SweViver's X-Plane 11 VR video - Off topic: Heated discussion of desire for more through-the-lens shots

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The infamous panel structure, which seem you have decided to hide from us. I didn’t understand that attitude. You are a reviewer and we are not children, your information must be technical and neutral, you cannot choose what is good and what is bad for us. You’re not the company that must sells this headset

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Yeah. It’s that, what I was trying to say.:sweat_smile:

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The problem is that we have already seen plenty of videos through the lens and close up shots of panels. There is nothing more to be learned from them. Pictures won’t convey what the experience is like anyway so I really don’t see what more of those close up macro shots or through the lens videos are going to show anyway. I much prefer that @SweViver continue to spend his time trying to show us how various games will run and the best tweaks to get them running as good as possible.


I must say Im deeply disappointed in you and your claims, and it feels very discouraging.

Please tell me if Im not the ONLY one here who has give you basically ALL information available about this headset. I spent weeks giving you the most in depth review, I spent 99% of my free time doing follow up videos more in depth than anyone in here would ever even consider to do. I did macro shots that gave you EXACTLY what you wanted. I have been following your requests and put literally my entire life aside to provide you with the best Pimax coverage available.

Now, I spend 4 days doing a in-depth X-Plane coverage, between my 12 hour working shifts and also in average 10 hours per each working shift - at work - to just script and edit the video. Meanwhile I also did a Assetto Corsa C video, and almost didnt sleep at all for 2 days.

And YOU are blaming ME for hiding stuff from you? Are you f##ing kidding with me?

Seriously man, who are you to judge me?

My coverage in total has given you facts, numbers and proof about Pimax headsets more than you will EVER know about the other VR headsets - why? Because NOBODY else will dedicate so much time and effort into researching a headset as I did. And you wanna know why? Beacuse its not worth it. YouTube doesnt pay off, and guys like you are just doing everything to push YouTubers down.

Im sorry but your claims just makes me sick. Please unsubscribe from my channel and keep watching Nathie. I couldnt care less about you anymore @mmorselli.


Didn’t sweviver turn everything up on max and take pictures showing the apparent pixel structure. I think he said the RAW images were on his patreon? Are you saying he’s deleted that stuff?

EDIT: I just checked, it still seems to be there?

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Oh, seriously, don’t be so crazy, SweViver. Main things is “show us examples by real picture for your game settings, please” and not about that you hiden any stuff. Game preferences - okay, it’s good, but could your do 2-3 picture to photo throught the lense for compare image quality not only from your expressive experience and capture picture? We really don’t understand why (not only you) didn’t do this, becuase you call yourself a technology reviewer, not promouter. Now all videos after first look, besides MRTV Elite Dangerous, is only express an opinion about result play with game settings. Reviews by simulation is good, but, may be, you can show full picture with your game setiings? Not only small zoomed fragment of cockpit panel with old PiTools in first videos, please?

We thank you for your hard work. Please, let’s be calmer.

Thanks! Yes, macro shots. They are not RAW but JPEG only, but more than enough to see the panel pixel matrix.
Now people wants me to use a microscope and inspect individual sub pixels lol

Im sure @mixedrealityTV can provide you with microscope photos as he apparently purchased one.

I prefer enjoying games, sims and see the real performance with these headsets. For me, thats what its all about, while for others, it seems like VR is about looking at test patterns and pixels all day. I kind of feel sorry for these guys :slight_smile: they are really missing out the fun part


It’s funny, I’m the opposite. I hate the super zoomed in macro stills, that’s never what I’ll see through the lens. But I really do love and appreciate the high definition zoomed out movies through the lens. Sebastian’s @mixedrealityTV through the lens comparison side by side of elite dangerous (again, I don’t need game-play, just motion), gives a waaaaay better sense of those minor differences between the headsets. The amount of blur the upscaler adds, the difference in blacks, contrast, colours. Sometimes, screen door effect (if the video is really high def and has just the right background).

I love all the work you’ve done on settings and frame-rates… will make playing many games a lot easier when my HMD arrives, but I too would love more side-by side/half and half high def movies shot through the lens of various games… doesn’t have to be game-play ,cause I know setting up a video to a moving headset would be a pain, just a zoomed out shot that will let me experience the headset differences myself under different scenarios (flight sims, car sims, dark games, bright/colour games, simple games, text, movies, etc).


If we follow all of video, there is a phase of different content.

  1. reivew headset.
  2. comparision image, though the lenses.
  3. comparision pixel.
  4. benchmark
  5. non working game.
  6. comparision for movie.

This topic is content about benchmark and should not expect some content which be done already.

If I want though the lenses, I will wait until Sweviver get 2080ti and Pimax launch the new firmware to tester (more sharpness for 8k, but less bright). No much useful on duplicate detail which be done already.


