StarVR One - Games Compatibility and Troubleshooting

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Project Cars 2 have some specific files dedicated to Star Vr headset and I found ini files and folder called star vr in game installation directory. Maybe there is a way for native mode…


I did find the x64 directory you are referring to in the project cars 2 directory and files such as starvr.dll and a tobi eyetracking file as well. Surely there must be a way to enable that mode, although all of my experiments failed. If you have any ideas, please let me/this thread know, that would be AWESOME to have a natively supported game! Seems odd that it is included with every copy of project cars 2, there must be a simple way to enable it. I tried launching with parameter -starvr and -starvrone parameters, no luck. I even tried running the one .exe in that x64 directory, no luck. Which ini file are you referring to?


I think you should contact the developers of Project Cars 2 and ask them how to enable the feature:

Also their new game Project Cars 3 will probably have StarVR support too:


Thanks for that, I did email them, and I also emailed, if they tell me how I will repost here. I wonder what other games they made ‘deals’ with, that would be awesome to buy all of those games as well.

Of course the most important thing is fixing this dang ‘mura’ issue in our headsets so it works as well as Seb’s did, its really kind of a big issue.


I’m starting to wonder if Seb’s marketing headset is the only one they built mura free and the rest they left the mura there to cut costs. Is the showdown demo mura free for you?

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The showdown demo isn’t Mura free but def way better looking. It is almost invisible on the demo. Also the 3d/depth perception is PERFECT.

For SteamVR games it looks really bad depending on the game/colors.

Does anyone know why my 100% SteamVR resolution is 5720x4304? Shouldn’t it be 3660x2928? Could it be because my maxRecommendedResolution is modified? Could someone give me the default value or maybe it’s just supersampled by default?

Btw I will post a complete review but I’m still figuring stuff out before.


Have you owned a Pimax headset previously? Maybe it’s saving settings from your previous headset to the new one.

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Yep but shouldn’t it adjust itself depending on the hmd? I just use auto resolution for now and it’s way better. I was running out of gpu ram with the 100% res…

The Mura might be engine related? On the game “Until you fall” the Mura isn’t as visible as other games. This is just a theory.


Hmm. That’s a good question. There’s an easy way to find out though. Just make a screenshot of the Showdown demo (for example of the rendered images on the desktop that it displays) and a screenshot of a mura heavy scene in steamVR. Compare the screenshots then by watching them on your desktop, via the SteamVR desktop viewer for example (so in the headset). If the Showdown demo screenshot still looks mura free and the other one mura heavy then it’s just the color schemes. Otherwise it’s indeed the engine doing something.

BTW I quickly scanned the Showdown demo to see if it’s using that mura filetype name. The code is uncompressed (verified that in IDA) but doesn’t contain that filetype name, so I’m starting to suspect it’s the color scheme, also because you mentioned above that also on SteamVR it differs per scene/game (still I’m not 100% sure cause it could also be done via some StarVR API call of course). The experiment I just mentioned would be a nice way to confirm that.


Try Skyrim, Blade & Sorcery and Pistol Whip. Do you notice mura there?

There is Mura in Pistol Whip, but because is colorful the mura blends better


sorry its xml

BTW for better distance view please change this line: prop name=“SharpeningStrength” sharpeningstrength=“1.100000”
in graphicsconfigopenvr… and graphicsconfigoculus… ( probably star vr is using oculusconfig,but not sure as I dont have this hmd)


I don’t have them. :confused:

So I did some research and it looks like the StarVR.dll file also exists in the Automobilista 2 VR game.

It’s in the same x64 folder that is found on Project Cars 2. Someone should try the other game too.

I also compared starvrsettings.xml to openvrsettings.xml and they look nearly identical except for a few values changed. I wonder what would happen if you renamed starvrsettings.xml to openvrsettings.xml and overwrote the original file.

Differences between starvrsettings.xml and openvrsettings.xml


  • Different OculusConfigData address
  • ResetVR set to 9 instead of 12
  • ResScale set to 1 instead of 1.2

Everything else is identical.

Also there’s a tool called OpenVR advanced settings that has a toggle for “Advanced Super Sampling”:

Maybe using this tool, you can find a way to improve the image quality on StarVR.

Another thing you could try is copying the StarVR.dll file from Project Cars 2 into other game folders in the same directory as openvr_api.dll and see if that changes anything. You could also look for openvr xml files in other games and try to copy the values over from starvr xml.

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Okay so I did some further research and I decided to compare Until You Fall, Blade & Sorcery, and Pistol Whip to maybe find out why they look so good in StarVR. (Note: I don’t actually own the headset).

And I found that all of them have a Plugins folder with a 587kb openvr_api.dll

Using a file comparison tool, it concluded they are all identical. Some other games that have an identical dll file are Budget Cuts 1 & 2 and Beatsaber. This leads me to conclude that the games that are most compatible with StarVR seem to be Unity made games.

I then looked at Skryim’s openvr_api.dll file which is 585kb and that one is very different.

Another thing I found interesting is the following games: Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, Swords of Gurrah, and Pavlov, they all use different versions of OpenVR.

Walking Dead and Pavlov both use V1.0.16 while Swords of Gurrah uses V1.5.17

This is the latest version of the dll:

I wonder what would happen in these games if we replaced it’s current dll file with the latest openvr dll or if we replaced them with an older version that we know probably works well with StarVR.

A quick look at the code unfortunately doesn’t reveal anything. No “starvr.DLL” refers. Only 2 XML files and on the 3rd occasion it loads the string “StarVR” but I can’t deduce from the code, without actually debugging it, why it’s doing that or what’s it is doing with it.

So that’s a case statement where it loads one of those strings. In theory it could later paste ‘.dll’ after it but I don’t think that’s the case since all those other strings don’t appear as .dll version on disk. Also wouldn’t make much sense, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Best to ask the developers indeed.


Ok guys, I am really happy to see everyone together trying to find a solution.

I found something really interesting… there is no Mura at all in DolphinVR? How the hell is it possible.

SADLY, it requires parallel projection/compatible mode which I can’t keep enabled?(it toggles itself off by itself whenever I launch SteamVR). If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Weirdly enough, DolphinVR uses SteamVR.


what’s the point if its not full FOV?

I sent you how to do it


Well project cars has that StarVR dll that was written with their sdk. So I assume it has full FoV. But to me it almost seems like they removed the StarVR support as it doesn’t seem to load the dll, neither statically nor dynamically

(or were you not talking about project cars but about Dolphin VR?)


Because I want to test the screen without Mura with both eyes open. :stuck_out_tongue:

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