So my 8k plus arrived today in 3 days from aliexpress,here are my impressions

So here it is, while waiting on my 8kx and now i can compare it with my valve index.

The comfortkit looks nice too

Only i thought that these things( see picture below) that they where changing it to metal poles? Its still plastic

After trying the pimax 8kplus i have alot off light bleed from the sides so i needed to put these things on the sides:

Now i have only a little lightbleed under the nose.

So how did the picture look,

Its comparable with the valve index,maybe a little better…(so thats a good thing over the bigger field off view)

Also less glare then the index(this is sometimes to much)

The overlap on the sides is still a little distracting on the pimax.
Colors are a step up from my old 5kplus also the blacks are a little better…

Screendoor is about the same as the index,maybe a little less but i dont think so…
The index wins for me with the sharpnes,but the overall picture off the pimax 8kplus is very very good…

Its maybe a little softer(the scaler maybe?)

I played pavlov,contractors,some boneworks and walking dead.Some slight hickups but for most part it runs good…

And i tried bigscreen,this looks good on the pimax 8kplus…Still some screendoor but very minimal.Its very immersive!So please Pimax bring a good Audio deluxe mass solution so you can enjoy the movie theater sound!

comfort wise its without the mass audio strap not so good for me,so i need the mass.

So now i am realy like to see what the 8kx can bring with the increased sharpness.

I am gonne test some more,but i dont know yet if i am gonne keep it.Maybe i stay with the index till my 8kx arrives we will see…

By the way the packaging was also alot better.


By the way i tried just skyrim but it crashes after a while on the latest pitool?

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How do colors/contrast/black levels compare to the Index?


they are about the same…a little bit better blacklevels maybe.


Thanks for feedback!
I am surprised about the SDE that I found really really good on the 8k+, I have hard time to believe it somehow similar to the Index.
I could expect this about the Artisan but not the 8k+ really. :thinking::thinking:


Hello there,its because you have a wider field off view i think,but the panels look good on the pimax 8kplus.

Edit… i had change a ini file to run 120hz on the index,now its not crashing anymore on the pimax i hope

I have both 8k+ and Index. I think 8k+ has less SDE and higher effective resolution than Index. I have done side by side test through the lens of the same scene. Index wins in the consistency of the clarity across the whole FOV, and it’s more comfortable visually and on the head. I retired my Index for higher resolution of 8K+, but I really wish the latter could have more consistent visual across the whole FOV.


In my opinion the 8k+ is much better than Index in clarity, screen door, Colors, and resolution. The index is more comfortable without the mas ( more will be revealed), and gets better performance. But the glare is horrible, especially in Siners and Saints. Also Index gets light bleed around the sliding part of the headset. I personally can see details in 8k+ that I can’t see in the index or any other headset I’ve used as far as that goes.


Why would you stick with the Index for now if the 8K+ has practically the same or better resolution but a wider field of view? I think the field of view is the game changing factor for immersion.


The comfort of the index is on a whole different level. Both Pimax 5k+ using the deluxe audio strap and the oculus quest causes slight pain after a while of use. Index on the other hand feels perfect in terms of comfort with no discomfort after hours of use.

From the looks of it Pimax’ MAS will be great so I am excited for that.


Hello there,

I have problems with the overlap from the lenses in de pimax.

The outer left and the outer right you see the overlap in the pimax 8kpus(or what it is called?)Its very distracting

Maybe i cant get close enough to the lenses with the new comfort MAS?@sweviver?
If the comfort mas was lower in height then the problem should be less for me.

I will test some more,but i have a feeling the index is better for me(exept for the glare)

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I did some more testing today,and indeed the screen door is a little less on the pimax 8kplus.But for me the colors pop just a little more on the index.(its realy close)But for the rest they are good screens much better then my old 5kplus.

i tried also pavlov on 72hz but that didnt feel right for me(will the 8kx on 72hz feel exactly the same? @sweviver?

For now i am gonne sell the 8kplus and wait for my 8kx,and play the meantime on my valve index.

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Yeah from my experience you really need to do several A/B testing series, like switch 10 times in a row between the headsets to really get a good idea when comparing headsets. If you leave too much time between that, your memory might play tricks on you. It’s important to do them in a row and try them in different games

I’m expecting the 8k+ to have slightly better screendoor than the Index, but I’m expecting the index to have slightly better colors.


Have you changed the max steamvr resolution?

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No i play on normal view mode and pitool at 1 and steam at 100%,is it better to change the max steam vr resolution also then?And how?

When swapping between My 5K+ and index, the only thing that put me off of the Pimax was the geometry in the Pimax look off, where as the index looks spot on. its a bit like looking at 720p stretched to 1080p but keeping the horizontal the same, bit over the top explanation but you get the idea.


hi Cees, with pitool at 1 and steam vr 100% your undersampling while the 8k+ needs supersampling. I get a total res of 3080 x 2682 with those settings wich is to low.
Use roughly 3840 x 3220 as a total res and get much better results and try a bit of ingame ss
If you like a sharper steamvr dashboard crank it up with high pitool ss and low steamvr ss if you need a bit more performance use low pitool and high steamvr ss. Steamvr dashboard is slightly more blurry but ingame it’s the sharpness the same
Have you openvr advanced settings installed? (user/Appdata/Local/openvr) is steamvr.vrsettings you can set “maxRecommendedResolution” : 16384, under steamvr. It helps.
If you haven’t installed openvr its in your default steamdir/config


Hi John. There is a setting somewhere in a file that caps the max resolution that steam VR will output and it is too low so it hobbles the 8k+. No matter what your other settings are. I highly recommend changing it!

I’ll try dig out one of the threads that has the instructions when I get home. But Jereon is correct for the steamvrsettings and the maxrecommendedresolution.


"hello there,if i do that the performance gets a little choppy(even with a rtx2080ti and a i9900k)
But if i lower the pitool sampling,doesnt that also decrease the ingame resolution?
So that i have the same what i already got with my old setting?