SweViver: NOT Working VR games on Pimax 8K and 5K+

Might be interesting for you I hope :slight_smile: This is the complete list of games I have been struggling with, in one way or another on the Pimax VR headsets. It also includes VR games with poor support and issues when running on either 8K or the 5K+.

Til this day, I have not found any other games having such issues, as far as I remember!
Let me know what you think and give the video some love please :slight_smile: :heart:


FThx for that info, such a confirmation is really important news. For major titles I would expect fixes, even in case the just have to fix the texture resolution in some of the problematic titles.

In all that compatibility discussion around the Pimax I’m starting to wondering about the status of the native support of the Oculus app.
Is there any performance benefit or drawbacks when compared to the SteamVR? What would be the preferred place to shop non exclusives?

Have you tried Vivecraft ? (Minecraft VR Mod)
It’s totally awesome!

Damn I was really hoping to play the vanishing of Ethan Carter on the Pimax, very bad news for me, also its surprising Pimax haven’t focused on making Doom vr work properly, it’s one of the most well known vr games out there.


Any time you’re dealing with UE4, you just about have to dive into the game’s .ini files, such as we see with EVE Valkyrie, because from this regular user’s perspective, Epic seems to hardcode everything into their engine, rather than having it respect what VR runtimes requests of it…

sg.ResolutionQuality goes to 300%, as Sweviver demonstrated, as does r.ScreenPercentage=300, which should be the base for the former, on some level… Sometimes messing with them works, sometimes not… :7

If these files are not in the game directory, you’ll usually find them in /users/myusername/AppData/Local/, and there we have, e.g. Ethan Carter VR.

This is also a good opportunity to entirely disable the hideous blur, that goes for “antialiasing” in UE4; The deferred rendering pipeline means you can’t use proper AA, so killing the bad AA means you’ll get jaggies in place of the blur, but given we went around these parts in search of supersampling (…or screen percentage, or whatever they choose to call it), that sorts itself out.


Well that sounds promising that we may be able to fix it somehow.

@SweViver Have you tried to edit this file ?


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Thanks for the video! @SweViver

Did you experience resolution-related issues like with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and EVE with other UE4 games? Did you try more UE4 games/demos (besides Hellblade, Batman: Arkham VR, Karnage Chronicles and Gunheart) like for example:

  • The Invisible Hours
  • Obduction
  • XING: The Land Beyond
  • Thunderbird: The Legend Begins
  • Trials on Tatooine
  • Surge
  • Fantasynth
  • Senza Peso
  • BladeRunner 9732
  • New Retro Arcade
  • The Wake (demo)
  • Storm VR
  • GE Neuro

And a small correction - you mentioned that Robinson: The Journey uses UE4 like EVE. I’m pretty sure Robinson uses the CryEngine, being a Crytek game. The Climb probably uses the same engine version, did you have the same issues with it?

It would be awesome if the community finds workarounds for all these UE4-based games, some of which are using really ancient UE4 versions…

Hey @SweViver for games that do not have good resolution - have you tried the Nvidia DSR fix that people used when Fo4VR first released? Here’s an example thread:

I heard the VorpX version of Ethan carter was better anyway, did you give that one a go, and if so which one is the better version in VR in general, if you had to choose.

I mentioned this to Sebastion as well, but since you mentioned Vorpx try.

Mirrors Edge
Oblivion (Melee play through) FOV fix FOV Modifier at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community

and let me know if you can gev the FOV changed to pimax’s FOV, maybe 180 in an ini file, and confirm you run games in 16:9, whereas in rift it was 8:9 with 120FOV.

Hi Martin. …excellent video but I was surprised that hellblade was not one of the games. I remember you playing it in another video and saying it was totally unplayable due to the very low frame rate. Did you simply forget to add this title or have you found a fix for it? Keep up the good work


:(Your PC ran into collecting some complete)


Thanks SweViver, great video as always!

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Next up: X-Plane 11 - work in progress :wink:


In some titles, yes there is a noticeable performance increase running Oculus Home games through Pimax renderer compared to SteamVR. I will try to add a video about it, sooner or later. Its no huge difference, but I would estimate all between 5 and 10% sometimes more .

Nope, nevr been a Minecraft player, but I will give it a go - totally missed it haha! Thanks

Looks like there might be possible to push the in-game SS to 300 some people are suggesting here! I will try - also I will try it with voprX soon as well!

VERY interesting, big thanks for this - I had no idea most Unreal engine games has this config file to edit - much appreciated! I will give it a go :slight_smile:

Im sure we will be able to fix most settings, if not by devs or Pimax, then with other tweaks and ini files :slight_smile:

I havent, as Ihad no idea it existed, big thanks for this - this could really solve the issue! I will let you know soon :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

The Invisible Hours - no problem
Obduction - no problem
XING: The Land Beyond - looks much better on default
Thunderbird: The Legend Begins - Dont have it in my library, havent tried yet
Trials on Tatooine - Dont have it in my library, havent tried yet
Surge - Dont have it in my library, havent tried yet
Fantasynth - Dont have it in my library, havent tried yet
Senza Peso - Dont have it in my library, havent tried yet
BladeRunner 9732 - works great no problem
New Retro Arcade - no problems, looks ok at default
The Wake (demo) - looks good on default
Storm VR - havent tried, but Im planning to
GE Neuro - nope dont have it in my library, havent tried yet

We seem to play totally different games , you and me haha :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, thanks for the correction! Of course Robinson is not Unreal haha, my bad!

I will try vorpX version of Ethan Carter soon, thanks - never thought about it :slight_smile:
Also yes voprX video will cover some of these games!

Thanks man.
Hellblade is not included because there is nothing wrong with the game. It works perfectly.
Peformance has nothing to do with game compatibility or issues. Its just a matter of tweaking the game and having the best GPU and CPU possible :slight_smile: Im sure I might be able to get it 70-80fps at least,with upcoming 2080Ti and 9900K.


I had to chuckle when watching Sebastians Video about the Borderland2-psvr-announcement.
Why? Because i did play Borderland 1,2 and 3 with VorpX, and it was running almost perfect! Definately worth to spend hours of time „in“ these titles.
So it would be great if you would make a video about a few (or more :wink: ) VorpX-Titles with the two Pimax headsets.

The titles i enjoyed (in brackets how i enjoyed it: g3d or z3d)
Borderland Trilogy (g3d)
Fallout 4 (maybe even better playable than the VR version) (z3d because of performance)
FarCry Primal (z3d)
The Witcher 1/2/3 (g3d,g3d,z3d)
Dishonored (g3d)
Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider (z3d)
Alien Isolation (z3d)
Rise of Rome (z3d)
Edit: Bioshock Trilogy (g3d)

I prefer the Theater-Mode, standing really close.

In genereal i think VorpX could be a great way to enjoy older AAA-Titles in VR-3D.

Just a thought. I enjoy all of your videos! Thanks for your efforts!


So if I understood well there’s going to be a Vorpx video with Pimax? That would be awesome!

@SweViver Can you test if Virtual Virtual Reality is working? On my system it always freeze up upon opening.

Nice video.
I noticed a comment that said there is a glitch/bug in Ethan Carter if you have TAA enabled. Did you re-test with that disabled?


@SweViver assetto corsa competizione released its vr update today, can you test that? fyi the positional tracking is bugged or not done right, currently every headset is like this