SweViver's In-Depth Pimax 8K & 5K+ Review - please discuss it here!

Ok, my full Pimax 8K vs 5K+ review and in depth analysis report video is now live! :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay but it took almost 5 hours to export the video (22G), 20 minutes to upload and another 2 hours for YouTube to process it…

This will definitely be the most in-depth testing analysis found online. During this full Pimax 8K and 5K+ review, you will get everything from unboxing, in-depth Pimax functionality information, testing results, Pimax 8K and 5K+ benchmarks, through the lens photos and videos, comparisons and much more!

This definitely the most extensive and advanced video I have ever made, and I really feel that I have put my entire heart into this. Not because I’m a small YouTuber, but because I really enjoy this community, I really like Pimax as a VR device and I see the huge potential of it. And also, because I’m a total VR geek who loves to go in-deep on everything :slight_smile:

The whole review took me more than 180 hours to make during the past almost 2 weeks, and its based on my 3+ months of testing the Pimax 8K m1 headset during the beta testing phase, but also 2 weeks of intense Pimax 8K m2 vs Pimax 5K+ testings, comparisons and conclusions.

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NOTE: All my Patreons will get ALL my original through-the-lens photos and videos to analyze! I will post all files in a big ZIP file later tonight and publish it on my Patreon :slight_smile:

I know it may sounds wrong only giving it to Patreons for now, but please understand I spent several days with 16-18 hours a day just taking those through the lens videos and comparisons. Eventually, I will release the files for everyone, but for now I would appreciate if they stayed among Patreons only. Thanks for understanding.

Please be aware that ALL my conclusions and opinions are my own here. I have NOT even discussed anything about the Pimax headsets and their performance with neither Sebastian or Thomas, since we were in Berlin. I have my conclusion and you have yours, but I’m sure my video is in-depth enought to answer 95% of your questions and give you your own “whole picture” when it’s time to decide between Pimax 8K or 5K+. I really hope all the information, footage, my knowledge and also visual proof will give you all the help you need today with your 8K vs 5K+ decision!

Also I will do a Live Stream tomorrow night on my channel, most likely around 8pm. If you have any questions please join and I promise I can spend hours tomorrow diuscussing with you :slight_smile:

Now, I just need to sleep. I never slept at all last night, and the last 2 weeks I have been sleeping for 3-4 hours per night because of all stress with this deadline :slight_smile: so I might need a 10-hour sessions now, but I promise to start answering your questions tomorrow again!

And again, if you really appreciate my effort, please consider supporting me on Patreon with 2 bucks a month or whatever - and remember I will upload those through the lens images before I go to sleep tonight.

Also, do NOT miss the end of the video where I have a personal message to you all, including the Pimax team! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much guys.

  • And enjoy!

Much Love
Martin, SweViver

Full Time line (also included in youtube description):
00:00 Intro
02:03 In depth Unboxing & detailed look
08:22 Testing other face pad brands
09:37 The cable + extension
11:11 Using Laptop
13:48 Comfort
14:35 Weight comparison & results
16:05 Using glasses
17:41 Testing both USB C ports
18:54 Software Installation
20:27 Initial Setup
21:45 PiTool walkthrough part 1
23:30 Introcution to FOV Modes & render quality
25:22 PiTool My Games-tab & Oculus Home games
27:47 Audio & Microphone test
31:07 IPD Adjustment & range
32:58 Buttons
33:57 Sweating & heat
35:38 Tracking with Lighthouses
38:10 Tracking WITHOUT Lighthouses
39:18 Vive Tracker support
40:15 Brainwarp?
42:56 LCD Panel introduction & comparison
44:51 LCD Black Levels
48:53 Upcoming LCD Brightness adjuster
49:53 LCD Brightness + test results
52:51 LCD colors & contrast
53:39 Glare & Godrays Test and comparison
54:58 Image Abnormalities: MURA, Backlight bleed, COMA, distortion & warping, ghosting, black smear, chromatic aberration
57:47 FOV talk & correct values
59:28 FOV practical example
01:05:25 FOV Distortion and flaws
01:08:18 Binocular Overlap
01:10:24 Sweet Spot
01:12:16 Refresh Rate
01:15:11 Resolution, SDE and Pixel Matrix In-depth + through-the-lens images & comparisons
01:17:13 Much More through-the-lens images & comparisons + in-depth talk
01:29:33 LCD Panel utilization + open up lenses
01:33:12 Watching video & movies + 180/360 3D movies + refreshrate talk
01:37:42 Virtual Desktop Work
01:39:07 Leap Motion Hand Tracking Unit test and impressions
01:40:35 Performance In-Depth Analysis
01:46:12 PiTool In-depth and relation to Steam VR
01:54:24 Game Compatibility in detail
02:00:22 VR Gaming Intro - about benchmarks and my own recommendations for 22 games!
02:02:00 Assetto Corsa
02:04:17 Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator
02:05:09 Skyrim VR
02:06:36 DiRT Rally
02:07:56 Onward
02:09:19 Hellblade
02:10:35 Project Cars 2 (and Project Cars 1)
02:12:41 Elite Dangerous
02:14:13 IL-2 Sturmovik
02:16:02 Lucky’s Tale
02:16:49 Lone Echo
02:18:18 Fallout 4 VR
02:19:17 iRacing
02:20:57 Alien Isolation VR
02:22:04 Subnautica
02:23:18 DCS World 2.5
02:24:57 Stand Out
02:26:11 rFactor2 VR
02:27:05 The Forest VR
02:28:00 Pavlov
02:29:15 RaceRoom Racing Experience
02:30:18 X-Plane 11 VR
02:31:38 8K vs 5K+ head to head comparison (general info)
02:32:18 8K vs 5K+ own conclusions
02:38:24 8K vs 5K+ - My choice? And why!
02:42:54 Outro, personal thanks + some footage from Pimax backer meetup


@SweViver You have outdone yourself. I can’t watch it all tonight, but let me be the first here to say you did a wonderful job. I can tell beforehand! I love your youtubes. :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

/edit: im almost at 1H30M. Best review ever.


only a few mins in but its clear you are drilling down deep with this. fantastic.


Incredible! I can’t wait to watch. OThank you @SweViver


Thanks guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile: And there will be more!


Wow, Sweviver, that looks an incredible detailed list you have done. Nice one.


Incredible glad to see you would still chose 5k+.So it’s pretty conclusive then.


Jävla bra review, granne. :wink:

What happened to the 200 degree FOV btw? It still says 200 FOV on their main 8k website.

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Sebastians review was “very, very good”, Thomas did a great (!) job but You, Martin, truly made an outstanding(!) review, not only for all the backers but also all new to pimax 8k/5k! I really appreciate it!! All your hard work paid out! And now go an gwt some sleep :wink:


it is 200 degrees. just measured diagonally. it is 170 degrees measured horizontally. all of the headsets measure FOV diagonally.

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I hope you will do a live stream on youtube soon , as Sebastian and Thomas did, and the backers will be generous like they were with other two VR-musketeers.


ah thanks jimh54 that just confused me for a bit.

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15 minutes in & Very impressed with the level of detail in your video so far. Thanks Martin. Also noticed you are running on 1.5x speed by default lol, so we are getting 4.5 hrs of your usual self compressed. That’s value


Dammit, I thought I was going to get the 5k+ , but now I have to rethink keeping the 8k instead. Thanks so much for the detailed review. , I still have more to think about in regards to my decision. Still leaning towards the 5k+ though mostly as this seems to be the standard concensus for today’s graphics card.

Thanks so much for your great in depth review. By the way definitely worth the wait

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greaaaaaaaat review
Thank you :sunglasses:

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Very Awesome Video Thanks ! Very Good Information and Pictures to show your findings and thoughts!


@SweViver Martin, First comment, in 25 years of internet I never seen a so in dept review for a product. Ok at 1H38 I’m taking a break. :wink:


@SweViver I’m one hour in and will go the whole distance. Absolutely stellar job Martin. You have outdone yourself.


Anybody else watching take a double take when he said “PORN”. I had to rewind the video 6 times just to make sure I heard him correctly!


I think i may be to blame for that. I’ve specifically requested him to tell us more about that XD.

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