So, about that 4090?

Do we believe this? I assume highly inflated numbers. But if what JayzTwoCents says supposedly the shelves should actually be populated with them.

I’m still mad I bought a 3080Ti not that long ago for what this 4090 will cost. I’ll probably gracefully bow out this time.

Strange though, they claim even the 4080 will be 1-2x faster, but again I wouldn’t believe a word out of nVidia’s mouth on this.

Once again though, I expect that all of the early benchmarks won’t include VR , because VR benchmarks are usually not the same as pancake ones.

Who here is prepped to blow the bank on a 12K and a 4090 ?

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You should keep in mind this is considering DLSS, likely 3.0, which actually does provide absurd frames because it’s very fancy interpolation.

In pure rasterization or RTX only, no DLSS, the gains from Nvidia’s benchmarks are a much more realistic +50-70% for the 4090 over the 3090 TI, with the 4070 4080 12GB being about equal to somewhat worse, and the 4080 16GB being moderately better.

Note the 3 benchmarks furthest to the left. They don’t have DLSS and only RE8 has Ray Tracing. We will have to wait and see what third party benchmarks verify, but based on all the other leaks, it sounds fairly possible. The gains w/o DLSS 3.0 looking kind of disappointing on the 4080 models, however.

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I usually wait to not get a product at launch, but I want to get a 4090 at launch this time. The 8KX makes me hungry for more GPU particularly while running VRChat. And I use VR so much that the bang per buck is easily worth it for me at the price. Much of my social life is VR, and I consider it cost of living rather than luxury.

I figure on doing the trade-in for the 12K as well. Which will be well powered by a 4090. In that case, I’m probably going to delay. A 4090 FE is reasonably likely to be stable and performant at launch. Video cards are a very mature industry. But there’s a lot more unknowns about the 12K. I want to see reviews and hear what others have to say before parting with a working 8KX for it.

I aim for the 4080 16 gb because im almost out of gpu ram all the time :laughing:i do think this i heavyl overpriced 1000 would be enough, for a 16 gb rtx 4080.

Over all a toy.
If i even can use raytracing on my hmd…


Yes , I was thinking the same, Raytracing and VR don’t play well together, so any benchmarks involving RTX are pretty pointless when it comes to VR…

The benchmarks on the left for the 4080 are quite pitiful for the standard games,

but interestingly Warhammer and MSFS seem to scale much more, I guess these games are GPU bottlenecked more than anything

Strange how MSFS the difference between the 3 cards are negligible. Does this mean as far as MSFS is concerned the 4000 series has shifted the bottleneck back to the CPU ?

We eill have to wait and see, but seeing as most VR games are GPU bottlenecked, could even a 4070 4080 almost double our VR frames?

Those are using DLSS 3.0, which naturally skewers things ridiculously toward the 4000 series. MSFS is confirmed for that and Warhammer doesn’t have the version of DLSS confirmed, but I’d figure it’ll include it. Actually, just checked it, and confirmed to support DLSS 3.0.

I did not know that, still if DLSS 3 works for VR we could be getting some serious frames,

I want to jump head first into 4090 , but the wiser part of me says wait.

My luck I’ll wait just long enough for Crypto to pick up again and not be able to get anything.

ime DLSS in MSFS leads to blurriness unfortunately.

I’ll be buying a 4090 on launch day hopefully. I want an FE. It’ll powered by a 750W psu :face_with_peeking_eye:

nVidia lists the minimum PSU as 850W for the 4090. I’m seeing a lot of conflicting information and speculation out there about what minimum PSU to actually use though. Including and especially whether or not it needs to be ATX 3.0.

Going to need to wait to see what independent reviewer testing says. Right now there’s a lot of YouTube videos flying around about the 40 series, but very little meaningful information or analysis beyond what was said in nVidia’s presentation. And much of it seems to be driven by the anger train, so there’s a negative bias which may or may not be warranted.

My own PSU is a Corsair RM850x, and it’s unclear if I’ll need to upgrade it for a 4090.

Does this make sense ? i did upgrade the a toughpower gf3 1200 , should ve good enough…i also had a 750 and im on alder lake…
if you spend so much money on a gpu why not buy a psu , which is the heart of your pc ?

I think you’ll be ok. An ATX 3.0 psu is not a requirement. They’ll be an adapter for your current psu in the 4090 box.

Because i’m a tight Brit :smiley:
Seriously, i intend to get a psu or a new pc but i’m unsure which 1 to buy as yet. So for a short time i’ll be using a new 4090 (assuming they aren’t all sold out/scalped etc) with my Corsair RM750. For a few weeks I ran a 3090 on a 550W psu in 2020 while i was deciding whether to get a new pc or psu (i bought a new psu).

I just hope they aren’t all sold out/scalped etc. With the crypto boom being over and prices already very high i hope there’s enough for us gamers. I’m aiming for a Founders Edition, i have my Telegram part alert ready and have signed up to be notified of stock by Nvidia.


a friend of mine did order a 3090 on nvidias page and what they did was simple, they canceld his order, with no comments to that process at all.
he was not that happy at those times.

I really like the corsair hx series there will be power adaptors for those.
But tbh i would not go for those because of unbalanced loads.
the joke is, you get a decent gaming machine for the price of a 4090 :+1:

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There’s a bunch of concerns about melting adapters and these new power connectors right now. Hard to tell how much of a concern it really is yet.

One part of it I think is amusing is the public being shocked at internal cables only being rated for 30 mating cycles. I guess people just never realized before that such cables normally aren’t and don’t need to be rated for many cycles. Those white 4 pin Molex power connectors that used to be in use forever were only rated for 30 mating cycles, too.

I’ve had very good luck with Cyberpunk 2077 through vorpX and Raytracing. It looks fantastic. I can’t push enough res in RT mode to play full VR mode, but can play decently in virtual cinema mode.

That said, I’m certainly hoping we don’t have issues with 4090s like we saw with 3090Ti cards. I’m interested in getting a 4090 as soon as possible as it will finally give me the power to really drive my 8K-X properly in nearly all titles (probably not FO4VR, I don’t know that anything can fix that title.)

Has there been any confirmation at all that Pimax HMDs will reliably work with 4000 series cards?

Kevin said they had a 4090 I think for …the roadshow? Some show. And it was apparently working with the Crystal. If it doesnt a Lindy DP repeater may do the trick.

Nvidia likes you tight. It makes it more pleasurable

I’d be more concerned about the potential :fire: hazard not using a ATX 3.0 PSU could cause

Does the rx850 have the 4 smart pins that prevent the card from drawing more than the PSU can handle?

What card do you have?

I used to have a 2080Ti and Vorpx performance was baaaad. I could only go full geometry in small indoor spaces.

Then I got the 3080Ti and everything was geo3d all the time and framerates doubled.

I seriously don’t need a 4090 now , especially considering I got ripped off on the 3080ti not 6 months ago

I keep telling myself that, but It’s so hard to stay responsible .:sweat_smile:

I doubt it, unless Nvidia themselves have a Pimax or Pimax is holding on to an early unit.

I’m going to wait a year. I’ll buy the next gen GPU when I build my next computer.

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Sounds reasonable, especially since it’s looking like the 12K won’t be this year.

BTW the Pimax trade In only applies to the 12K and not the Crystal right?

Not that I’d do that, I love FOV way too much.

Yup. Trade in is only for the 12k, and I’m with you- I can’t give up the FOV

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