There is one setting i wanna see in pitool which every good monitor already has

There is one settings i wanna see in pitool which every good monitor already has…

and that is a sharpening scaler . from 0 to 10 .

that would be fantastic.


The function would probably not be of any use in pitool.

steamVR sets a slight blurring over the picture, which can be deactivated for a little sharper Image.


when pitool is able to overide settings like resolution,brightness,etc in steamvr why are you so sure it cant to that with sharpness if correctly implemented ?

i know you can get the picture quality a little better but i honestly would like to see more options for sharpness.

people which would not like that option could just leave it on the default setting ( for example 5/10)

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if you want more sharpness, increase the supersampling.

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I’ve been lobbying Pimax to include Reshade support so we can use a CAS sharpener. Or even just add a CAS sharpener to the render pipeline in Pitool. You can use one in Skyrim VR with an ENB and the results are truly excellent. It’s like a free GFX card upgrade. Hopefully Pimax implement something at some point.

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Sharpening is a post processing effect (EDIT3: …just like the brightness/contrast modifier), so a sharpening shader of one type or other could absolutely be included in piserver (…which does the runtime work - PiTool is just the status/settings/launching user interface (EDIT: …as far as I surmise, at least :7)), either sharpening the full resolution eye textures before running the barrel distortion, or sharpening the finished bitmaps that go to the headset, depending on which produces more pleasing results. :7

EDIT2: Come to think of it: Given the canting delta between the lenses and the screens; Depending on how the pipeline is set up, there could conceivably be an additional, intermediate point, where the sharpening shader could be run, after a hypothetical perspective correction step in between…

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Both Nvidia and AMD have sharpening options in their respective 3D settings control panels. I am quite liking Nvidia’s set to 1.

Makes a good difference

Unfortunately the NVidia sharpening doesn’t get passed through to VR. Works great on flatscreen though.

Is that true? Damn. Because a few people on here have recommended it.

Should I also buy another rtx 3090? :wink:

I’m already at 300% SS. Digital Sharpness would be very good option for VR

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Do you know how TV sharpening works? it emphasizes edges by adding a dark or light glow around them. It may look good on the monitor, but not in the HMD, i think.

If you have a 3090, you can also deactivate or use smaller Antialiasing. Then you have much Sharper edges, and the needed free gpu Performance for more downsample. But also a nice pixelblinking in some situations :grin:

i tested nvidia sharpening aswell , works great on the monitor (settings from 0 to 100 and custom settings for each game)

but doesnt work in VR sadly .

we are all different , i like to use sharpening 7/10 on my benq monitor . my friend doesnt like it on 7 and just uses the default setting on his benq 5/10 . so a scaler would make everyone happy if correctly implemented

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The CAS ENB sharpener works really great in Skyrim VR so much that I miss not having it in every other VR game.
It’s an easy win I think.

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Strange, I am using it on my 8K-X in Il2 with great success. Differences are noticable between, off - 0.5 and 1

Maybe it depends on the rendering method of the VR title. I will check it out in DCS and SW Squadrons as well and see how they fair.

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Ingame reshade / postprocessing is a complete different thing. Here you have all data. But how shoul be done this in pitool over a ready image?

Jojon gave a good example of how it could be done. It’s just a post processing filter. Presumably it can be applied to any flat image/frame as you would filter a photoshop file. Pimax have access to the rendering pipeline, I think they can put something together if they have a will. VR Reshade support was previously possible when headsets used to use extended mode, but got lost when they switched to the black box of direct display. Pimax have the key to that box. As Jojon says, they already do apply filters.

It would be a good feature that would be a competitive advantage. And VR is crying out for image enhancement, we all know how demanding it is to render these titles.

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Any more developments on sharpening support? There are more requests for it here.

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Here is the original thread:

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Can’t do. Lowering antialiasing results in bigger shimmering. And that’s even more distracting :confused:

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I have proposed this before, and I can confirm this would in fact be highly useful.

BigScreen and VRToolbox both include sharpening filters. The results are amazing, and computationally very cheap. Such a filter also significantly improves saturation.

As for the SteamVR blur filter, that is all the more reason to have a sharpening filter in PiTool. The blur is moderate enough to be mostly reversed by a sharpening filter placed in PiTool. This would reduce the need to always set PiTool render quality >1.25, further reducing computational cost.

A sharpening filter would definitely greatly improve visual quality and lower performance requirements overall significantly.


i agree 100 % . and finally reverb g2 owner can stop saying " yes but the g2 is sharper than the pimax8k" :slight_smile: