is it the german version of the app? Where does the parcel number come from? Mail or automatic in App cause of the delivery adress?

How does it take 11 days from stoke. I would go and get it myself.

Edit: Ahh, it’s to Romania, then that explains it.

I had to give the tracking number wich was in a DPD Mail I have received. No other hint what was inbound till Dallas pointed out its on its way (no pimax mail). I then had to give the tracking number and postal code into the app to see that screen. Its the german version of the app - the mail and info was from DPD UK.

Me too :slight_smile:


okay thanks. I also got information 01/07 SH and waiting here in GER… so maybe in the next few days.

Tho thats like an estimation right? It can be here sooner right?

I got that one Yesterday, it changed this afternoon with : We have your parcel and it’s on its way to you

So i am happy.

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Welche Backernummer hast du?

Backerno. 3348


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@allocen it should work with a mobile number, i just gave it my international version of the german mobile number +49XXXXXXXX and it did not complain.
Edit: I am in Germany so also NONE UK - and it worked - but the app is the german version, the code from the UK DPD - it did not matter.

You dont get it…none of the dpd apps available works for RO, also the prefix +44 or +49 in your case are fixed, i cant change it. Maybe decompilng the app, looking for the prefix and force it to my country prefix but im way too lazy right now.

Sorry pal,i could not forsee that thing happening to you.
I just checked the German Web site - I can enter the Tracking number there, then just give my Postal Code and I get the Info also with the weight - no registration or what so ever, so maybe just enter your tracking code on dpd.de ? (Unless they check you IP…)

Are most of you 5K+'ers? I wonder how many 8K’ers are getting their units…

Unfortunately that’s hard to say, but looking at the production numbers could give you an idea.
110 8ks produced within the last 2 weeks.
275 shipped overall, that’s a plus of 8 units since the last week.

Alles klar, habe 42xx, muss wohl noch warten …


I’m backer 1298 and no tracking
Frustrating thing is I live in STOKE
I’d go pick it up myself lol


Better make mine ship faster if you live there :joy:

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Sorry, bro :slight_smile:

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Tuesday for me too 202020


Ich glaube so lange dauert das nicht mehr. So wie ich das verstanden habe haben die alles produziert und feuern das jetzt raus sobald sie alle nötigen Informationen haben. Ich bin nur ein paar Nummern vor dir #398x und habe in meinem SUPEN-Ticket schon die Meldung bekommen, dass sie es jetzt verschicken, aber noch keine Tracking-Nummer. Bei den Mengen könnte es gut sein, dass du deine sogar noch vor mir bekommst… Ist halt Lotto… :smiley: