Stretch Goal Met

I just got this email from kickstarter:

$1M reached! + stretch goals
Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

We have reached $1M, futurists <3

The figure is growing faster than we expected, so we have already filled in your Kickstarter package with some little gifts… just to say thank you! :slight_smile:

The Picture didn’t copy but is shows that the Deluxe Headstrap with Headphones is the $1M level.
The Fans and glasses add on is the $1.5M level.

Many people asked us the question: Why Kickstarter? Here is the answer:

Kickstarter is a great way for us to test how many people out there are actually interested in big FOV and high-resolution VR 
We prefer to estimate the market demand in advance to prepare our production schedule 
We want VR futurists like you to get 8K sooner 
We want more futurists to be able to test 8K earlier, so we need funding for roadshows 
We need to finalize those modules, e.g. hand motion, eye tracking, wireless transmission, inside-out tracking, scent enabling module etc. 

We prefer to focus our energy on fulfilling the Kickstarter packages first, which means, we will not move on to launch 8K outside of Kickstarter until ALL of our Kickstarter backers have received their rewards on June, 2018.

Best regards,

The Pimax Team


The next request if 1.5mil is reached:

Possibly 2mil.

Hoping not for an scenario of over-promising and under-delivering because obligations are only going to rise.


Yeah I kind of wish they put money into the knuckle controlers they still have no plans for… The headstrap is a good one though!


I would say either path on the controller front. From my understanding they are working on a knuckle based controller.

Now folks are divided. Some prefer the trackpads & some like sticks.

I would reccommend offering both options + a mix (1 if each)

With the stick option we would want the touch sensor in the stick to ease valve controller emulation. Ie on my hydra i have to hold a button for the stick to emulate trackpad.

@anon23564932 @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

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Didn’t they always plan for headphones and the head strap? This doesn’t say much for stretch goals, especially since their initial campaign was for $200,000.

“guess what? For $1,000,000 we will add headphones!” GASP! Really? lol Jesus.

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What if I don’t need prescription lenses?

I wish they throw in the in-side out tracking module instead of the corrected lenses and fans. Like if i have a choice choosing between that and inside-out tracking…i would pick inside-out tracking.

please be free hand tracking

please be free hand tracking

please be free hand tracking

Heh, well done Pimaxians - love the new stretch goals.

I think the laser tracking that is built in IS the inside-out tracking. look at what comes in the full kit. has a laser camera. and the KS kit i bought says laser tracking built in.

@jeepingjohnny send them to me.:slight_smile:

Have to see what the $2M goal brings.

Laser camera? LOL. I don’t think there is any camera in the headset. It’s just laser tracking for Valve’s Lighthouses or compatible lighthouses.

$2mil will bring you FREE donuts (no coke); Sorry, you got to buy that your own.

Nope look at the picture. Distinctly shows something on that stand. Perhaps it is a camera. At any rate it has laser tracking built in.

This quote is from the Kickstarter page, “8K X Headset (Laser tracker integrated)”.
it is on every description of both the 5k and 8k sets.

You will have the prescription lenses for retirement age when the Vive 10 is released

But seriously I think they mean you can choose an accessory glasses or fan

They have not reached that level yet. I thought at first that all of these accessories were included in the package. I was wrong. I don’t think it is too much $ out of their pocket to include both the fan and glasses frame. That frame can’t possibly be expensive.

It says, “mini Combo, Customized prescription VR frame + cooling fan”. I think its safe to say when it reaches 1.5 mil that both are going to be included. Very pleased so far! Can’t wait to see what the 2 million mark will bring (free hand tracking!? pleaaaaaaase!)

Looks like I will be waiting until July to buy one of these retail. I hope the retail price wont be astronomical? @anon23564932 @PimaxVR?

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I do agree the vr lens frame adapter imho should come with the headset (4 sets). As i beleive these are just the frames to have your prescription made for the frames.

The inside out would be nice. However if using intel realsense camera is or was fairly expensive. But who knows might be in a future stretch goal. We will have to wait & see what goodies are to come.

I think by then production will be well locked down and they will be trying to sell as many units as possible. Personally I just downgraded my pledge to the 8k headset only. All I want to achieve by February is try the unit out. If the visual quality is excellent and I feel I will actually use the thing over a 4K monitor I will go out and buy 1 single HTC base station. Such a head fuck decision but I just couldn’t justify spending 1000USD on a whole bunch of stuff that hasnt been proven yet. No sign of the final controllers. No confirmation or positive reviews about the stretching problem. Absolutly no info on how the X model will perform. By June next year if its all proven to work I’ll buy the full retail X kit

I thought the laser tracking that is included is inside out tracking. if not please explain what it is.