Star Citizen and Vorpx with Pimax - supported but not working for me

Check here: Setting up Star Citizen in VR with vorpX - YouTube

I’m aware 5k+ users have got it working, but not for me. This latest setup seems simpler, doesn’t require a 3rd party tracking software option, just VorpX and SC. VorpX SC profile includes option for ‘SteamVR for Oculus, HTC, Pimax etc’. Then some SC config for it to work with Vorpx.

But, nothing loads on the 5k+ for me, it just loads on the monitor instead.

@mirage335 have you tried anything like this? If you are interested / have some time, could you give it a try?

The video is from Feb 2020 and covers SC 3.7 and 3.8, but 3.9 should work too, hopefully.


@MReis adding in case you have tried recently :crossed_fingers:


Hey thanks!
I was just updating it again today for the latest 3.9.
I haven’t tried it with the 8k+ either so it’s about time for that :grin:
I have to check it’s been a while that I tried 3.7 or earlier with the 5k+ it did run even quite good FpS wise for a none VR Titel


So it works but this time it’s a pain

(Tram to the Spaceport from New Babbage with the 8k+, but its very low Resolution)

It needs PP, and Normal to not crash for me and a bit of in VorpX tweaking (plus a few attempts)

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Parallel Projections should not cost too much with VorpX because it isn’t rendering much 3D graphics directly.

@MReis How is the OpenTrack (TrackIR) performance these days? Is it possible to get something close to a native VR experience, or is there tracking lag and such?

@Octofox While ‘3rd party tracking software’ may not be ‘necessary’, much of the benefit of VR is being able to look around a large area. The video you linked to does not have that. Anyway, I will look into trying SC next week - busy with XPlane and things at the moment.

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I used vorpx and its VR Mode - works - but it is so laggy its hard to tell how good/bad the tracking is
I dont use TrackIR any more - gave it to a friend since normally there is no use in VR and I really am not much into flat gaming any more :frowning: . I wanted to check out the FoiP as it also have some tracking stuff, but haven not checked.

Edit (You did mean the TrackIR in-Game of SC?)

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I meant using OpenTrack TrackIR emulation to cause SC to change where the camera is looking, without changing where the ship/player is pointed. What you describe thus far sounds like an awful experience, and I am not feeling optimistic about hacking VR support into SC externally as it is.

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@MReis I’m wondering how you got it to work?

Every time for me, the headset doesn’t load the game, only my monitor. The only way I have got it to work is via Virtual Desktop, which of course is not the same.

The new cold planet Microtech and New Babbage landing zone is absolutely stunning, especially if you wander into the wilderness and get caught in a blizzard, but it’s not optimised and even more of a performance hit than the rest of the game currently. But there are regular updates coming out at the moment to address it.


A few months ago I tried Vorpx + OpenTrack + SC, as the YTber suggested but no joy. When I saw this update video which cuts out OpenTrack and simplifies the process, I thought it might help, but it still doesn’t work for me

For me, if I can’t get the expected benefits of OpenTrack - if I can’t look around the canopy like I would in DCS World - I am not interested.

In fact, if I can’t get decent VR support for it, I am not really interested in SC, or any other game at all.

As far as I can tell from the amount of head adjustment options in the menu, it seems that they are still considering VR support and it was factored in. When official support is coming is another question - we may all have real spaceships by the time they achieve it


Bear in mind there are VR users, including Pimax users, who are running this and enjoying it. I’m trying to figure out how they are getting an image in the headset when I am not

I suspect they know perfectly well that between the supersampling required on any headset prior to the 8kX or maybe Reverb, current GPUs are not up to the task.

If other Pimax users are running this and enjoying it, I would really like what their experience is. When I used OpenTrack (TrackIR emulation) with Descent Freespace, it worked, and it was surprisingly immersive, but the experience was extremely painful.

I can’t say if the performance would actually be acceptable to me, but it seems to work for others. I’ll see what Mr Reis says about his setup.

I’ve followed two guides and nothing yet - the headset stays on the Pimax logo, so I’m trying to work what I have done wrong…

So VorpX is not kicking in?
Here is my VorpX File not sure if there is anything usefull in it

its associated to starcitizen.exe - if I Hit lauch in the RSI Launcher then VropX kicks in and the game starts.
Edit and yes also SteamVR as @mirage335 just noted

I don’t know how the headset would stay on the Pimax logo. You should have started SteamVR already.

@mirage335 you can look around the cockpit - its basically already in game but not perfect in the way its translated. In other areas and the 5k+ I have already spend a few hours in game - you need a damn good VR Stomach - but it was playable and enjoyable but far from perfect and only for the strong hearted :wink:

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Sorry yes you’re right SVR didn’t start. When SVR is running, I just get the grid.

Not that I can tell, no. How do you know? Does it show a Vorpx logo or something?

you need a damn good VR Stomach

This, I have. But I am afraid it will just suck to play SC in VR compared to the other things I could be doing.

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I didn’t see one on the dude’s video. Never mind, performance was never going to be great anyway, I’ll have a much more enjoyable experience on my monitor

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