So after hours of tweaking, I figured out the BEST and easiest way of supersampling. Here’s how

First, you go here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings

(Or wherever you’ve installed steamvr). Then find this in that file using notepad:


Change the value from 4096 to 8192.

Then set PiTool to 1.0 at all times (when playing steamvr games). Now, all you need to do is enter the game, then when it’s loaded, you can open openvr advanced settings and change steamvr SS to whatever you like ON THE FLY. YES. You don’t need to restart the game to see the effects of changing steamvr SS. I went to the lab, and kept changing the SS from inside the game and it was changing as soon as I was moving the slider. And it would get SO sharp at >2.0 SS since there’s no limit to the resolution because of the 4096–>8192 change that you did at first.

However, parallel compatibility needs to be off or else you need to restart the game everytime you change the steamvr SS.

And for oculus games from pitool, I noticed that changing pitool SS WHILE in game did indeed change the resolution instantly too. So restart not needed with oculus games either (except for the annoying case of needing parallel compatibility)

And oh boy is it SHARP. I went into the “vortex” section in the lab, and even though I wasn’t expecting that much, I was BLOWN AWAY by how incredible it looked. Was legit smiling the whole way through of that level (I put steamvr SS to 2.2 lol, while keeping pitool at 1 as I said above). Oh and also, better to put at 72 hz imo. Looks just like 90 but with better performance. Let me know if you try this and tell us how it goes

EDIT: the reason why i said change pitool from 2 to 1, is this: when you have pitool at 2, you can have the steamvr SS to be at 0.1 only. Anything above 0.1 will have terrible fps, because it jumps from having 3k resolution, to 4k, then 5k, then 6k for 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 steamvr SS values, etc… However, if you put pitool at 1 or 1.25, you can have much much better control over the overall resolution. Then, when changing steamvr SS values, instead of going from 3k to 4k to 5k after every 0.1 increase, it changes from 3k to 3.1k to 3.2k after every 0.1 steamvr SS increase. (Not the exact values but you get my point, you can have more precise control over total resolution this way)


This sounds great,will try when I get home from work :grin::grin:


Seems a winner!! Well done sir!


This is making me excited


Cool tip, I’ll have to try this later!

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The Pimax bro’s said we should use the PiTool SS settings because it did more than just resolution bumping. I wonder what that more is


Man, I really need the auditors to bugger off so I can go home and play…this work stuff really does just get in the way.

Actually, I’m starting to feel a bit odd, maybe I should go home and cough have a little rest…


I’ll try for sure tonight and report here my feelings :wink: Thanks for sharing man


Changing it from 4096 to 8192, does that do anything by itself? Or it just changed the Recommended Max Resolution setting, allowing you to go higher in SS?

Basically does changing it to 8192 do anything by itself, or do you still need to change SS values?

Nube VR. Pre-order.
I received my 5K plus last week from only ordering it in November 24 came very quickly comparable to the long wait.
I jumped on this settings profile & saw big clarity difference
I am running PiTools at 1.75. Steam at. 100.
But will change pi. Too 1.0 and bump steam ss up more.
72 hrz. Rocks. Version 103.
Thx to all the forum…


Ahh glad it works for you too!! Yeah better to change pitool to 1.0 so you could have better incremental changing by just using steamvr ss


i’m pretty sure it does change by itself. Since after i did it, with pitool still being at 2 (which i said in my post that it’s much much better to keep it at 1) the performance was WOEFUL at 0.2 ss lol, cause the resolution was like 4 or 5k. Then i changed to 0.1 steamvr SS and it looked less sharp, but better performance. this was right after i changed from 4096 to 8192. So just do as i said, but put pitool at 1 or 1.25, then adjust steamvr SS based on what is best for each game

So yeah it does i think


Trying now thanks :slight_smile:


How to open openvr advanced settings without controllers?


Do you mean the slider in video or in application ?

Go to settings in steamvr, video, check manual override and use the slider there

Are you talking about the slider in steamvr settings or openvr advanced settings?

I was doing this in The Lab with Cindercone, a rocky photographic area. I got a great clarity boost up to 250% in SteamVR but after that I noticed no increase in quality.

Now gonna try some more

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Steam Vr, can’t access open Vr advanced setting without controller .

edit apparently i can :slight_smile:


Oh, I think it’s in video, then you check manual override and change that slider. Will get back to you in 1-2 hours to make sure