So I contacted UploadVR

Subject: One of your authors has publicly accused Pimax of creating a cult

I thought you should be aware that David Heaney, who recently published an article on Pimax ( Pimax Controllers Look A Lot Like Valve's Early 'Knuckles' Prototypes ), has publically vilified Pimax kickstarter backers as being in a cult:

"the amount of salt in this thread proves that Pimax is now a cult. When faced with reality, its followers act as all cults do. Deny deny deny. Invent a new reality. Attack the messengers. Believe it will all be magically solved any day now (in software). Claim anyone pointing out flaws in the products is “against VR’s progress. Cult*.”


This individual lacks any credibility to objectively report on Pimax technology and should have his articles on the subject removed.


James Heaney has gone too far this time, masquerading his crusade against Pimax and their backers as objective journalism. He is against VR’s progress.

I encourage you to make your voice heard to UploadVR, here:


The text you quoted is not in the page you linked. Maybe you got James to change it?

But it is weird that they say that Pimax changed to knuckles style in April. I could’ve sworn that Pimax said during the kickstarter that they were looking at making a knuckles style controller. But updated #7 definitely addressed this on Oct 17:

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Yup, we are The Cult, we are The Cargo Cult, we are The Tracking Number Cult.
Oh, Pimax God! Give us your tracking number!


Well he kind of is right. We have certainly a couple of, very loud, people here on this forum behaving like that. Obviously not all, but there’s most certainly a cult side present here on this forum (just like with Tesla, Apple or other products like that by the way).


Follow the other link. He said Pimax was a cult on Reddit, prior to reporting on Pimax for UploadVR.

His factual inaccuracies in that article are a direct result of his admitted bias against Pimax.


Which ones specifically?

David Heaney is in the worst troll category and I can’t believe anyone would publish without checking anything about them. He has said over and over anyone interested in Pimax is a total idiot.


My argument isn’t whether or not Pimax Kickstarter backers are cult worshipers, my argument is that a person who openly accuses us of being cult worshipers shouldn’t be the journalist charged with reporting on Pimax for the top VR blog on the internet. Critical journalism should at least attempt to hold objective bias, and this author clearly does not. They should find someone else to report on Pimax.


I haven’t been following this guy. But can you post a link to that? I don’t think anyone interested in pimax is an idiot at all. If he really said that, then he was the idiot himself.


Heaney is playing pimax down & blowing up it’s flaws.
Some are playing it up & skimming over it’s flaws.
Look for the facts in the middle of the 2.
I believe the pimax headsets will be a big success but I also believe were in for a bumpy ride


Well I kind of agree. Journalists shouldn’t have bias. But man, if you look at reality, most journalists at newspapers like the New York times literally HATE trump, still they report on him. I guess we’re all human and everybody has their bias. Yet of course I agree that bias in general is very bad in journalism.


A good community is diverse, different, mixed and we have that. We have fans, critics, loud, intelligent, quiet and even the odd conspiracy theorists and we challenge and raise all sorts of discussions, it’s actually a top forum this.

To be a cult you just ban everybody but the most loyal fans but that hasn’t happened (thanks Helio). If we suddenly get new moderators then who knows :wink:


Yeah that’s true. If some of those cult types would be in charge, this whole forum would indeed become a cult. And there are forums like that out there.


Mainly the baseless speculation stemming from a false premise, that premise being that Pimax controllers are thumbpad only, when backers have a choice between thumbpad, thumbstick, or a mix of the two. Even cursory research would have revealed this fact, so given his transparent agenda, I am led to believe his deception is deliberate. He could have made the argument that Pimax controllers are inferior without resorting to untruths, but he chose to portray them as being different than they actually are.

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Okay, sure, but technology reviews shouldn’t be political debates.

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Just saying I think it’s hard to be 100% unbiased and if it doesn’t even happen in professional news papers, then it’s probably an illusion to think it will happen in tech articles. Yet, sure, bias sucks.

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I think there is a line between bias and zealotry. Bias would be where one states a problem and embellishes it one way or the other. A zealot will of course characterize problems highly negatively (or positively) but they will also go after people with opposing views personally. Some get “triggered” and do it occasionally but consistency is how you spot a zealot.


Here’s another good example:

It’s obvious the glee he takes in Pimax’s demise. He not only thinks they have failed, he wants them to:

RIP Pimax. I hope all the people who read my post 9 months ago and still decided to give $800 to these Chinese scammers are happy with their purchase.

Salty af.


Oh, that is ‘the’ Heaney from /r/Oculus? The grand leader of the oculus fanboys cult! :rolling_eyes:

I’ve never seen anyone so intent on twisting and spinning facts to ensure oculus is maintained in a highest of light and everything and everyone else to be considered dirt.

The insufferable fanboy that Palmer Luckey once referred to Heaney as continues to be beyond capable of any reasonable product review without ensuring if it’s not oculus it’s not good enough.

I’ve seen plenty of negativity in /r/vive and /r/oculus with regards to pimax, but the overall tone is very different in the Oculus side, with much more protective behaviour from some. Granted its still a vocal minority that just crops up ‘a lot’ with which Heaney being around the top of that list! I’m not tarring everyone with the same brush here, just the irony of the mention of a pimax cult.

I looked at that article and you can just see straight away the fact he mentions ‘lack of thumbstick’ as something to put people off when we know that’s something pimax have been offering a choice of options since the Kickstarter. Thanks for making me realise who that is writing there!


In that link he calls Pimax “Chinese scammers” - says it all about him and his credibility :roll_eyes: