SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!

  • Release scheduled for 2019 (“not far off from now”)



Bugger ya beat me by about two minuets :slight_smile:


Oh yes, this is great news! :+1::+1:
All right, I’ll run selling my 8K now…


:smiley: Saw the YouTube notification on my phone… :wink:


I’d be really excited for this, but really what’s the point when most games i care about/play require PP to be on and i lose loads of performance? i’d have to undersample so much for this in addition to that…what a shame.

What would be REALLY smart is if pimax offered a normal 110/130 degree headset that does NOT require PP, and does not need all that fov. That would actually be playable on current gen GPU’s.

But that’s just my opinion


Thanks for posting guys.

As mentioned in the video the rendered resolution will be 3840x2160 natively which is close to what the 8K renders at this point because of heavy overhead for proper upscaling and distortion profiles. So basically the requirements for 8K X wont be much higher than the 8K in real life. The profile will be improved as well as panel utilisation. Cannot go into full details yet but its very promising :slight_smile:


@SweViver, many thanks for the 8K-X information! :beers:
The big question is: will there be any conditions for switching to 8K-X for backers with replacement of the current headset or some discounts? :roll_eyes:

I just do not know if I need to sell me my 8K?
But I know for sure that I want 8K-X!

This is amazing, 8K-X got close to us so imperceptibly! How did I expect this.

If I knew in advance about such 8K panels, and that all 8K-X backers would receive 5K + / 8K for temporary use and then be replaced by 8K-x when it comes out, I would definitely pay for 8K-X on Kickstarter immediately :wink:


As an 8kx backer I’m very happy to hear the news. I mean it’s not oled but rgb matrix should do nicely if the panels otherwise is of good quality. Now i just need to figure out if I should RMA my 8k loaner or just wait.


it need to be rgb oled,true black adds a lot of immersion in games!


In no case should it be Oled, otherwise we are waiting for clarity and SDE level Pimax 8K/5K+ … which is not good.


I stand by my stance from kickstarter days, that the 8kX should simply replace the pointless “regular” 8k in the product lineup.

One can of course render at any resolution one want, with any headset… But for it to mean anything of value, Pimax’s reducing the 8kX rendertarget standard overhead would require drastically different lens properties to its siblings, removing the need for that standard overhead. Is this the case?


RGB OLED 4K and you might need to sell your car to afford that headset… :wink: RGB OLED especially 4K are just not possible at this time…


coming from the 8k i’m not having huge issues with the black level of that lcd. and i dont think an true 4k oled in that size exists yet.


I gotta spend some quality time with my gf Veronica here. Its Saturday night after all :wink: Will reply any questions tomorrow guys! Thanks


Can you give me any information on my question?

I really need to know if I have to sell my 8K now, or can I replace it with 8K X with a big discount?

I’m just afraid of losing the time and cost of my 8K.

Clarify at least a little this question, please.
I think there will be a lot of people willing to switch to 8K-X.
And we all need to know if we need to sell our headsets, or can they come in handy for a preferential replacement with 8K X?


and it needs a better unbreakable housing and no need for parallel projection.
And good intergrated headphones with a psvr like headstrap.
Then its a buy!

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A good investment… Enjoy… :nerd_face:


Very well noticed. It would be just gorgeous. :beers: :+1:
But it is unlikely that Pimax will take this step.

I would like to replace our 8K with a surcharge on the Kickstarter rate.

It would be a fair option for everyone. (because 8K did not provide the expected quality of the resolution of the panels and its panels are almost equal to the 2560x1440 by 5K + panels in terms of SDE and clarity, which should not have been originally.)


Can Pimax shed a comment on whether Parallel projections will have a performance requirement reduction in the future in pitool and if there will be extra IPD room and less barrel distortion?
These are the main concerns people are being vocal about on the forum and on reddit regarding the 8KXs reception.

Otherwise great news!!


Just read what is written on the kickstarter about the 8K-X and 8K difference.
And now it will be interesting to see how there will be no difference between them …

Yes, if there will be real 4K LCD panels (not like in 8K), the difference will be like day and night in terms of definition and SDE.

Therefore, I would like to get at least a panel of 8K-X for replacement on the panel of my 8K.
Or I wanted to replace my 8K with 8K X with a surcharge at the Kickstarter rate.

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