"The Stanley parble" has unity bug when looking left

I just tried Stanley Parble ultra Deluxe VR, and for the first time I saw that Unity bug on Pimax;
when I look left (turn my head 40deg left), then my view is suddenly turned to somewhere else. But If I turn my head a few deg more, my view is again correct.

I use older Pitool and firmware, is that solved in later versions?
If not, then I politely ask admins for info about this situation and approximately date of solution. Thank you.

PS: I expect soon many other VR mods of unity games, this issue is important.

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Joe give me a sec. Depending on which unity version the game was made with. iirc if this is the sane bug described below it affected some other hmd brands

This one @MikeJeffries reported but was from 2020

@carnathsmecher reported this in Jun 2022

These topics may have a solution not sure though.

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I can confirm that this is still a bug in Unity as of 2022.2. I can also confirm the fix is still the same. As I mentioned in the above linked thread:

"You should have a component on your camera for pose tracking (tracked pose driver in my case) with a field for the Pose Source, which is defaulted to Center Eye - HMD Reference. Switching that to Head works. "

As far as I can tell, there is no performance hit for doing so, nor are there any noticeable artifacts. But of course, it needs to be implemented by the dev.


Thx guys, I corrected that mistake from your guides. This youtube was detailed enough, and easy to follow;


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