So where are all the 8kX reviews? (1d left for upgrade-program)

It was said there will be “some” 8kx reviews to make a proper decision…
Now the backer update program ends already tomorrow and there is only a short review from MRTV at VRDays in Amsterdam (besides Sweviver’s vids ofc) :frowning:

Don’t know how others feel about it but even with discount 1.000 USD for the solo HMD is a whole lot of money to me…
Pimax still talks about prototype versions (V4) in their updates.
IMHO Pimax demands a bit too much trust of the bakers here (again)

-Couldn’t the program be extended a bit, e.g. end of January after CES when a lot of ppl actually could try it out?
-Is there any refund option to send it back (even on own costs) if the headset doesnt keep up to its promises (shop only states a 30-Day Price Match Guarantee)?



The backer updgrade programs will be extended, we will announce this asap.


Thx SweViver, great news, i just found this from Konger like a second ago (forum search is a mess) :wink:

Then lets keep the fingers crossed there will be some more in depth reviews and a final-like 8kX (with fully working cables) @CES :grimacing::star_struck:


There will be many for sure, including MRTV and VoodooDE, as they will recieve 8KX units after CES.


The current upgrade program is extended to Jan 31 see December 2019 Updates.

As SweViver said more details after CES on extension. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah this is being worked on. With the December 2019 Update thread. Switch it To Watching.

In January the Announcement Category will Open & Updates will go there.

New forum layout is slowly being implemented. There will also be guides to help folks use the forum better.


Just, how would one know to watch this particular unpinned thread? And even then it’s just a vague announcement with the official statement still lacking, less than 24hrs before the program officially expires. I know all of this far from being your fault nor even responsibility and I totally appreciate your commitment and efforts here. It just, once again, emphasizes on the communcation problem Pimax still has.

Even faced with the same questions creating new threads over and over again it seems more improtant to Pimax letting us know that Alyx is included when placing a preorder on the controllers instead when exactly (!) customers that intend to or even already have put their money on the counter can expect their money’s worth delivered.

It would really help the situation to have pinned threads, locked for public comments on the separate SKUs they are accepting orders but still at a undefined state:

Current confusion is on these items:
Stretch goals
Separate backed pledges aside of stretch goals (MAS, cables, bases, …)
Sword/Index controllers n(put ther Alyx included announcement here :wink: )
shipping terms/prices/taxes/VAT
Coupons issued being not accepted

And: for gods sake, separated threads. All these items and production/logistic challenges and thus true release dates are completely unrelated and might shift indepentendly, no, not might, will, actually already have when @SweViver stated CES would see 8K+ and MAS “prototypes” while the last update stressed 8K+ would start shipping no later than December (actually how, if it’s supposed to have MAS included which IMHO seems highly unlikely to meet he last communicated shipping late January (even more if quite some of the team will be involved fueling CES) if there is no gold sample at this point.

I think, communication aside, a general issue Pimax has at this point, is trying to project the crowd fund principle they succeeded onto their regular business model by trying to collect money on items they do not have ready yet. I feel they should have made Sword, 8K+/8KX and Artisan rather another KS/Indiegogo campaign and create special former backer perks. But that’s another story.


It is a pinned thread.

However if you don’t change Topic from Normal to Watching you could miss a post. The Anouncement Category if setting works all should be Automatically set to Watching (if setting takes for both new & previous members)

8k+ has said to be shipping. MAS is last reported to Start shipping in Mid January.

Index Package upgrades will get Alyx.


Wasn’t the December update sent via email too?


Yes a few of them were sent out via KS update


I do agree they need to get out of Pre Order scenarios until the the production line is at least producing the product to avoid Star Citizen & other things more like STEM KS situations of delayed release.


I am happy to say that I will be joining the Pimax team at CES this year and plan to post my thoughts here after I finally get to try the 8K+ and 8KX … OH and I also hope to do a more in depth first impressions video and review If I am lucky enough to receive unit afterwards for a more thorough evaluation so stay tuned! []-)


thank god! been worried about this

Don’t worry guys, the end-date will get a proper delay.

lol, sorry I just can’t help myself anymore


With $261 millions in funding, Star Citizen is on path to a limitless and awesome experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure when ever it finally releases. Ark Survival has been imho kept in it’s case Early Access on steam; which it really isn’t with all the dlc addons released. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

But yeah STEM is a better example vs Starcitizen.


@Heliosurge, In the end I got my money back from STEM KS. That project really got outdated by Valve tech fast


Yes but Horrible they Not only strung KS Backers for 4 years but also Pre Orders that they took during the KS

Imho I suspect folks only got there 4 year investment with no interest paid back due to Sixense(sp?) Due to selling the technology.

Their demo truthfully looked like it might have been better but at the price not good.

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Hi Heliosurge, still no oifficial confirmation on how long the backer upgrade program will be available? I am still collecfting money on my end here… and, would that now be in the December update thread, the January, February… ? :wink:


It will be available AT LEAST until the end of this month. Don’t worry.