So what's the Update now?

It’s the 10th in Asia so some plans are definitely already made.

In another project(woojer) they said factory workers in China can’t return until the 18th.


I’m curious about the office in Shanghai since it should be open now.

More importantly I think people want to know if the 80Hz thing for the 8KX is still a WIP thing and other developments.

I think everyone here knows production will be delayed a lot.


An update on the expected return to office and overall impact of the Corona-virus-related delays on the schedule would be fitting. I do assume the leadership team of the company has been able to communicate with each other during the past week albeit not being physically in the Shanghai offices yet ?


The ofice is open, i just got an email


I imagine it will take a few days to see how supply chains and people are affected by the shutdowns, so I wasn’t expecting a proper update on the 8KX immediately.


Pimax is located in Shanghai, right? I think we won’t get something solid for a while.


Hello Axacuatl,

We been told the CoronaVirus did affect on the supply-chain lead time, it will delay our work. But basically, our colleagues are now working from home, CS Team, Logistic Team, IT Department and etc, they are back on their position and serving you guys.
Hopefully everything will be fine and we can catch up some times on the production.

Have a nice day.



Thank you for the reply. I hope the infection is soon in decline and the entire country can get back on its feet.


I already read something about a cure or vaccine, so I hope this will soon all be over or contained


Lets just make sure of one thing, Yes a delay sucks but what your country is going through really sucks and you all staying safe and not putting yourselves at risk and your country healing from this disaster is much more important and we can wait for our headsets. Wish you all the best and speedy recover from the U.S.


It might make sense to pay attention with parts coming from suppliers. Newer studies indicate that the virus might be able to survive up to 9 days on inanimate surfaces: Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents - ScienceDirect (apparently they mainly tested with related human Corona virus tribes but not the currently spreading one)
So perhaps better order a larger batch, let it rest for a safety period and then proceed?

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Does that mean we can start to get our return labels for loan units soon?

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Just my .02c - internal communications spiking big time, lots of activity. Good stuff.


I guess communication maybe spiking because hardly anyone in the Chinese office can perform any physical work as they wisely stay away from any work-related commuting which means they are not in the offices/assembly lines.

This is obviously the right thing to do, health beats any other priority.

Perhaps it is a chance that people get some time to breathe and think, not being captured in the usual hassle of duties. This may give more space for a deeper consideration of certain issues which otherwise always get buried under the day2day treadmill and it may pay off later on that the guys had to take their hands of the work for a couple of days…

To cite a famous Dutch philosopher: each downside has an upside contained in it…


as the HTC president also stated.


Also from the same article:

can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute.


Currently this paper seems to be in pre-proof phase. (On first sight from people who should know what they are talking about though). If it should turn out to be valid for 2019-nCoV also then it would be good to give concrete instructions how such a desinfection is supposed to happen in a safe way. (What would be the suggested next step if a still packaged stack of palettes full with parts arrives?)

You mean .02 dollar I’m sure. But great news! Almost information but makes me feel good!


The article also seems to be in the CDC paper list now:
So there is hope we’ll hear either a refutation (that it doesn’t apply to 2019-nCoV for some reason the authors were not aware of) or an extension of precaution measures from official side soon, understanding and communicating all spread vectors early on is key.

This is imho one of the cases where public knowledge about open questions can help the politicians to counter objections from economic interest groups when it comes to communication of measures.