx desktop viewer and tridef, you can find many guides on how to get it working with oculus (old one, not sure about vive or released oculus) on youtube, for example they could launch star citizen in hmd with 3d from tridef and headtracking from vorpx.

p.s. new pimax version has better support for oculus, i guess there are more chances to get this shit working with new version, however it still requires pimax to work with steamvr and vorpx will recognize it as Vive.

HI Bro, I normally play in extended mode with Pimax (I think we get the best resolution and clarity). Now…

With Vorpx in the last version; it has extended mode and there you can set the resolution (set it to 2K of course) and prior you had extended mode and Pimax as main display. Launch!!! Then you have all the options that Vorpx brings, except headtracking.
With tridef; first config the game with Tridef 3D ignition, once you check it that works, install and config the game with Reshade and Polynomial_Barrel_Distortion.fx included in Depth 3D shaders pack. With that shader you can config the HMD and Tridef do 3D stereo part.

Hopes you get it and had the best of both (Vorpx and Tridef)

See ya

install and config the game with Reshade and Polynomial_Barrel_Distortion.fx included in Depth 3D shaders pack

Could you link to this or explain how I get these shaders? I bought TriDef and VorpX but I don’t understand what these shaders are. Thank you!

HI, here you may download Reshade

and here download the shaders pack where you only need the one I specified (Polynomial_Barrel_Distortion.fx)

Then read in this forum

To how to make it work.
Remember this only apply for Tridef. Vorpx has its own config, I explained before.

Easy Bro.

See ya.


I tried the Custom Resolution, but its like the PiMAX was Rebooting itself and could not get it to Hold

When the Apply Window comes up, the Screen Blinks/Flashes and am not able to Apply the Setting

But I will try again in the next few days

Can I ask what Version of PiPlay and Firmware you was using plz

It may have been my Nvidia Driver for GPU

Cheers :wink:

I guess Vorpx Cinema desktop viewer is akin to Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen Beta? I have Tridef and Vorpx, and i will try this method later. But for now just knowing how to use Tridef in Pimax extended mode is priority, and what precedents are required to make it work and to view 3D SBS optimally. LIke i said in previous post when viewing games in 3D through a desktop capture app (Vorpx desktop viewer and Virtual Desktop), it takes a heavy toll on performance, especially with newer more demanding games.

I hope this is not a common problem, i have heard of people successfully creating custom resolutions on the Pimax 4k with Nvidia control panel. Try again later, and let me know how it goes.


I DEL all traces of Pimax, Piplay and Kodi from my System

Then Reinstalled v1.1.92 and runs fine again :slight_smile:

I Installed Latest Nvidia Driver 381.89 for my GTX1070

tried to do Custom Resolution and get the same results as before, Screen Flashes and wont hold settings

I am no Stranger when it comes to Custom Resolutions as I have a few I use on my Samsung Tv and Optoma 1080gte

Example : I can run my Projector in 1080p @60Hz or 1366x768 @115Hz

I think Resolutions should be a Main Consideration
and give the User the Choice of Resolutions…