The vorpX discussion thread

Hi everybody,

in order to have some kind of summary and discussion thread for vorpX and games played under vorpX, I herewith open this thread :slight_smile:

Supported games, possible settings and subjective perception of VR gaming experience
Official list

  • Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen
    8K-X | RTX 3080 | PiTool 1.0, SS 100% | 2.048x1.152 | (VSync Off; FXAA; HDR low; Shadows low; 16x AF; all else high/maxed) | K&M
    4/5: Well playable
    (inside: 60 FPS; outside: <=60 FPS, worst area: bridge north-west of Gransys)

  • The Elder Scolls Online
    8K-X | RTX 3080 | PiTool 1.25, SS 100% | 2.560x1440 | (VSync Off; AA off; Shadow medium; 16x AF; all else high/maxed) | K&M
    3/5: Playable, but needs getting used to it
    (inside: 75 FPS; outside: <=75 FPS, worst area so far: river camp at Greymoor Prologue underneath the Gathering Storm)


  • K&M = Keyboard & Mouse
  • Rating of VR gaming experience: 5/5 would be absolutely no difference compared to optimized, native VR games, almost perfect.

Coming back to our discussion in :

Meanwhile, I played ESO appr. 2 hours in vorpX and 2 hours flat 2D-Monitor. My experiences:


  • I am really IN Tamriel and not just sitting before it. Increases immersion.


  • I changed FOV to “small”. Distances get a little better, but still not perfectly convincing.


  • Resolution even with the 8K-X is not really overwhelming.
  • Everything is a little bit blurry. Even with PiTool set to 1.25 and ingame-resolution set to 2.560x1.440.
  • So quite a noticeable lack of details.
  • A little bit wrong / off-focus shadows and reflections - not too bad, but noticeable.
  • Causing me quite some eye strain, especially in comparison to native VR games.


  • Much more details.
  • No problems with shadows and reflections.
  • No eye strain.


  • No 3D.
  • Less immersion.

So, for me neither possibility is really perfect in my eyes, especially when comparing ESO @vorpX here to other native VR games, which perform signifacantly better in terms of details, FPS and less / no eye strain.

On the other hand, still VR @vorpX is somewhat better than no VR / 3D at all. I used to play Dragon’s Dogma @vorpX appr. 20 hours or so in October/November last year (FOV “normal”, PiTool 1.0 and ingame res 2048x1152), and after having get used to it after a couple of time, things got better, and eye strain disappeared, too. Nevertheless, I’m thinking DDDA has less text and a larger font which makes it more comfortable to be played with vorpX than ESO. In ESO, due to the vast amount of possibilities - quest texts, skills, crafting menus etc. - it seems as if I have less possibilites to relax my eyes and look unfocused somewhere in the distance - something which is easily possible i.e. in Elite Dangerous or the Truck Sim’s.

So, for the moment, I am a little bit unsure on how to continue with ESO. I definitely will try to proceed with DDDA in order to make some better comparisons between the two.


Hi elin77,
I’m an ESO player and I have a vorpx licence.
As soon as I install vorpx again (PC reinstalled), I’ll try with ESO and come back here with my comments. :slight_smile:


if you want a higher resolution with Vorpx, this is done via the monitor setting of the graphics card. I use a resolution of approx. 3200x2700 pixels in the X under VorpX. ( good graphics card is a must)


3200x2700 pixels in the X under VorpX. ( good graphics card is a must)

… too much FPS drop with my 3080 :wink:

In DDDA, even 2.304x1.440 results in less than 60 FPS in many outdoor areas.
And in ESO, when I play the Greymoor-Prologue and get outside with any res higher than 1440p, it gets really really bad in some places. My motion sickness is mainly related to bad resolution and blurry images - but if I get too low FPS on top of that, headache and dizziness are inevitable :wink:

what we really need is a google drive doc or database where we can list the games they work well and the settings to achieve it.


This would be good because it would help myself and others decide whether it is worth buying it or not.

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I would definetly say its worth it. But you have to set your expectstions realistically.

Some people think that Vorpx is suddenly going to make their games full VR with motion controls or something.

To me all I expect it to do is put my head in the world. Like RE7 for PSVR.

I also find its ability to play normally flat games in stereo 3d amazing as well, even if the game cant go VR with head tracking.

I’m a huge fan of stereoscopic gaming(3D Vision, Tridef etc.)

so thats a nice bonus.

Also look up Vorpx DirectVR any game that supports that is basically perfect visuals. The three Bioshock games alone make the price tag worth it.


Thanks for the info.

Whether it is worth it or not depends on whether the games I want to play using it are supported and in what way so a table with this information would be invaluable.

In the old days I played a lot of games in stereo 3D using EDimensional 3D shutter glasses. This was before Nvidia brought out their solution, which they later dropped. If Nvidia still provided drivers I could play games in 3D on my Plasma.

I remember playing the original Mafia in 3D. You could see the inside of the car through the back window change perspective and that which looked cool.

Max Payne worked pretty good as well if I remember. I could never get No-one Lives Forever to work which is a shame. That would make a great VR game, with the sneaking past cameras and flying sheep.

I been playing with VORPX a lot, it is highly customisable and always updating (at least with AAA games). Set custom resolutions for better and clearer experiences.

Hi all :slight_smile:

I played another longer session of ESO in vorpX yesterday , and I think, I found another - if not THE - main reason for upcoming motion sickness for me: That little shaking of the screen while moving which tries to simulate real body movement when making steps especially when running. It just came to me that it really adds some kind of sea sickness feeling to it :laughing: No problem at all sitting in front of a monitor/TV, 80cm away - but apparently an issue when playing in VR and therefore having that feature directly before my eyes.
Unfortunately I have not found any possibility to turn that off so far. Perhaps there is some hidden parameter in the config file but I will have to check that.

It’s a pity ESO crashes with TriDef… :unamused: :weary:

I started to create something similar in the starting post of the thread. Unfortunately, I have not found out yet how to insert tables here in OpenMR posts, but I hope, already this list might be of some help.

From my side, I can only add DDDA and ESO so far.

But if others would add posts with their experiences in a similar way, I will gladly join them to the starting post in alphabetical order, so the “database” hopefully grows and everybody can search for a game easily :slight_smile:

NOLF 2 has a VR mod from the same guy who did the GTA mod

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Did you try to change the “Screen Shake” option to 0 ?


Thanks for the link. I remember seeing a video SweViver a while back and you had to use an Xbox controller.
I’ll go check it out.

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Oh I managed to get ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ to work side-by-side stereo 3D on my Plasma.
Looked really good and no screen door like I got in a headset using BigScreen.

Apparently in the Vorpx options it supports various 3d displays.

Did you actually get it to work ? I havent tried that actually. I have a LG 3d monitor.

I haven’t got Tridef to actually hook any game so far?

Have you got it to actually work on anything?

As I said, Dragon’s Dogma. I haven’t tried anything else so far as it puts such a CPU load. But I think, the Witcher 1 will work, too, as it did always before.

Yup. No special drivers or software required.
I have a Panasonic Plasma that supports 3D.
I have never got the VR part of the game to work. It shows up on my monitor but not the headset, although the headset tracks.

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Does not affect movement shake, unfortunetaly.

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