So where is our DMAS? (Now Shipping)

I still haven’t got a shipping notice- I ordered nearly a year ago. I guess I’ll file a ticket.

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I received the DMAS yesterday,
getting the tracking number the day before,
and complaining 1 day before getting the tracking number.
In reality the DMAS was sent the 26/09/2021 without any communication whatsoever beside getting the tracking number 1 day before receiving it.
So far the sound is loud enough for me to make me shiver in game like pistol whip but I’m using also the software BOOM 3D which enhance the sound in any device.
I didn’t try without, the louder it is, the better.
I’m not an audio expert but the sound is cristal clear for me.
Maybe I would have prefered it louder but in the meantime it will preserve my ears


This is exactly what I was thinking.

I was thinking about the fact that for some reason Pimax clips aren’t received yet, as well as the standalone headphone strap.

But then I was thinking lets be honest. These things are so loud that they cannot possibly be used as headphones. There’s almost no use case for wearing them like that. Plus they are really bulky.

I can use the 3d printed adapters for the SMAS to clip them to, but I have a feeling that would make the headset even wider and im not sure if the VR Ears would be too far from my ears.

I can easily unscrew the DMAS to find out , but I really dont want to. The DMAS is definetly good enough, .

Some people are saying that the DMAS isn’t as good as the Index speakers. But when i tried the G2 for a month I don’t remember being blown away by them either. So for me not having the side by side comparison I don’t think the difference is big enough for me to care.


I also installed Boom3d. Even without it I find the DMAS loud enough. Im not sure why people want to go deaf.

I kind of dont like Boom3D because it tries to become the main audio device and I already use Voicemeeter and it becomes a nightmare managing which audio device and headset gets audio every time I switch from my Quest 2 to Pimax while also rocking my Woojer Vest.

A few days ago it took me 20 minutes to get all of the audio mirroring correctly.

I uninstalled Boom3d. ::slight_smile:

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i realy love boom 3d with the KDMAS,without it it sounds not that great.

When i get the DMAS i will try them first without boom 3d so i can compare the sound with the KDMAS and the G2 index speakers…

And then i go play around with boom 3d with the DMAS

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I’m looking at the KDMAS right now.

I have ordered these boxes (index speakers) and will install them in KDMAS.

I give feedback on whether it works.

the original DMAS is on its way to me. I’ll compare what’s better.

Maybe we can add index speakers.


I don’t know if the G2 is any different to index, but yes DMAS is pretty good until you realise what index can do on the bass side of things. It has been by said by pimaxusa that the pimax DMAS speakers are
are basically the same BMR’s as index speakers but just a couple of revisions on, still makes me think most differences are happening elseswhere.

As you’ve said not having anything to compare to, DMAS seems good enough to not worry, but curiosity has grabbed me to find out what can improve them when I can next be bothered to have a mess :smiley:


LOL, Pre ordered 8KX with upgrade sound OCT. 2019, Still nothing from PIMAX on where my sound system is ???

PIMAX is the best!


Well, I got a tracking number over a week for my Dmas, but after one week there is no update within the tracking website Pimax provided. Is that normal?


I had the same. 4PX didn’t pick the package up until after about a week or so, but it’s moving now.


Actually, it was more than a week:

4PX isn’t exactly express shipping either (at least not from what I’ve seen but that might have been because it was “AliExpress Standard Shipping” and was, apparently, via boat)… :slight_smile:

It looks like this is via airline so hoping it’s not as slow as that… :slight_smile:

It’s also known as Singapore Post I think.


That is exactly how mine looks at this point. I just checked


I believe this often just means that it’s waiting for the airline to allocate a slot for it on a flight.

I.e. “waiting to be loaded into a plane”.


OK, I guess that makes sense. I am so used to tracking system that properly show progress


I am still in Parcel received since the 26th :frowning:


and here’s mine, not exactly express :joy:


For a complete view of a tracking number to France:


Support (Summer) won’t respond to my messages in my ticket so I decided to cancel my 8KX+DMAS order. I write here so the forum can witness the progress.

Since she’s not responding maybe @PimaxQuorra can help me so my cancellation gets confirmed?

Cancel SO4681 and refund my money, please.



We sincerely regret for our CS Rep’s delay in responding to your problem.
I’ll leave a note for the other rep regarding your refund request.




I ordered a 8kx with DMAS (SO5225) a long time ago. I believe I ordered using the backer version of the website which I can no longer find. The current store did not recognise any account associated with my email address so I had to create a new one.

How do I ensure I get my DMAS delivery? Will they still be delivering to my address as per the Pimax 8kx order? Or are they waiting for me to confirm my shipping details on a page I can no longer access?