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Will the 12K be demoed in any way?


What are the confirmed working AMD & nVidia GPUs with the Crystal and that limitations are there between both GPUs regarding Crystal features support?

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do the crystal controllers have inbuilt rechargeable batteries like the swords or are they batteries we supply and replace like AA batteries?

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When is the pimax 12k release?
Can you show us how good the dynamic foveated rendering is?
I heard from youtuber disco vr that each eye has its own ipd adjustment is that true?
If so good selling point for some people.
Are the lenses finally good? If in the future new lenses coming out can we replace them? I hope the pimax 12k get the ultra short throw projector? How many GB space has the 12k for movies and games? Can oculus quest games run on the 12k?
Is the white sparkling dots problem fixed? my 8kx had still the problems.

I hope you take the time to make the perfect headset! I rather wait 6 months more than have a half backed product.


Detailed Wifi specs: Max support router speed(AX3000, AX5400,…), Max bitrate for wireless streaming.

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How are the displays for the 12K coming? Do we have a final resolution (Horizontal x Width)?
Can you tell us the gross weight of the 12K?
What wifi specifications are being achieved with the Wigig? (as otherwise asked by @rainbowwhale above)

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Is the Crystal compatible with the AMD 7000 cards? Or it have the same issues as the 8KX 2075 and others?

Is the front chevron a sticker?


Will the 12k have dynamic distortion correction?

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In Stand Alone mode - If I was to watch Avatar Way of Water (3h12) on Crystal in 4k how far would I get before needing to change the battery?

Will an RTX 3090 FE be able to run the Pimax Crystal in MSFS and DCS?

Ha, I have exactly the same intention ! That’s what my Crystal should shine.
Not in standalone mode though. As we all know by now, XR2 chipset will render the images in a reduced resolution. It’s not a good idea if you want to truly experience the magic of Avatar 2.

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  1. How fast is the latency when streaming Steam games to the Portal?

  2. What is the effective range between the PC and Portal?

  3. When will pricing and options be released on the KS campaign, considering there are only 10 days left to go?


How is progress on the 42 PPD lens And will it be actively demoed at CES?

Has the Tobi eye tracking, been finalized and Incorporated into the device currently being demoed at CES?

That lens is done and dusted. It’s part of the Crystal package that’s been in manufacture for weeks. Pimax are literally shipping Crystal to customers in a few days with both sets of lenses in the box.

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In comparison with the 8KX FOV sizes

Potato, Small, Normal & Large

what would you say the Crystal 35 and 45 ppd lenses FOV is?

Small =35
Potato=45 ?

From what I saw in the road-show:
35 ppd = Normal and bigger than other VR headsets. Great for normal gaming.
From my guess:
42 ppd = Small like other headsets, but in super HD. Great for 3d movies.


This would be great, small on 8kx is way bigger than index.

remind me again what the 8kx FOV degrees are for each size?

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