The Eye-Tracking DFR Benchmarks from Pimax NOW Event (summary)

In case someone missed them out in the Pimax Now event video, here is a summary of the 5 VR game benchmark results using 7Invensun eye-tracking and Dynamic Foveated Rendering (DFR) with Pimax VISION 8KX. Note that the game’s graphical settings are MAXED OUT and set to higher levels than needed, 3 out of 5 games running in Large FOV also: Half Life Alyx, Skyrim VR and Walking Dead.
Check the screenshots for more info about settings and in-game options used:

Some quick screenshots:


Cool, when considering what GPU manufactuers want for such performance jumps the eye tracking should be worth it for DFR alone already.
Are there also some results for 5k(+), 8k(+) or 8kX in scaler mode?


Yep. I will benchmark on 5K+ as well, gimme some more time hehe… so much right now!


Seems to cost an additional 10 - 40 % in CPU frame times, so perhaps only worth it for games that already stress the GPU more than the CPU (which would probably be most games, of course).


FFR and DFR does increase CPU load, but as most VR games hover at 10-30%, thats not a big issue unless we talk Xplane11 and DCS.


I think you have a monster CPU though :slight_smile:

I have a 9600K and a 2080TI and 5K+ and it’s not rare for a game to stress my CPU more than my GPU. Particularly if I’m streaming or whatever at the same time. It probably is less than 50% of games though. And for perople with less than a 2080 TI or a better CPU it’ll be even less of a worry.

I would love to have that DFR feature also on my 1080ti, so I don’t have to upgrade… sad :confused:

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I have 9900K

WHen you stream, dont use h264, use NVIDIA NVENC and your CPU will idle. barely any fps loss at all (many times no loss) by letting the GPU handle the decoding.

Also if you need to use h264 (CPU) dont set profile to High, it will kill the CPU. Even “Main” is not needed in most cases. Baseline works fine for most game recordings/streaming


@SweViver how large is the improvement over the FFR?
I can’t wait for the Eyetracking and the new GPU generation - could push the games in the wanted FPS zone!


I would like to see a review of the eye tracking . Do you see it the blurry picture like without the module or is it completely not noticeable ??

The earlier prototypes had two big changes 1st was trimming the size of the bezel so we the FOV wasn’t reduced and 2nd was switch from usb 2 to usb 3 for the tracking data. The movement following your eye was definitely slower with the usb 2 version. This version moves around instantly.


Can’t wait to see those 5k+ results.

Would be great to see at least one driving sim in there as well (ACC is probably the most demanding…some might argue poorly optimized)

Any idea when the eye-tracking module will be available for non backers? Any idea of the price?

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It would be very interesting if the performance comparisons with and without eye tracking could also be made with X-Plane 11.5b1x.

Even if the differences are somewhat smaller due to the high CPU utilization, a performance gain in X-Plane would be very valuable in any case.

I really would love to see a test in iRacing.

Currently FFR doesn’t work at all in iRacing, but I’m hoping DFR will. I’d like to know what I’m in for before putting down the cash, though.

If it could just shave 1-2ms off the GPU timing it’d help a lot.


I can’t believe why was Pimax improving every single components of the accessories and HMDs while it seems like nothing has been done for 8KX’s upper USB part.
Why? Did customizing PCB or HMD design to contain upper USB cost tremendous amount of money?

We specifically provided the technical reason. The latest chipset used is physically considerably larger. This change is literally because we improved a fundamental component.


Yes I already read that. I asked why Pimax did not customize the chip or enlarge the housing to put upper USB. To avoid extra delay?

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Sweviver can I suggest you also use FCAT or maybe Fraps to log individual frame times? The frame rate limit of the headset doesn’t give us a full picture of the full possible performance improvement from DFR. Your Skyrim video looks like it was achieving sub-10ms frame times, that would be 100 FPS (amazing result!) but it’s limited by the headset.

Maybe a 5k+ in 144hz mode could help reveal the true performance boost, or deliberately down-clocking your 2080ti to simulate a slower GPU or something.



I wonder if the eye tracking module could also serve as a lens frame for corrective lenses.

Would it be possible to modify it for that additional purpose?
If so, then Pimax or 7Invensun should get in touch with VR optition or similar companies to finally provide a solution for folks who need glasses. Most other VR manufacturers have done so already.

Any thoughts?

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