Testing Artisan with NOLO 6DOF tracking - Off-topic dispute continues

8KX, 8K Plus and 5K Super are Vision and these will come with MAS, RE housing and Comfort Kit. But I do agree Artisan deserves the Comfort Kit as well. I have asked the team regarding this and waiting for response.


Artisan is a Vision series headset, so it should have the ruggedized housing.

Although there was a stagement made by Pimax that all the vision lineup would include the ruggedized housing. Pimax should reaffirm if in fact all of the Vision series will include the ruggedized housing and comfort kit, or not.

Artisan is not a part of Vision series as far as i know.


That’s news to me.
Also, don’t mix the RE housing with the ruggedized coating, which is only available for enterprises.


Not there, checked just before I wrote the reply to you.

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It may not be there now, or it may be visible like that on some versions of the store. (mobile?) Either way, it doesn’t matter if Pimax is currently advertising or if Pimax historically advertised “Vision Artisan”.

Technically Pimax would be false advertising/bait and switch/misrepresenting product specifications by not sending people who already purchased the “Vision Artisan”, from their website, an Artisan unit with Vision housing (rubberized/ruggedized coating) and the comfort kit.

For that reason I suggest Pimax actually sends the first customers who purchased the Artisan with that advertising to receive the vision housing on their Artisan units to avoid any scandals and drama, if it was truly a mistake.

It could be chalked up as a special bonus for the first few hundred or so people who ordered within the timeframe before it was changed.

Artisan is for sure not Vision and this must be a mistake made by the website-makers. It will be corrected.

Vision lineup is the high-end enthusiasts headsets, including the improvements mentioned above, while Artisan is the entry level headset, and of course it will NOT have Vision accessories (RE housing and MAS), as the 5K+ doesn’t have these bundled either. The comfort kit though, should in my opinion be included with all Pimax headsets from now on. Lets hope the team agrees with me on this.


Sorry for my critical question
i had the impression pimax wanted to add HQ housing with the premium Vision line and at the same time tackle the RMA problem’s with crackings.
If the Artisan is going to be populair isnt Pimax worried the same will happen again?

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The black 5K+ housings are already improved and no issues with cracking afaik. Same will be used for Artisan.

The 5K Super is Vision, will be approximately 100-150usd more than 5K+. You cant expect the entry-level Artisan to have all Vision improvements for 449. Its just not affordable for Pimax.


Oke i understand the RE housing is expensive but the reason i ask is if i remember correctly @TOOOOHKA mentioned trying an Artisan wich developed cracks. And some people on the forum got an 5k+ back from an RMA with new housing developing cracks also.
To get a lot of RMA’s is very costly and a pain for the costumer also so i hoped Pimax would leave that chapter finally behind.

So it’s no longer vision as originally listed, won’t have the comfort kit unless anything changes…

…and now… nolo has disappeared from the store too?

I don’t understand that logic.

Why is then the 8K+ is $300 cheaper to the 8KX, when all thats different to the 8KX and the 8K+ is the bridge chip and cable (and metal chevron and metal buttons)?

By that logic the 8KX’s bridge chip should be $150-200, but the 5k+ is only $100 cheaper to the 5KS, yet the 5KS has the ruggedized housing ($50), MAS which is not included in the 5K+ ($100), AND the 8KX bridge chip($200)?? That price discrepancy still doesn’t make sense to me.

Unless the 8KX price is used to offset the 5KS - but I doubt it as the 5KS is new and the 8KX appears to have a ridiculous margin.
The 8KX should probably cost like $1099 or less going by the 5KS price compared to the 5k+, when the 5KS has more features over the 5k+ (improved housing, MAS and 8KX bridge chip for $100 extra) compared to the 8KX and the 8K+ (just improved bridge chip and the same housing as 8K+ for $300 extra.) for 1/3 the price difference.

The Artisan should have the comfort kit at the very least, but the Artisan really should have the Vision housing since that was what was advertised and some already bought it under the pretense it would have ruggedised housing.
Not to mention the Artisan model @TOOOOHKA tried developed cracks even though it had the “improved” old 5K+ housing.

And no one asked for all the vision improvements, just the CK and rubberised housing. MAS is not needed.

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The Artisan reviewed in Korea is a pre release much like the pimax 8k+ chinese pioneer version.

The 8kX actually has quite a few differences to the 8k+.

Not only different components but also extra components like from my understanding the 8kX required additional cooling components among other things.


It still makes absolutely no sense why you get $50 improved ruggedized housing, a $100-200 bridge chip and a $150 MAS and comfort kit for only $100 more over the 5k+ when you buy the 5K super,

When you pay $300 in the 8KX for the same housing, no additional MAS/comfort kit and just the bridge chip which really can’t be costing Pimax more than $50 extra to the old 5k+ bridge chip considering how Pimax has priced the 5K Super.

I think Pimax has inflated the 8KX with a $150-200 extra profit margin to the margin they already have with their normal headsets, looking at the 5K Supers price compared to the extra features it offers the 5K+ for only $100 extra

8KX Bridge chip actual cost - $40-50 extra over over old 5k+ bridge chip
MAS and comfort kit production cost -$30-40 for both
Rubberised housing - $20 per unit

So yes, I believe Pimax can absolutely afford to include comfort kit and rubberised housing on all their Artisan models.

Unless I am mistaken the Vision 5k Super like the Vision 8k+ & Vision 8kX the MAS is a purchasable upgrade. Vision series just comes with RE Housing & Comfort Kit.

EDIT: Am Mistaken DMAS is a purchasable upgrade. SweViver said 5k Super probably $100 to $150 more.


Actually look at the store. Both the 8KX and 8K+ are advertised with the MAS in the pictures compared to all other models sold, and the 8K+ also has the same option as the 8KX for the Standard or Deluxe Audio headstrap, which proves the 8K+ does indeed come with the MAS (as the cloth headstrap does not come with audio), not to mention Pimax already confirmed it did when asked.

And if you’re going to argue the $200 inflation is due to the cooling (which alone it cant be) and the R&D costs, remember Pimax raised the R&D costs for the 8KX in their kickstarter, as it was a backer reward for the R&D funding they were requesting in the KS to build these headsets.

Good to hear it’s a preproduction model :slight_smile: the cracking thing can stick to Pimax reputation. i’m sceptical but i hope for the best offcourse

Pimax should rectify this cost discrepancy by selling the 5K Super with no MAS included for $799 (as initially advertised), and the Artisan with the comfort kit and and earphones for $449.

I somewhat agree with Sweviver that giving the Artisan the rubberised housing may not be the best idea, but not because of cost but rather as that would probably enrage those who have 5k+ and 8k units who received the old but improved housing under RMA when they payed an extra $150-300.

I don’t think there will be an outrage. We got an kickstarter product lot’s of things are improved after that for example the 8k+ is an 8k but much better quality on all fronts there is no outrage about that eighter with 8k backers :wink:
I would put the Artisan at the index price with rugidized housing. Make it more competitive that way with the super build quality of the index and really exclude the housing problem.
I have an RMA myself, it’s a real pain missing my headset for almost 3 months now

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Strange then that you have to choose the MAS or DMAS as an additional purchase option.

Pitool headset pic looks like it has the MAS.

No need to argue at all. You simply presume to know what the differences between the headsets are. And no the primary Kickstarter was the 5k & 8k. The 8kX was an experimental prototype that has evolved to a production ready headset.

Now if you’d like to discuss actual price hiking Start a topic in Accessories\Other Tech Talk. Where we could discuss how much Intel hikes the price of a CPU to be an Unlocked K variant when typically most or all AMD CPUs are unlocked and cheaper.