So much for the backer discount

Not sure I like these “discount” prices. The new HMDs come with the modular Audio strap already, So if you buy the new HMD they should still give you your stretch goal one too. Also they screwed us on the eyetracking (though $99 price is not bad). They are saving all this money by not having to give us these stretch goals but not really giving us a discount at all. The prices also include $100 downgrade coupon (because we paid more for the 5k+)

So lets say you go for the 8k+ its normally 1k.

They will give it to you for 750 + shipping.

750 +100 Downgrade coupon + $150 worth of stretch goals. = 1k

We are getting NO DISCOUNT and no eye-tracking.

And I guarantee there will be sales on the 8K+ after this offer is removed
This is not good look for this company


I dont think its a discount…more like giving up what you have.


you’re forgetting taxes, it’s almost $240 with both taxes and shipping, no matter where you live.


And how they bigged it all up on You tube.
I wonder if Sweviver would be so enthusiastic about the deals if he didn’t work for Pimax? :triumph:


Yes, I’m also very disappointed with @SweViver. As there is effectively no discount at all, only a reallocation of allready spend money/promised discounts, were the backers get the worse out of it. Even a refund of the controller money (150$) and buying them directly from valve would be sheaper. And a cancellation of the 100$ downgread coupon for anything but this stupid plans is feeling like theft.
This is bullshit and no great deal. Decency would be to make a true statement like: “we can’t afford a discount”


We’ve been thru this discussion about swevivers impartiality and it ended up in disaster, so probably a wise choice to not bring up this subject again.


Just trying to characterize the current situation impartially.

As many have already calculated, the most beneficial option for backers is the “current owners program”, in which we simply get a discount of 8K + at $ 150, and at 8KX - $ 200.

At first glance, options A and B might seem delightful. According to “Plan A”, the full-package backers who switched to 5K + could get 8KX for $ 649 !! (1299 - 649 = $ 650). $ 650 is minus 50% of the price for ordinary customers, miracles.

But not so simple.
What does such a grand discount include?
And here everything is very simple.

  • $ 300 - controllers and stations LH 2.0. ( is the money of the backers, for which we should receive more worthy rewards, and not a discount in the same amount on headsets, which the current 8K should have become)

  • $ 100 - a coupon for a decrease from 8K + to 5K + (in fact, this is the money of backers who are held by Pimax).

  • $ 100 - a discount for rejecting all stretched goals (which is again disadvantageous)

  • $ 150 ($ 100 + $ 50 until 12/31/19) - Pimax net discount for backers for a headset worth $ 1299.

ps: There is no point in considering “Plans C / D”, they are at the same prices as the plan “for current owners”, but with the loss of all stretch goals. (Only for those who switched from 8K to 5K +, you need to find a way to use the $ 100 coupon in another way.)

And I could consider options A and B if base stations and controllers were priced at least $ 500-600. (I suspect that their cost will actually be even higher. One LH 2.0 base station costs $ 149 from Valve, consider it yourself).
And here at this moment lies the biggest minus in these plans of the becker (not counting the rejection of all the stretch goals).

If this plan “for current owners” is valid for all backers, then this can be considered the maximum discount for both them and current owners ( Total $ 150 and $ 200 for 8K and 8KX, respectively )

That is, at the moment, the backers have been equated to the current owners.

It is unclear why Pimax is so with us, for all the support on Kickstarter and more than 2 years of expectations / experiences, a lot of time, etc.
We can say that we all together helped build new headsets.

As a result, we are forced to buy them at a standard discount, as for the current owners.

Anyway, I intend to get 8K +, and not 8KX.

There are several reasons for this.

  1. I want to get what I supported on Kickstarter (4K RGB on the eye).

  2. I do not see much difference between 8K + and 8KX (And I know how Pimax 4K works with upscaling, so here I am fine)

  3. Performance.
    I suspect that in the next couple of years, most of the owners of 8KX will most likely use the mode with upscaling from 2560x1440 to 4K.
    (And in a couple of years you can buy 8KX by selling your 8K +, if 8KX really deserves it).

