Star Wars Tie Fighter & X-Wing Alliance VR mod!

Time for me to buy X-Wing Alliance while its on sale for 4 bucks.

Mod is here

Best installation guide I could find on YouTube


Nice some of my all time favourites. Years ago I ran the X Wing Alliance upgrade, time for a revisit I think…


Okay, this looks SICK. I mean that in the good way.
I played TIE Fighter when it originally came out and honestly consider it one of the best SW games.

Remember thinking at the time:
“Wow, this would be great Virtual Reality!”

Have to wonder though, if this is one of those ‘grab it while its up/before the Lucasfilm Lawyers notice’…

Either way, I know what tonight’s download is.

Thanks, @drowhunter


This may be better than I thought. Correct me if i’m wrong but

this is basically two complete games playable in VR

1999’s X-Wing Alliance Upgrade via the upgrade mod.
and 1994’s Tie Fighter via this new mod

between these and squadrons im in heaven.

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Apparently there may be a xwing vs Tie Fighter mod available too but

Waylon’s X-Wing Alliance Mod (
scroll down and download

but its not playable without installing DSUCP first from Darksaber’s X-Wing Station first

but the guy took the site offline and nobody has the installer.

post here if you find it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I added a couple of great guides on installing both mods


The X Wing Alliance Upgrade has been around and continually updated for years ( - LucasArts never cared.

Disney theoretically could I suppose, they own it all now, but would be bad form to pull something that old and popular at this stage.

Yeah I think so. When I tried XWAU way back there was no VR feature.

Looking at your link, TIE Fighter has been rebuilt using X Wing Alliance and the XWAU mod, bringing a bunch of new stuff like better AI.

I like Squadrons it’s fun, but it’s one multiplayer set piece which inevitably lacks variation over time, aside from cosmetics. Would have been nice to mix it up with attack / defend space stations or escort missions etc.

The single player feels the same, a bit forced like some AAA shooter. Guess that’s the EA way - ‘blockbuster’. Still not a bad effort though.

I always loved the missions and fleet battles in the older games. Old school and challenging (more ‘sim’ like?). No special tricks to bring down capital ships for console kids :wink:

Newer space games never captured that, ED and SC and so on, but they brought open world freedom instead.

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Not so fast there lol no conventional cheats, but did you ever play with the Shiplist file in X-Wing Alliance?

I modified mine so I could make the Star Destroyer flyable online. lol

The chat would be exploding with

“That Star Destroyer is targeting players”

“The Destroyer is moving”

Good times.


Ha no I didn’t know about that. Will have to install and play about!

TIE Fighter and X Wing vs TIE Fighter were the ones I played the most tbh, but I did finish the Alliance campaign.

TIE Fighter came on a bunch of floppy disks and XvT was on one of those new fangled CD things :crazy_face:


Oh, I remember the Tie Fighter floppy disks. 8 as I recall. I found a copy in a book store, but had an old Packard Bell that did not have the requisite memory requirements, video, or sound hardware to play Tie Fighter DOS. I had to buy the Windows 95 collectors CD Rom to play it by the late 90s.

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Hehe the good old days when PCs struggled with TIE Fighter. Guess they couldn’t handle the Gouraud shading :joy:


Lol, the fact that this has been around for years and this is the first time im hearing of it, means it definetly wasn’t popular enough for them to have caught wind of it.

But if they do…believe me, they would shut it down “bad form” or not.

Just like Ubisoft shut down that goldeneye recreation made within Far Cry 5’s built in level editor.

Im sure if they wanted to they would even pull the 007 inspired mods for Alyx down without a second thought. As they all use copyrighted music among other things.

As an old fogey who loves shooting down capitol ships I will let that one pass…


Speaking of struggling with Tie Fighter. I cant seem to get more than low 30’s high 20’s for FPS.

I wonder what’s up.

Well, popular amongst people who played Alliance, it’s relative… :wink:

Anyway it’s a fidelity mod. Mods aren’t quite the same as copying the intellectual property and passing it off as your own work. Even EA encourages mods for SW Battlefront II, just not in multiplayer.

Also look at NMS - they have some very Star Wars and other franchise-inspired ships by the developers, as well as some third party clear copy mods, but so far it’s OK.

Of course yes they could take action if they really want to, and their lawyers think it’s winnable.

As an old fogey who loves shooting down capitol ships I will let that one pass…

Same here! Just saying in the old games you can’t take down specific weak points and have the hull explode quicker hehe…shield gens are about it.

Speaking of struggling with Tie Fighter. I cant seem to get more than low 30’s high 20’s for FPS.

Now that I’m not sure. You have the res and details cranked up and playing in VR? I guess it’s possible it’s just not optimised for VR, or there’s something more fundamental going wrong in the new TIE mod. CPU or GPU bottleneck?

I was thinking of retrying Alliance but waiting til TF is a little older. Only v1 atm

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I installed it, and I think I did everything as prescribed. I started with setting controls, but didn´t get so far, because I am constantly turning up (looping) inside my cockpit. It is not my ship who is turning, but me inside the ship. It was so annoying I couldn´t make proper controls.
I red that some people had that problem, and they disabled rudder and/or set “use POV as regular buttons”. I will disable it, and try again next time, but I want to ask if any of you had similar problem?

PS: pp=off (better vr implementation than in squadrons. EA shame on you)


I did not have this problem, although my HOTAS is only a joystick and throttle. I don’t have rudder pedals. Definitely sounds like a control conflict going on though.

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I have download the Tie Fighter conversion but haven’t installed it yet. Just tried the Alliance mod so far. It has been very impressive although I do have some performance issues running it with my 1080ti and 7700K system. The cockpits in the starter ships don’t look good but once you get past the opening missions and get to the Y-Wing it really looks great. I have to say though that this game is very hard. I have died so many times and have only gotten through a few missions and this is on easy!


Actually I think my performance problem was I didn’t install the beta version of the VR installer. I assumed that the baked in VR support was enough.

read the release notes of the beta though, you can see a ton of performance related improvements specifically for the SteamVR implementation.

I will try again tonight to see if its nice and fast.

this guy has his voice attack profile all set up. The only thing i wish was that the Babu Frik Configurator had a better joystick binder. I had no idea how many controls this game has to bind, it really is more like a sim!

Also there is a way to enable interior cockpit shadows that looks amazing.

AWing Cockpit Shadows - YouTube

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Holy crap! you weren’t kidding check out this A-Wing footage.

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