Tech Talk #22 : Pimax Crystal

Dear all,

We are now performing final inspection with our latest Crystal model.

Esther and the team will try their best to present you with some awesome demo clips / images.
What features you would love to see from the demo clips?
ROV to demonstrate the FOV, through lens video, in-game performance or others?

Please let us know at the comment section.

Have a nice day.

Your Pimax Team


All of the above would be interesting.


I’d like to know if the Crystal can use a native app to play 8k VR videos. Quest 2 can decode 8k videos natively, so I suppose Crystal can do the same?


I think you’d need to demo MS Flight Simulator 2020.


Definitely HL Alyx too.


The most relevant demonstration for friends and other people I know would be a head to head comparison against the Valve Index.

Especially how does its actual FOV, off ear audio, and microphone compare to the Valve Index when using the wide lenses on the Crystal.

And of course there should also be a zoomed in through the lens comparison of clarity between the Crystal and the Index. Although I don’t think anyone doubts that the Crystal will be much more clear, it could be demonstrated just how much more clear it is with video zoomed in far enough to start seeing individual pixels (handheld full frame smartphone video doesn’t really demonstrate this).

There are a lot of Index owners out there. They greatly outnumber other VR headsets you might compare the Crystal against such as the Reverb G2 or Aero. And the Crystal by its specs is essentially a super Index which sacrifices nothing compared to the Index. Demonstrate that this is really true (if it is) particularly in the areas that are more iffy like audio.

I’d also like to see the Crystal working with FBT. Some new customers will be appreciative of the inside out tracking, but for existing Index owners looking to upgrade, proof that the Crystal will work with their existing Basestations and FBT trackers would be good.

Everyone I know who has expressed interest in the Crystal already has an Index that they’re using now, and I believe that is going to be the most common case. That’s your target audience.


Also compare to Aero. My god this is after all supposed to an Aero-killer, right?


Lone Echo please - I would very much like to see the detail of Liv’s face displayed on the Crystal

Your new inside out controllers in action! How do they compare with Quest 2, etc. How well do they track?

What’s it like plugged into a high end PC with 3090 card (or 4090): frame rate, clarity and FOV at maximum settings.

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Also how does the IPD adjustment work. Mine is 60mm. How low and high can it go?




You’ve tried the Crystal already??

Have been testing it for months…


FOV comparison with other headsets?

You actually work for Pimax. Of course! :slight_smile: So when do the demos/images/tests arrive? Soon?



I’ve a HP Reverb G2 +RTX 3090 just a question #hammerhead_gal:

-Will my rtx 3090 be enough power in many simulations that I play with 90fps/90hz with a Pimax Crystal?
I play #Iracing, Mfs 2020 and Dcs Wolrd, will the Crystal with an RTX 3090 have enough power with this graphics card?
Thank you in advance for your answers.





I have à RTX 3090 ,The Crystal +RTX 3090 = The RTX 3090 does it have enough power to run the Pimax Crystal in car/plane simulations?

Bye bye

Aplushhsss /Laurent/Lolof1

Confirmation that the headset is shipping with integrated Wifi 6E support for wireless PCVR and a demonstration of it.

Render quality is at standard 1.0 and resolution is 4312x5100( Super Sampling 100% )…So you can expect that 3090 may not achieve 90fps。