Didn’t click. Is it Rick Astley?

Finally got my tracking number!!:scream::grinning: Says it will be here tomorrow. I was one of the backers due in SH 1/7. So it took 11 days to get delivered if it shows up tomorrow. East coast United States.


Hopefully I will be getting mine soon too. I was also SH 1/7 but based in the UK.

Mine was in the same shipment. Seems like every headset going to the UK is getting caught up in customs or is taking its sweet time. Im praying for tomorrow but i doubt we will be getting them this week.

Did they send it via email or are you finding it via sure post or whatever?

Does anyone else with SH 1/7 also got their DPD UK tracking number few days ago and stuck on We’ve received your order details, and we’re expecting your parcel shortly???

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UPS notified me that I had a package coming. I didn’t receive anything from Pimax.

Nope because I am in the UK, delivery was SH 1/7 and still no tracking number. Fingers crossed it will be soon.

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Yes! Let us pray for a speedy delivery brothers and sisters. Godspeed to each and every Pimax parcel.

Well, i think it got stuck on some stupid customs…argh this world -.-

About god damn time…


No, checked my Mail more than twice today

how much does it weigh? I got one from DPD too but its not updateing and not giving me any hint where it came from just the weight of 0,300g?

Damn I think it is it!
Just got another DPD Message for the EVGA Plastik Part, much lighter so the first one must be the 3,14Max!
Sorry Excitement Posts… now just dont screw it DPD!

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Doesnt say the weight or anything.

Checked the DPD app and it had an update for me:

“Great news, we have your parcel and it’s on its way to you. Your parcel is due for delivery on Tuesday.”
Bingo !


Wtf so soon…mine says 28th this month…argh…maybe it will be sooner.

SUSPEN-1071, Thanks for replying, but I want to verify that I’m getting the right HMD, which version are you sending me, is that going to be added to the spreadsheet at some point?

It shows up if you use their APP - not on the website

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Aint living in UK therefor i cant use the app sadly. I am from Romania. Is there a way tho to use it in Romania aswell? I downloaded tho the app manually but aint got no uk phone number because it is requested…