So where is our DMAS? (Now Shipping)

Sorry pimax,but this is unbelievable.
How can you let your customers who bought this ,wait for almost a year!
What a total letdown is pimax become…
People be aware if you buy something from pimax…I didnt want to say this…But it is the truth.


Ordered the SMAS on the 1st of December 2019. Later told to send a ticket to request change of SMAS to KDMAS as I have a 5K+.
Year later and I still don’t have it.
Waited 1 year and 3 months so far.
That’s 15 months or 466 days.

I will avoid Pimax in the future and definitely would not recommend them to anybody.


On Feb 26 I was emailed a tracking number for My KDMAS for my 8K+ I clicked on the tracking number and the shipper does not have it as of March 11. I glad I still have my Rift S as the headband that came with my unit is way too small.

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Got mine last week, it was a fast delivery as always.

Yes this is concerning that it is still delayed as it has been. In theory if pimax has finally figured out a real timeline with Accuracy we should see them start shipping by the end of the month.

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Actually at that time there was only the MAS there were no variety until mid to late 2020.

However it is disturbing as has been often that they didn’t look after early pre orders like yourself before releasing the Kdmas for general ordering.

Pimax had often not followed simple FiFO even by region of First Order First Out.

Releasing the ET in a near unusable state, not fulfilling pre orders on the MAS in terms of original 5k(+/XR), 8k and Artisan orders from 2019 and 2020.

And the CS issues in resolving simple RMA and Refunds is mind numbing.

Even with many customers stating the only reason they have stuck with pimax is the FoV.

In short if they continue to fail on this end as soon as any vr headset releases a 130+ Horizontal FoV headset at an affordable price…

It is ashame even with some of the flaws that Wearality hasn’t released or licensed there sky lenses. As they had 150° wide horizontal FoV without Canted displays no less.


Then your the first person in the world with a DMAS

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He ordered the Kdmas not the DMAS. Which early 2019 and 2020 orders should have been resolved before adding kdmas sku for general order.

Hey John…Did you see the Feb. 25 pimax update?
Read the important part here:) They say shipping by first or second week of April.
I ordered the dmas option when I bought my HMD too, but I’d rather Pimax worked out the bugs before shipping it to me, so I’m ok with this. Or do you think they should ship us products they know are flawed with the promise of fixing it later? Own any Microsoft stock? :slight_smile: I’m just glad to know they’re on the way, I’m looking forward to installing it!

Weekly Update

February 25th, 2021

DMAS Update

The production issues with DMAS have been resolved and we expect the first significant sized batch begin production the 2nd week of March with first shipments to begin 1 to 2 weeks later. We had hoped to ship DMAS prior to the Spring Festival but the production issue we previously mentioned prevented it.


The biggest issue folks have been having is the presale of these items with a scheduled released that is no where near close. Ie ready in 2 months morphing to several years.

A company should never presell a product without a clear release date. Sure it happens, but should be a rare occurance vs consistent. Now keep in mind I don’t consider kickstart backing in a pre order scenario. This is just pure pre ordering.

Then of course pimax has fulfilled new orders before pre orders making pre ordering kind of pointless.


You are right, and I ordered the KDMS and not DMAS, which I have no idea the difference.

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DMAS is off ear bmr similar to Index. Kdmas is on ear headphones.

If the same as the one that came with my 8KX, they aren’t missing anything.

I pre-ordered the 8KX + DMAS Nov 1st 2019 only because of the ol’ backer privileges I got.
1 year and 4 months (and counting) is still way too long even in the context of the pandemic (the backer waiting was rough).
I will for sure never pre-order from Pimax again. They’re a bit too slow for my taste. The-market-is-changing-too-much-kinda-slow.


No that is the SMAS above ear. The DMAS is index style off ear using from what has been said same bmr drivers(not sure on same as the index is 4Ohm and the spec sheet published says something 5.74 Ohms?).

The SMAS was not a good pairing.


Indeed even HP had adopted similar practises like fulfilling non pre orders first in some regions.

Getting to the point pre orders in general may soon be pointless as your not getting the option of being first vs an order after release.

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“Actually at that time there was only the MAS there were no variety until mid to late 2020.”

That cannot be true at all! When I ordered it there was the choice between the Standard MAS and the Deluxe MAS.
Sometime in 2020, early on I think we were told that the SMAS wouldn’t work on the 5K+ and later they came out with the KDMAS and we were told to open a ticket to request the order to be changed to that.

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Just checked. It was June 2020 that I learned that the SMAS would not work and in July I was told to request to change the order from the SMAS to the KDMAS.

I might have part of the detail not complete. But as mentioned June 2020 you learned of the incompatibility. Which was heaven sent as predicted the SMAS was not a good option.

Either way they need to get these early orders fixed asap on Kdmas switch and shipped out.

I agree with you completely. How can the KDMAS show as sold-out on the store if they haven’t even fulfilled pre-orders yet?

Just read on their weekly update that there is a delay in UK shipments so looks like I’ll have to wait longer.

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