So much for the monday update...Pimax Missed the boat again

As @anon23564932 promised there will be some monday update but guess wut, NONE! Their production is moving slower than a worm. Dont you even start guys with, common manufacturing issues, we have to understand as so on… Honestly, i do not give a damn about about their issues. Its their problem to fix it not ours to find excuses for them. At this rate barely if 500backers will get their headsets by Christmas (this is the reality tbh), not even 90% of backers as @PimaxVR promised. This is again a failed promise and we should stop finding excuses for them and push them from behind to fix their manufacturing problems faster!


there is 8KX october update due as well.


It’s good that you don’t give a damn about their issues - maybe you can fracking shut the hell up about them for a change - because most of us don’t give a damn about YOU.


Feeling better now?
Calm down for fs sake.
You help no one with this. They give even less answers and Infos since the tone got rougher…


Of course they might be charging around America arranging Pimax days and not be in touch with the factory and what’s going on.

Oh shut up, you must be one of the guys that received already his headset so you don’t care about the rest anymore.
This is about a failed promise, again that 90% of the backers will receive their headsets by christmas. At current rate this is impossible. Am i really the only one here pissed about this failed promise again? And more lies about updates? They are super quiet lately!

Allocen you might as well accept pimax uses their own measure of time. Accusing folks as not caring is foolish at best.

Backers whom are confirmed to have recieved headsets are marked with Pi symbol 5k+ or 8k as @TheSwanCollective reccommended.


@anon23564932, some updates this time will be a god given…

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Just keep in mind those whom don’t care & have the headsets wouldn’t spend time here all that much unless Virtual desktop. :wink:


I suppose that now is time for a explanation. Because a company need to have a good PR who talks with consumers every day.

We don’t need “all” information (but… at this time is possible that we need it).


No company does that.


Perhaps the delay is on purpose due to all these issues early backers are having? I mean with this amount of problems in the first 100 produced. Just imagine if 1000 were sent

Would you be sending out more units with multiple people telling you the cable was intermittent?


So much for a day without @allocen whining and telling everybody else how poorly his social skills are developing…


Did I miss the post or statement where they promised that 90% of folks would have headsets? I recall them saying that there was a 90% chance they would be able to ship to all backers by xmass. Much in the same way that a chance of rain of 90 percent can mean no rain at all. They were assuming that they would have no supply issues…they have supply issues. It is what it is. If they were shipping out bad headsets but shipping 100 a day would you be happier?

That said no telling us anything is not the way to go and keeping the backers updated is always a good idea. People get far less angry when they know what is going on.


Guys they were on Vacati- , I mean VR roadshow in the US. They probably just got back and are waiting for info on how production/shipping is going.


A ‘Pot calling the Kettle black’ moment if I ever saw one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually it was “90% sure that most of the backers will get their headsets before Christmas”

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Excuse me? I (unlike Massa @allocen) do not daily rant the latest conspiracy theory about why the universe is not revolving around my non-delivered headset.

Don’t know what alternate reality you have been inhabiting, but you need to check your facts before you post.

Have a nice day

My company. And all companies with I work. It appears I’m very lucky.

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It’s possible as often they are quiet til they have a favorable answer.