(Suggestion) DP 2.0 in 2020 on oled models for 120hz 8K and 5K in full fov

I strongly believe when Pimax releases their oled models full rgb 5k+ XR and 8K XR/8KX XR they should use display port 2.0 to achieve 120hz in full fov. The only thing to complain about then would be the lenses, but Pimax you still have a couple or a few years before OLED displays and GPU technology gets to the point of being able to run 120hz on two widescreen 4k screens.

In the meantime it would be good to look into either curved displays (not foldable) less canting of displays and new plastic aspheric or hybrid lenses using Display port 2.0 for the next release of headsets @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @Sweviver

  • Valve releases a 115FOV 2.5K headset in September

  • Pimax releases a 170FOV native 4K headset this winter

The response:

  • “hey why didnt Pimax release a 4K RGB OLED 120Hz 220FOV headset with curved displays already???”

Cmon man… :rofl::+1:


Pimax is pushing it - that’s awesome and badly needed!

Who knows thou, what the team will bring Us for Christmas :christmas_tree: 2021 - so the team can take the ideas :kissing_heart:.
Just need them 4K RGB 120hz OLED Curved displays :nerd_face:


Well it’s interesting to speculate the possibilities with the confirmation of the latest standards such as DP 2.0. Doesn’t mean it’s being demanded now. We are called futurists after all, right? :wink:


Thats so true :slight_smile: but sometimes we are just way ahead of the time and reality.


Well we do tend to spend much time in virtual reality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Maybe that’s the cause - a bit of addiction :smiley:


I remember the good old days of C64… or NES, SNES, 386/486 and then Pentium, 3DFX and so on. Whatever got released, we were all just so happy and loved each upgrade. It was a passion on its own.

Today, whatever gets released, upgraded or improved, the majority of ppl will never get satisfied. We always want something better. Long before it even exists.

I miss the old days…


we need rgb oled for the full immersion… I hope the star vr(acer) will surprise us soon

Ha yes, but as a kid I always remember the tribalism too (and was bored by it even then), “My PC is better than your Amiga / ST / Megadrive”. Swap round as appropriate.

I remember a guy on my computer science course got a job at PowerVR just after the first 3D cards came to the market, and their cards didn’t include AA, so most preferred 3DFX. He then insisted to us that AA was unnecessary for most buyers (hmmm sounds familiar), and PowerVR would win out. He found out the hard way that he was totally wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Also true, and glad that Pimax are pushing the specs right now, I appreciate that. Yesterday’s future always ends up being today’s meh, or something like that :grinning:

I haven’t followed Oculus at all and I’m not remotely qualified to say how viable this is for a future commercial product, but I did see a video of this liquid crystal varifocal lens solution. I hadn’t considered an alternative to optics, interesting


Looking at the DP 2.0 spec for dual displays, there’s potential for two 4k uncompressed displays, or two 8k displays with DSC. Sounds exciting to me hehe

One 16K (15360 × 8640) display @ 60 Hz with 10 bpc (30 bit/px, HDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (with DSC)
One 10K (10240 × 4320) display @ 60 Hz and 8 bpc (24 bit/px, SDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (uncompressed)
Dual display resolutions
Two 8K (7680 × 4320) displays @ 120 Hz and 10 bpc (30 bit/px, HDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (with DSC)
Two 4K (3840 × 2160) displays @ 144 Hz and 8 bpc (24 bit/px, SDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (uncompressed)
Triple display resolutions
Three 10K (10240 × 4320) displays @ 60 Hz and 10 bpc (30 bit/px, HDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (with DSC)
Three 4K (3840 × 2160) displays @ 90 Hz and 10 bpc (30 bit/px, HDR) RGB/Y′CBCR 4:4:4 color (uncompressed)


Haha oh yeah I remember those days haha.
PowerVR vs 3DFX, omg we also spent ages fighting about which one was better. Now you got me thinking back really deep haha… im so happy we got to live through that era. Maybe that’s what makes us ‘oldies’ to appreciate today’s tech a bit more than the kiddos do?


And Valve is 115FOV 2.5K →LCD, not Oled…
I also dream with full RGB Oled displays though, but we are not there yet


One day we will miss the oled days :wink:


Suggestion for @SweViver

to make a video of Pimax 8K X running Asgard’s Wrath

to Kill Time before Pimax day two

and to show the title of the moment at Backers 5k+ /Valve/oculus gamers



I guess you get the bigger picture after you’ve seen all this stuff come and go :slight_smile:

Also starting with Basic and a tape player on a Micro, or old DOS etc, you have an idea of how it all works underneath, so an iphone or whatever isn’t fundamentally that different. Unless you work in tech or are an enthusiast, most people don’t know or care how it works under the hood. Same for car industry etc. The tech industry has progressed to the point where it can just about work like that, they don’t need to know about all the complex stuff. Put your money down, put the fuel in and off you go. Unfortunately, for some people that can also lead to unrealistic expectations, they don’t know how much work is going on behind the scenes hehe :+1:

Consider pressing ‘Play’ on Netflix: https://medium.com/refraction-tech-everything/how-netflix-works-the-hugely-simplified-complex-stuff-that-happens-every-time-you-hit-play-3a40c9be254b

Cloud computing means future server admins may never touch a physical box. We will all have vast supercomputer resources at our fingertips. So to me, we’re still in the early days :wink:


aaah Comeon… PowerVR VS 3DFX that was over so fast :laughing: never a doubt in my mind about that. im 40 and i started out with Amiga 500, then upgraded to 1200 with accelerator boards and so on. Now pc’s got me hooked on the hardware Adventure bad with 3DFX, those Orchid Rightious 3D cards with manual relays :smiley: man where they great, and here we are now with VR that we only dreamed about back then :smile:

Edit first family computer was the Amstrad cpc6128 :laughing:


Usually I agree, but concerning VR, it’s a bit different.

During good old day, we had no idea of what evolution would look like and everything had to be made. Concerning vr, we have a point of reference as a goal: eyes ^^
It’s normal people want something close to eyes caracteristics (no sde, full human fov without black borders, contrast…)


no! not only eyes.
i want FULL DIVE :grin:

but i think its necessary to be patient. there are a lot of question of ethics.
but i want this :rofl:

I have to admit I am still like that - I do upgrade faster but because I enjoy tech a lot - and have 4 kids which are not unhappy to have good hardware :wink: coming down every couple years :wink: .
Just like with the C64-and then 3DFX - and today RTX - and VR, I love it and especially VR. I am happy with my 5k but the 8kx just to good ( as far as I can tell) to miss. I guess the x will be there for a couple years - not sure why I would upgrade when the LH and controllers are all @ my home.
But you are right and that’s what I really enjoy on your channel and in general also, you know how to talk about the positiv sides of things ( Which does not Mean you don’t mention faults) and seem to really enjoy the things you did/do which swaps over onto me - got me into VR.
All those too negative focused reviews just tire me - if you search long enough there will always be imperfection.

Edit the first Voodoo and an Elsa Eraser MX - what a tiny card that was ( the Elsa). Remember how you could run 2 Voodoos?



I remember playing on Bernstein Displays … or them Old displays creating so much electromagnetic energy that it pulled the ash of a friends cigarette onto the monitor . @ 34hz