Testing Artisan with NOLO 6DOF tracking

Been playing around with Artisan and NOLO CV1 here at my hotel room in Florida tonight. I must say its really a nice entry-level VR solution.

The FOV almost feels like Pimax 5K+ and 120Hz does work as expected. The NOLO tracking Ive been equipped with is the CV1 version including a tooled mount for the headset, and it doesn’t look that bad on top. Its very light weight and dont add any noticeable weight. Im using a customized strap with the headphones from the Pimax 4K and they simply do the job. No high-end audio, but definitely better than original HTC Vive DAS. Once the strap is adjusted correctly its definitely comfortable. Note though, that Im using the Comfort Kit with Artisan, which (as far as I understand) isn’t included and must be purchased separately.

The NOLO tracking setup took me maybe 3 minutes. Plugged in the “basestation” to the laptop, put it on shoulder-height, paired the HMD device and controllers and after a fast calibration it simply works in SteamVR.

I wouldn’t say its as good as Lighthouse tracking, and sometimes I need to re-calibrate my controllers (holding them forward and double-pressing the system button) but overall it works good in 180 degrees and most of the time also in 360 degrees when I turn around. The controllers do not shake and feels stable. Only been playing around for an hour or so, but its over my expectations.

Will update the thread with more impressions later and will most likely do some video about it as soon as I get some time here.


The Speakers on the old p4k were always quite good. Will definitely like to see the MAS have them as a purchasable option and/or 3d printed adapter.


I must say the controller tracking when sitting down is very good. Had a 30 minute session in Aerofly FS2. The controller tracking is extremely precise in this simulator. You can easily tell as you constantly hold the yoke with at least one hand, and while changing flaps, pushing bottons and navigating, it feels just like HTC Vive wands. No tracking loss or shaking at any time. Did 2 flawless landings.

Although, the head tracking feels slightly “off” when turning my head in the cockpit. A little bit like with the built-in 3DOF tracking. Its not distracting but definitely not perfect. The cockpit moves a bit too much when turning my head. Weird feeling. Hard to describe and I wonder if I should do some additional NOLO calibration?

Also in 360 room scale, no problems turning around, the headset tracks good. But controllers seems to move away from me slightly when I turn around 180 degrees. Is that normal with NOLO?


I must also add the SDE of Artisan somehow feels better than 5K+. I can’t confirm but this makes me tempted to take some through the lens shots and compare! Aerofly Cessna cockpit feels surprisingly sharp. Was not expecting that since Ive been mainly playing around with the 8KX lately. Which of course is much sharper. But still…


Well really need more panel type & ppi vs res to do better compare on sde specs. :beers: :sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


Oh that would be sad if it didn’t came with the comfort kit. AT CES the comfort kit was part of the Artisan that was shown, so I told the audience that comfort is pretty great.

How much would the comfort kit cost if you have to purchase separately? And can you confirm that the housing won’t be the one that easily breaks? This is the main concern of my community after having told them about my initial Artisan impressions.


$ 49.95 on preorder


Let me double-check this. I might be wrong. I just remember we never had comfort kit in the specs.
But I do agree the comfort kit should be included, its just so much better than the old one, and makes the headset comfortable even with a soft strap.

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Does the X come with the comfort kit?

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All vision headsets 8k+ & 8kX comes with comfort kit.


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Pehaps the hardware or software/drivers have been improved since my last attempt with the Nolo because my KS unit has been mediocre @ best.

Gonna have to revisit.

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Dont worry I will work on that asap :wink:


Sorry Trevor i was contributing too not paying attention to the topic but responding to a post and before you know it…

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