  4. Price. The difference, though, is $ 200 for backers, but it’s still money that can benefit elsewhere.

In any case, I intend to get 8K +, despite the fact that I will have to pay “$ 849 + shipping” to the plan “for current owners”.
I will try to sell my 8K for $ 500, and the improvement will cost me about $ 400

In general, it turns out that I’m overpaying something in the region of $ 400 and plus $ 891 paid on kickstarter
Total: I pay about $ 1,300 at the moment for the full 8K + package, thanks to Pimax.
In fact, I pay so much for 8K +, which should have been 8K from the very beginning.
And on this I lose about $ 400 (if I successfully sell my 8K).

In fact, for me it looks like updating my screens in 8K for $ 400 :roll_eyes:

It would be better if I just sent my 8K back to Pimax for a replacement with 8K + and paid them $ 400.
But Pimax, as always, decided to go the most difficult way for backers :japanese_goblin:


In my case the balance is the following : 1 plegde for a Pimax 8K and 1 base only (I’m playing flight sim only). then I changed for a Pimax5K+.
So I can consider that Pimax owe me :
The 8K=>5K+ coupon : 100 $
The base cost : 75$ + 10 $ (cost given in 2018)
The MAHS and other kickstarter bundle : let’s say it’s 120 $, commercial price of the MAHS.
Total = 305 $

The standard upgrade cost is 1100 $, the “Plan A” upgrade cost is 649$ 1100$-649$ = 451 $
Pimax owe me 305 $, win of plan A for me is 451-305 = 146 $

But if I had ordered 2 bases, it would be only of 75$, and if had also ordered controlers it would be a loss for me !

But, even if in my case I have a positive balance, upgrading for a 8KX will cost me more than my kickstarter pledge, in a context where:

  1. this is no more a kickstarter, Pimax is now acting in a standard commercial, they achieved their goal
    and are now a standard company.
  2. there is no delivery date written in purchase order (I did not pay but go to the end of the process to order)
  3. there is no review of the product outside of people paid by PIMAX now.

So for the moment I will wait some independant review and a delivery date before making a decision.
If I do not engage an upgrade order, I hope that Pimax will propose us a easy way to use the 8K downgrade coupon and that I will be able to order my base. That seems still unclear for me.

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For people who just backed the 8K HMD (and then “downgraded”) the best deal would likely be to not buy right now. Wait for them to send all your backer items. Then wait for the pimax 8k+ to go on sale (maybe black Friday? ) and use your $100 “downgrade” discount. you will probably get the best deal then.

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I don’t disagree but this will require all “downgrade” backers to ‘go to the mattresses’ with Pimax on the ‘downgrade’ credit having NO expiration date… You know they will try.

A fight with Pimax on the downgrade credit being universally applicable to all Pimax products/accessories is still required. Again, if Pimax has their way, its can only be used for selecting an upgrade option… which his completely against previous commitments.

Hmm I do not remember them ever saying it could only be used for upgrades. When you got it said it could be used on any pimax product. This is not the $100 wireless coupon

“if you are an 8K / X backer and decide to switch to 5K+, we will provide you $100 coupon to purchase accessories (modules etc.) in our online store”

So Hoodthunk might be right. Might have to battle for this. Its obvious pimax’s goal is not have to send all the backer stretch goals.

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He specifically said it in a post…

No doubt, folks are furious about this… as we all should be

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Yes this is 100% against what they offered when they gave this downgrade option as you can read in the above kickstarter update. Now I am PISSED!!

Also have this email from them about the downgrade:

" Greetings from Pimax VR company!

We are about to ship your Pimax headset!
We will deliver your package asap according to the information you fill out in the questionnaire.
We will provide $100 coupon for backers that switch 8K to 5K+.

You can use the coupon in whatever Pimax produced:

  1. Accessories: headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame;
  2. Modules produced by Pimax. e.g. hand motion, wireless etc.
  3. Pimax controllers;
  4. When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.

You can use both wireless coupon and the $100 coupon with 5K+ ($200 in total) to buy wireless module.
Since the accessories are not available now, you can use the $100 coupon in the future. "