No, by no means, and I thank you for your time, I am proudly your patreon and I want to continue to be one, but I also have a good memory. You started talking about raw, macro-tubes, better pictures, but then you saw that:

" the more details revealed, the more ppl start to worry"


“the hysteria starts about low resolution and shit”

so you decided:

"I could have purchased a microscope a week ago in my local store for 70
bucks to give you further even more magnified pixel shots and
comparisons, but I did not for one simple reason: I find it going way
over the limit just to confuse people even more than they already are. "

it was not the time your problem, making a single macro shot requires 1/100 of the time it takes to do a game review, you simply decided what was best for us, to not confuse us, voluntarily omitted data to influence an opinion, and that’s wrong even when the intentions are good, even if the opinion you want to influence is the right one

Very bad mood, I’m sorry to see that. Are you having a bad day or entering Sebastian mode? Sweet on compliments, but rough against criticism? I respect your opinion, but I reserve the right to politely criticize, you should not invite those who criticize you to leave

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Simply, I dont think I deserve this.

I work my ass off to bring you quality content. Whenever you are a Patron or not, which I of course appreciate, its still up to ME to decide what I want to spend my full days on.

I could have made all this much easy for myself doing random gameplay or live stream videos as most youtubers does. Apparently thats whats YouTube kids wants to see nowadays and thats what pays off in revenue. But its not my thing and I dont do this for money. I do this because its what makes me passionate about VR, and no pixel peeking is not my thing and most people just get confused about all this.

Confusion is drama. Drama gains YouTubers. But Im not joining that party. I dont see it being “professional”, and I never claimed to be a professional.

Some people think making videos is about turning on the camera, record and upload the video.
You should try it by yourself some time.

Im not in a bad mood. But posts like you did definitely changes my mood instantly.


the sub pixel layout lets us know if the 8k actually has more (sub)pixels than the 5K+, because lots of people are theorising they have the same number of pixels (roughly)

if the 8K is an actual 4K panel then thats a completely different kettle of fish

you’re one of the few people in a position to be able to test this and no one is doing it, it is a little bit frustrating for backers to be told that both headsets are RGB when one of them obviously isn’t but no one seems to want to share that info - first and foremost this SHOULD be PIMAX’s responsibility, but in the absence of them YOU are one of our few hopes.

Some of this frustration seems to be being vented at you, which isn’t fair or right, but this is why some people think this info is so important.

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I think it’s time for a


He feels that that more of these through the lens pictures won’t actually provide any additional information. Personally, I think it would be good to have more detailed information on what the 8k screens actually are, but I don’t think that’s possible without buying additional equipment. Which as Sweviver has mentioned, Sebastien already has. Since they have the same screens, I’m not sure it’s necessary for both of them to buy microscopes.

The only information we have on the subpixel structures on the 8k has come from analysis of Sweviver’s photos, so it makes sense he’d be frustrated after reading the words you used, which imply (whether or not that’s what you intended) that he is being dishonest.


This is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking. @Sweviver you keep talking about facts but you mostly just give us opinions. The above would give us facts. Facts we really need because we’re still not 100% sure about the pixel structure and don’t even know anything regarding the panel sizes. These are VERY important facts. If i had a Pimax in front of me this would be the first I’d try to find out. Your experience is of course also valuable but we’ve seen so much differences, already just between you 3 musketeers … One says get the 5k, other says get the 8k … I think hard facts, like the ones just mentioned, are so much more important. And you’re saying you don’t want to give us those facts because it would ‘worry us’ and ‘hysteria starts’? Anyway just my 2 cents.

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Of course I state this because I know that he owns what is needed, I never ask him to buy new equipment

Please read my post twice, or more, if needed.

"you simply decided what was best for us, to not confuse us, voluntarily
omitted data to influence an opinion, and that’s wrong even when the
intentions are good, even if the opinion you want to influence is the
right one"

this is not dishonest, but it’s still not fair.

To be more clear, it is not me who needs this information, I have decided the headset to choose 10 minutes after the choice has been proposed. I never waste time on these things

I judged Martin’s choice to omit a technical fact to prevent people from misunderstanding. But the data are data, they don’t contain the opinion themselves, Martin has the right to use his time as he wishes, but not the right to choose how we’re supposed to think. He’s like a journalist who hides facts to not upset people. He would not be a good journalist. Your duty is to report the facts, smart people will know how to judge them, stupid people will not, but not reporting them will not make them less stupid.

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I did read your clarification,and I do agree to some extent. I’d rather have more information than less. The only reason more information would be bad would be if you felt the pictures did NOT correspond to reality (i.e. if the resultant images were too influenced by the camera) and therefore would actually be misinformation.

But do you seriously not see how your initial comment could cause offense?

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We all know that written text doesn’t carry emotions. Smart writers continue to write until they are full explained, smart readers continue to read until they full understand.

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So that’s a “No” then?


Thats a “it was not my intention to be offensive, I apologize if they seemed so, but judge what I write in full, and not only the first row”

I wouldn’t want the point to be lost in the debate about form

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