Standard vs. Deluxe Headphone Version - Details, Upgrade Plan?

This topic was completely omitted during the live stream. My questions would be:

  • Is the Standard Headphone (which should be integral part of the strap) also included in the Deluxe Version, for the cases you do not want to put headphones on your ears (e.g. in workout apps)?

  • The Upgrade plans do not allow to chose between the Standard or Deluxe version, so I guess you will only get the Standard version. How can the Deluxe Headphone Version be ordered using an Upgrade Plan?


i like this to know too,so the price for a backer for the 8kx and the deluxe headphone version…

Where is this distinction between a Standard And Deluxe version head strap coming from? On the Pimax accessories page there is only one version of the head strap shown for $120. I know there was an earlier model shown that didn’t have the extended headphone piece shown on it, but I wonder if that was just an early version that has now been replaced with the one currently shown on the website

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I was under the impression that the MAS was modeller, ie you can add the over ear piece.

Hmm. I have ordered Plan A under the impression, that the headphones were standard headphones. And that the “deluxe” headphones are branded headphones that are HiFi. But both would be speakers on your ear. I really want the speakers on my ear, not an Oculus-quality-like (that is not a compliment) $5 speaker that are inside a strap that cannot produce any bass at all. What to do now? :confused:

The Modular Audio Strap is modular, so what I figured is you can take the headphones off to use your own. The item “8KX with standard headphones” shows headphones as well… on one picture attached, on one picture removed.

Could the OP please add a ? to the topic? Otherwise it’s misleading, getting people to come in here thinking they will be reading about some new deluxe headphone and an upgrade plan.


I’m even more confused as they added this option to the upgrade plans now, MAS which it comes with or more money for the deluxe version. They didn’t detail the difference at all in pimax day 2 between the two. At this point we should all get deluxe version included in the price of the 8k+ or 8kX considering how expensive they are and confusing they have made things!

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They have added it to the upgrade plan now!! I have ordered the one available before that!.. I expected the one with normal headphones. @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

Where can I write to? Use Helpdesk or

Since they make a mistake of not giving us the option to select Deluxe Headphone Version, they should now just upgrade it. I thought I am getting Deluxe all along lol.

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Considering the strap is the same, $100 more is for headphones only. Must be really high-end headphones…

With all the mods I’ve made, I’m thinking of taking the standard audio strap, mount my Vive DAS from 5K+ to 8KX and sell 5K+ with the Pimax “Rift S like” strap. The clips should be the same, or I’m wrong?

Unless the new headphones are so amazing…

They also removed the tax in the price calculation to Germany, which I have paid ($123). Others said they can order it without paying that upfront.

I am officially confused. I will wait for things to clear up and then write support next week.

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Did they ever answer this question? The Website does not allow me to add the Deluxe Headphone version.

I had this question all prepared and then found this thread, we need an answer to this question:

Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner

Can someone please help me with this question?

I am a current Pimax 5K Plus Owner, I want to get a “Pimax 8K X Deluxe Headphone Version”.

On the Pimax Store I don’t see an option to select the the “Pimax 8K X Deluxe Headphone Version”, it just says “Vision 8K X” for $ 1,099.00

Does anyone know of a way to select this or is the Deluxe Headphone included automatically?

@Matthew.Xu , @SweViver , @PimaxUSA , @PimaxVR

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i ordered the 8kx deluxe and kept my eye tracking coupon.
I could select this in the options.

It’s not the same apparently, it seems you were a backer correct?

I was not a backer, I pre-ordered and received my 5K Plus. They have a store page called " Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner" and there is no option to choose there.

Take a look at the page:

Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner

I want to order now, but I will not take the plunge until I’m sure I will get what I want, I wish the Pimax folks would answer this question.

Where is US Head of Operations and Company Spokesperson, Kevin Henderson when I need him…lol.

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Probably on his flight back from Shanghai to the East Coast.

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i was indeed a backer…

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@fgethers1 Hi, this upgrade plan includes headstrap. You can choose standard version or deluxe version. Thank you.

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Can people get both? So they can use what ever one they prefer at the time. Maybe over ear for beat saber and intergrated for skyrim.

The standard version was ordered before.