[Thanksgiving AMA] Leave your questions for Pimax here, Pimax team will answer all the questions online from 7PM PT / 10PM ET 22nd Nov

As you can find from the production plan:

We are reaching the capacity of 50 units/day/line soon;
All materials for Kickstarter reward will be ready by mid-Dec;
Materials for 9.5k headsets will be ready in our warehouse by Jan.

While we are ramping up the production, we are learning from you as we always do. All the suggestions about how to improve hardware, how to tweak the PiTool, where should we hold meetups, what are the VR influencers we need to reach out to, your favorite games, your new gigs, and your thoughts about VR.

Pimax is a boat in the ocean called unknown VR world, the community shows the way. You are the ones spent hours and hours and even live in VR, your voice is the true north for the Pimax team.

With more staffs, we are working hard to improve communications. With more orders from you, we can better plan the production and speed up delivery.

On 22rd Nov, Thanksgiving day, the team will get ready online to answer as many questions as we could.

You are free to leave your questions in advance, and check the topic when you are back from your vacation/party/dinner.

or you can chat with us in real time.

Time: 7PM PT / 10PM ET 22rd, Nov, the AMA session will last for two hours.
Link: https://bit.ly/2DS6y0f

Thank you <3 :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
The Pimax Team

  1. Can you check and update what is backer number who get tracking in each batch?

Such as next batch, the backer who get shipping is 318 to 400.
I understand that each backer will know by themself from email, other backer have to check from spreadsheet, but it look some backer not update about their tracking info.

  1. Has any update about colour and black level adjustment for 5k+?

  2. Do controller will suppport all feature like the valve knuckle?



Thanks for the update @Matthew.Xu
i think @bubbleball’s idea is really good, it would also give us an idea when to expect the headset :wink:


Can you look into any issues regarding compatibility with games attempting to read “is the headset on” through a proximity sensor?

This may be an obvious question, but do you intend to continue to improve the lens profiles for the Pimax, as well as rendering techniques?

Can we have an update to the rigid headstrap, among the other extra modules and their planned release dates?

Is there any update on the “early backers” getting more direct lines to support, to have their input on any issues they find? I have my headset (backer 31) and I have not seen how I am able to get in contact with support as an “early backer”.


Pre order customers get an included “glasses frame”. Could it be possible to switch this out for something else if we choose to? I would rather not have a (for me) useless piece of plastic being sent to me :slight_smile:

@Matthew.Xu will i recieve my headset in december with backer number 3,234. What are the REAL chances to get mine…please?


Why is Pimax HMD identified as “Vive MV” by SteamVR?


1.Preorder P1342 5kplus HMD

Question: when will the Headset been shipped? till dec 29 i will be on vacation!

2.basestation sold as solo piece?

3.audio Deluxe head strap available when and Price ?

THX greets from Germany

  1. would love an update on base stations / controllers. along with a hint at the 3 selected content. i understand the decent wait on reviving hmd since im 6k +

  2. progress on the line. is line 2 beginning to form and function well? expected time to achieve 3 lines?

  3. pimax 5k+ BE ? same clarity and hz sde as pure 5k+ but with better colours?

Thank you all for the hard work! My first dive into investing into Vr!

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1- Pimax are still making hardware changes in headsets? if yes what type of changes?

2- How the eye tracking will be implemented in headset? because if you put eye tracking the fov will be reduced and will be impossible to glasses users to use it. How you will resolve this?

3 - You will correct the remaining distortions? or reduce at least in the 200 fov mode . its possible?

4- People that want to wait for the full pack with the stretch goals itens, they have to wait until which month of next year?

5- Backers that want to wait can choose the 5kBE (oled version) ?

6- 5kBE will have the clarity of 5k+, or only better colors and blacks with worst sde and clarity? when we will have comparations between 5k+ and 5kBE?



Why are you holding this at a time that rules out most Europeans…how about 12pm PT?

Would be nice to get more info on base stations progress. When are you planning to start to ship them with HMD’s?


For thanksgiving I would like to know the status of brainwarp and your plan to improve clarity in the 8K and when it will be available.



When can we expect improvments to the colors/blacks on the 5k+? Is there still work being done to fix distortion on wide fov? Will we see more performance improvements in the future? What is currently the main feature that is being worked on in pitool?


I was thinking the same, this starts at 4am CET…

How is brainwarp progressing? Will there be brightness and colorcorections for the 8k/5k+?
Will there be a 60 en 72 hz mode?
Thank you!


You can post your questions here and the answers will be available at that time, you don’t need to be online at that time to ask a question. If there’s quesrions they don’t want to answer then spamming chat isn’t any more likely to work.

Hello being one early pimax backer (<500) I will receive my pimax soon (I believe…) but I ordered the full package, with bases and controllers.

1- So I would like to know when do you plan to send bases and controllers ? or if I have to buy a Vive pack in order to fully enjoy my pimax experience for the next 6 months, or year maybe ? So it would be great to have a time planning information.
2- Same questions for backers stretch goals rewards (headstrap, VR prescription frame, eye traking, wireless system, handtracking, etc…) could you please give us a time planning ?

Best regards ! :slight_smile:


HI guys so excited about receiving my headset.

Can you forecast if all the kickstarter backers will get their headsets before Christmas?
I have two weeks off around Christmas and would love to spend the whole 2 weeks stuck in my Pimax headset but i’m in the 6000+ backer group

All the best Pimax team