STAR WARS: Squadrons Discussion

It’s releasing today in 6 hours!

Really excited about it. Let’s discuss about the game and results of playing it with Pimax headsets here.


I have preordered it but I will have to try and find my old Logitech joystick that I haven’t used in years . If it’s any good I am going to buy a decent hotas.


I really hope this game is successful. Vr could use another great game for the publicity even if it’s not only developed for VR.


I will get this for Sw: Squadrons :DD


I bought the Tflight Hotas One stick but I kinda feel stupid for spending that much for one game.


So you don’t usually play flight sims ?

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I am looking at all those buttons and getting a headache :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: I just want to shoot down tie fighters.


Pre-ordered, and I’m stingy now and never normally do that or pay full price for anything these days!

Looking forward to it, there’s enough depth in there to remind me of the X-Wing / TIE Fighter days, without it getting boring fast. A couple of mates who don’t really game these days will probably get roped in as well, for old times’ sake.

I’ve used various TM things on and off for years although they are far from perfect eg recently X, T16kM. I never really liked the design and ergonomics of the T16kM stick, so when it started to break I picked up the new VKB Gladiator K. Love it. Still using the old T16kM throttle, it’s good enough.

I’m more into space games than sims these days so that’s the absolute limit of what I want to spend. Always told myself the cheapest options would be fine, but hey :grin:


I hope the game is not too demanding and we can turn up the detail. Not heard much about side of things.

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There’s other flight sim games you can play too though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Us Pimaxers will need to play rebel alliance only, the FOV of any tie-fighter cockpit is wasted on us…


Guess we have to stick to this one with extra side windows :smile:


but its only thursday?


Yeah I thought it was the 2nd, but pre-load is available so I’m doing it. Not around at the weekend so if I can get a chance to test before then great.

Edit it might be the 2nd in Thailand in a few hours… :wink:


A real pitty we still dont have our ordered DMAS for the 8kx yet…its needed…The game has great audio…


Steam and Epic Game Store unlock time

If you have pre-ordered Star Wars: Squadrons through either of these PC platforms, the game will unlock for you at midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This was confirmed by EA community manager Andrew Johnson on Twitter, but as world time zones differ from UTC, you will need to know what time that corresponds to your world region.

You can find your specific unlock time below and, unless otherwise stated, these times refer to October 2.

  • 5 PM PT (Thursday, October 1)
  • 7 PM CT (Thursday, October 1)
  • 8 PM ET (Thursday, October 1)
  • 9 PM BRT (Thursday, October 1)
  • 1 AM BST
  • 2 AM CEST
  • 3 AM MSK
  • 8 AM Beijing Time
  • 9 AM JST
  • 10 AM AEST
  • 1 PM NZT



I started the first mission but didn’t fly for long cause had to keep tweaking stuff. Here are some notes:

  • Parallel Projections seems to be required
  • I wanted to record the gameplay with OBS Studio, but using the OpenVR plugin the recorded video looked very low fps. Recording from the desktop screen seemed to be smoother, but due to parallel projections, the actual center of view is at the right edge.
  • Not sure if I had too much stuff running on my PC, but the in game flight seemed to be ‘smoothly stuttering’ every second or so. The other tie fighters would move fast a bit, then slow, then fast a bit. Will have to try on a clean reboot tomorrow.
  • X-52 worked great, but had to remap the flight controls
  • Felt the star destroyer should have felt bigger. Might have been IPD scale issue … or maybe they just made it not so big.

Big bummer… :frowning:


What are your system specs?

2080ti and Ryzen 3900X