StarVR One review by VoodoVR in 65 minutes!

Hi just saw that VoodoVr review of the starVR will be available in about 65 minutes


Nice through the lens games.
Definitely too low resolution for me :frowning:

I hope one day I can buy a HMD with the same oled black level (and colors), 5k+ resolution/sde, and at least small Pimax FOV (preferrably normal Pimax FOV, but no need for more than that to please me. Any FOV between Pimax small and normal would be fine).

Of course no godrays/glare and a large sweetspot area would be unvaluable bonus (as well as integrated on-ear audio, similar to CV1).
I would pay up to 1K (VAT included) for such HMD (HMD alone).

Cheery on the cake would be IR camera tracking (like CV1) because it is much less affected by your environment compared to LH tracking (no reflection issues) and 100% silent. This would mean no index controller compatibility but CV1-like controllers would be 100% fine. I would pay up to 400 for a pack with 3 IR camera + a pair of controllers.

An offer like this would keep me pleased for years of VR.
In fact I’m just dreaming of a CV1 with better resolution/SDE, much less godrays/glare, and slightly larger FOV :yellow_heart:
I’m sad LCD came into the way again (result of both the industry pushing for it and the consumer market accepting it).

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Because PRICE. If OLED was affordable to be mass produced people would be doing it.


He just buy them for the lens and put Pimax LCD in it :wink:

:rofl::joy: nice idea… chars chars

I don’t think it didn’t happen just because of price. If the whole industry followed that path then the price of such improved OLED should have droped accordingly (if really doable tech, and the whole (high-end) VR offer was based on that).

What happened is LCD is so much cheaper it has allowed to offer dramatic improvements in other areas like FOV and resolution/SDE, but at the cost of black level.

Consumers bought that because they don’t value true black at its correct value. I remain convinced true black is one of the very top requirement for immersion by making the VR world “feel real”. With true black the VR world is created ex nihilo (=made of light “within void”). That’s what makes it so real/consistent compared to a VR world made of light within a grey environment/background and that just feels “displayed” (fake world).

True black VR has lost a cost/profit battle. LCD allows advertising big numbers in both resolution/SDE and FOV and make profits from that. I’m sure there is a market for a HMD like I have described (people who bought a 5KXR or sticked to the vive pro or odyssey, but also people who went to a LCD HMD just because there is no offer for what they are looking for) but investments (almost) alway go to what allow the biggest profits.

Oculus could have been the one going that “less profitable” path, it was their initial DNA. They took the mass market path instead (so, LCD too). I fear true black VR won’t be back until µLED is ready for VR (which may just never happen). OLED VR (= development of higher res OLED small panels for VR) could be condemned because of the success of LCD VR, as plasma was abandonned tech for TVs (but benefically replaced by OLED. That’s why I wonder if µLED could be the “OLED VR replacement” OLED has been for plasma TVs).


Yes but the demand is not just here for such high end VR devices, unless like cell phone some killer applications makes wide adoption from users price won’t down and tech won’t be pushed

I’m very curious how Samsung will respond this fall with a new OLED headset

So I find some parts of his review interesting because he mentions a blurring effect when he moves his head fast. I never noticed this on my StarVR so it’s kind of odd. His through the lens video of the StarVR showdown demo and Pavlov seemed to have a red tinge to it. They don’t look red like that on my StarVR so it could just be his camera. The Project Cars 2 through the lens wasn’t a fair game to choose to record because it requires parallel projection and probably because of that it looks worse than games that are compatible.

He mentions the index controllers looked blurry to him. For me, they look pretty clear. I wonder if he has tried adding the line

  "maxRecommendedResolution" : 16384,

To his C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings file like this:

“steamvr” : {
“activateMultipleDrivers” : true,
“analogGain” : 1.0541771290827999,
“installID” : “8220217632757278147”,
“lastVersionNotice” : “1.12.5”,
“lastVersionNoticeDate” : “1590713293”,
“maxRecommendedResolution” : 16384,
“mirrorViewEye” : 2,
“mirrorViewGeometry” : “0 0 720 400”,
“showAdvancedSettings” : true,
“showMirrorView” : false,
“supersampleScale” : 0.54000000000000004

It makes a big difference in resolution and clarity!


i think, he has…
for a lot oft time, voodo prefered the 8k for games, so he know this must be for large FOV

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Well I must agree to @NextGenVR. While I agree with voodoo that the resolution is just too low for a 2020 headset, it also didn’t look THAT bad like he shows in that video of the controller. The showdown video he shows is more like what I experienced myself.

Biggest downside of this headset seems however the lack of IPD mechanism. His IPD, 60, is way too low for this headset probably by about the same factor as my 69 is way too high. It seems this headset is only suitable for a very narrow range of IPD. Which kind of is mind blowing considering the $3200 price tag.


There will be reasons why development stopped a long time ago.
But it’s nice to see that some haven’t given up on the project after all.

Time will tell…

Every reviewer should put their IPD in the start of the video before they review a headset.


Separated for left and right eye

In your opinion, do you guys think the StarVR One team will revise this current model headset, adding a mechanical IPD adjustment so that people with a broader range of of IPD will be able use it and see the images more clearly? Don’t you think this is someyhing they should seriously take into considerdation?

@isamu take a look at the history of development … it could be a question of the amount eventually sold.

I thought it was because they lost funding. I was surprised they managed to scrap together a headset at all, I thought they would be finished as a company. If they are still alive then I can only assume they are still developing and things will get better. Probably they need to sell some of these things that have been sitting in development before they invest too heavily in new hardware.

@burstingtops - yes …

I’m not accusing VoodooDE of anything, but I’m starting to wonder whether StarVR requested that he make a review which makes the StarVR look a lot worse than it actually is, in order to discourage consumers from inquiring about the headset. They are probably getting tired of the flood of emails.

The reason I suspect this is because overall his video has a negative vibe, with mellow music. He says there’s a blurring effect when moving his head fast that literally no one else noticed or else we would have stated so. He greatly exaggerated the SDE. Some of his through the lens look a lot worse than what we see.

Either he has a defective unit, is having problems due to 60 ipd, hasn’t tried maxRecommendedResolution yet, or for the reason I just stated.

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I think there might be better ways of handling that… :nerd_face:


Would be conter productive don’t you think? in this case why not simply refuse the send a unit? Sub optimal unit and configuration is more probable…